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Video Disk Recorder Revision History
2000-02-19: Version 0.01
- Initial revision.
2000-03-11: Version 0.02
- Fixed compilation with only DEBUG_REMOTE=1.
- Menus now use colors.
- Support for "Red", "Green", "Yellow", "Blue" buttons.
- Channels and Timers can now be added, deleted and moved.
- Basic record/play file handling support (no actual record/playback yet).
2000-04-15: Version 0.03
- Actual record/replay now works.
- Dropped the idea of different "recording qualities" (a 36GB harddisk is
able to store some 18 hours in full quality, so we don't really need that).
- Termination signals are now caught and the program cleans up before exiting.
- Support for CICAM.
2000-04-24: Version 0.04
- Changed name from 'osm' to 'vdr' to avoid mixups with the 'oms' program that
appears to be in use with DVD replay.
- Implemented a channel display in the top menu line.
- Implemented replay progress display (press "Ok" when replaying to bring it up).
- Implemented direct channel selecting by pressing the numeric keys.
- Added several 'const' keywords to please stricter compilers.
- The repeat function for the remote control no longer adapts dynamically
to the timing of the RCU (this sometimes caused the repeat function to
kick in too early).
- Channel selection is now blocked when recording or replaying.
- Improved process handling.
2000-05-27: Version 0.05
- Support for more than one DVB card.
- Simultaneous record and replay (with two DVB cards).
- Instant recordings no longer get the name "instant". They now get the name
of the channel, with a prepended '@' character.
- Timers that are not given an explicit Name now use the channel name with
a prepended '@' character.
- If an instant recording is currently active, the "Main" menu now contains
an option to stop that recording.
- Timers are now only processed when the menu is not active. So after editing
a timer the effect will take place only after the menu has been closed.
In order to avoid missing a timer event by inadvertently leaving the menu
open, the menu will be closed automatically after about two minutes of
- If a recording is currently being replayed, the "Main" menu now contains an
option to stop replaying.
- Displaying the recording DVB interface status in the decimal points of the
RCU display.
- Reduced the number of remote control keys. Modified the key assignments for
the PC keyboard to better resemble the "up-down-left-right-ok" layout on
menu controlling remote control units.
2000-07-25: Version 0.6
- Added support for LIRC remote control (thanks to Carsten Koch!).
There are now three different remote control modes: KBD (PC-Keyboard), RCU
and LIRC. See the INSTALL file for information on how to enable either of
these modes. The default mode is now KBD, not RCU as before (to make it
work immediately even if there is no actual remote control).
- Fixed small bug in dvbapi.c that was causing some channels (many on hotbird)
not to be correctly tuned (thanks to Plamen Ganev!).
- Now clearing the replay buffer in search forward/back, which results in
faster reaction.
- The 'Recordings' menu is now listed alphabetically (thanks to Carsten Koch!).
- The new 'epg2timers' tool (thanks to Carsten Koch!) can be used to convert
an EPG "merkliste" page ( to vdr timer entries.
- The new 'xtvrc2vdr' tool (thanks to Plamen Ganev!) can be used to convert
'xtvrc' channel files into 'vdr' format.
- When more than one timer matches at the same time, the first one in the list
with the highest 'Priority' is selected.
- The MANUAL section on "Programming the Timer" has been filled in.
- The year in the "Recordings" menu as well as in the progress display during
replay has been reduced to 2 digits to allow more space for the recording's
title. In the internal file structure the year is still stored with 4 digits,
so there will be no problem at the next turn of the century ;-)
- Channel names and timer filenames can now contain blanks. To avoid problems
with file names that contain blanks, all blanks in recording file names are
converted to underscores.
- The polarization can now be given in uppercase or lowercase characters in
- Fixed buffer initialization to work with DVB driver version 0.6.
- Implemented the "Simple Video Disk Recorder Protocol" (SVDRP) to control
the VDR over a network connection.
- Implemented command line option handling.
- The program can now run in full background mode by using the --daemon option.
- Added a "summary" field to the timers (thanks to Carsten Koch!).
This field can contain a descriptive text of the programme and will be
displayed when the "Blue" button is pressed on a recording that was created by
this timer. If the text contains the special character '|', a newline will
be inserted at that place. When pressing "Ok" on a timer that contains a
summary field, the summary will be displayed. To edit such a timer the "Red"
key must be pressed. Timers without a summary still go into Edit mode when
pressing "Ok". The summary field can only be filled in directly by editing
the 'timers.conf' file with a text editor, or by defining/modifying the timer
via the SVDRP interface.
2000-08-06: Version 0.61
- When scrolling through a list it now moves a full page up or down when the
cursor reaches the top or bottom of the menu (thanks to Heino Goldenstein!).
- Added missing '#include <sys/stat.h>' to recording.c.
- The video directory can now be defined with the command line option -v.
- There can now be more than one video directory (in case you have several
- Fixed learning key codes for PC keyboard.
- New command line option '-l' to set the log level.
- Times in timers.conf are now always printed with 4 digits (leading '0').
- Slow forward/back mode (thanks to Guido Fiala!).
- The "Up" key in replay mode no longer restarts replay at the very beginning,
but rather resumes normal replay mode after a "pause", "forward" or "backward"
operation. Use the "Skip -60s" function repeatedly to go back to the beginning
of the recording.
- Improved reaction on user input in fast/slow forward/back modes.
- No more upper limit for the value of 'Pnr'.
- Checking if the video card is really a DVB card.
- New SVDRP command UPDT to update an existing timer (or add a new one if it
doesn't yet exist).
- New version of the 'epg2timers' tool (with a modified channel list).
- Bugfix in closing window in DEBUG_OSD mode.
2000-09-03: Version 0.62
- The Makefile now defines DVBDIR to easily point to where the DVB driver
source is located.
- When switching channels the current/next information is now displayed if
available (thanks to Robert Schneider). Since there is now more information
to read when switching channels, the timeout for displaying it has been
increased from 2 to 5 seconds (remember that this info can always be recalled
by pressing the "Ok" button).
For this feature to work it is necessary that the 'Pnr' parameter in the
channel setup ('channels.conf') is set to the proper value. This has been
done for some of the channels in the default 'channels.conf'. Some other
parameters in the default 'channels.conf' have also been updated, so please
make sure your timers still use the correct channels!
2000-09-10: Version 0.63
- The new "Setup" menu allows the user to configure several parameters to his/her
personal taste (see MANUAL for details).
- Workaround for a driver timing problem in cDvbApi::Cmd(), which sometimes caused
the OSD to no longer be displayed (thanks to Niels de Carpentier).
- Added the '-m486' option to the compiler call.
- If a channel name contains a colon (':') it is now replaced with a '|' in
- Not everybody appears to like the "page scrolling" mechanism introduced by
Heino Goldenstein in version 0.61, so this is now configurable via the "Setup"
- The new 'dvbrc2vdr' tool (thanks to Plamen Ganev!) can be used to convert
'dvbrc' channel files into 'vdr' format.
- Channels can now be "grouped" (thanks to Plamen Ganev!). See MANUAL for details.
There is currently no mechanism to define and maintain "Channel groups" via
the menu, so you'll have to insert "Channel group" control lines into your
'channels.conf' file manually (for example with a text editor).
- Started a new file named FORMATS with a description of the various file
formats used by VDR.
- The "Primary DVB interface" can now be chosen via the "Setup" menu.
- Display of the "current/next" information when switching channels can now
be disabled via the "Setup" menu.
- The "current/next" display now only shows those lines that actually contain
- When directly selecting a channel by entering the channel number, the digits
entered so far together with the name of that channel are displayed on the
OSD (suggested by Martin Hammerschmid).
2000-09-20: Version 0.64
- NOTE: If you are using DVB driver version 0.7 you need to load the dvb.o
module with option outstream=0, so your insmod statement should read
'insmod dvb.o outstream=0'. This is currently necessary because 'vdr'
still works with AV_PES data.
- Video files now have the 'group read' bit set.
- Fixed handling errors in 'readstring()'.
- Handling SIGPIPE and re-establishing handler after intercepting a signal.
- The configuration files are now by default read from the video directory.
This can be changed by using the new '-c' option. Make sure you copy your
current '*.conf' files to your video directory ('/video' by default), or
use "-c ." to get the old behaviour of loading the configuration files
from the current directory.
- Waiting for input is now handled by a common function, which improves
response time on user actions. As a consequence the EIT data may sometimes
not be displayed, but this will change later when cEIT runs as a separate
- The new SVDRP command 'HITK' (thanks to Guido Fiala!) can be used to 'hit'
a remote control key. Establish an SVDRP connection and enter HITK without
a parameter for a list of all valid key names.
- The new SVDRP command 'GRAB' (thanks to Guido Fiala!) can be used to grab
the current frame and save it to a file.
- The new SVDRP commands 'OVL*' can be used to control video overlays (thanks
to Guido Fiala!). This is mainly for use in the 'kvdr' tool (see the 'kvdr'
page at
- If the name of the video directory used with the '-v' option had trailing
slashes, the recording file names have been damaged. Trailing slashes are
now silently removed.
- Fixed a buffer overflow in EIT parsing.
- Added a security warning regarding SVDRP to the INSTALL file.
- Fixed 'confirm' dialog.
- The daemon mode (option '-d') now no longer works with REMOTE=KBD (there
is no stdin in daemon mode, so KBD makes no sense - plus it sometimes
2000-10-03: Version 0.65
- Modified LIRC interface to better handle repeat function.
- Faster OSD by first writing into a bitmap and then sending the entire bitmap
to the DVB driver at once (requires the patch 'dvb.c.071.diff' to be applied
against the version 0.71 DVB driver file 'dvb.c').
- When switching channels the channel is now immediately displayed, and the
current/next information is shown as soon as it becomes available.
- No longer displaying the year in the 'Recordings' menu to save space for the
- The 'Recordings' menu now displays a '*' to indicate new recordings.
- Added the description of the timers.conf file to the FORMATS file (thanks to
Bastian Guse).
- Displaying as much as possible of the current/next info (dropping characters
that would display only partially).
- In normal viewing mode the '0' key now toggles between the current and the
previous channel.
2000-10-08: Version 0.66
- Remote control data is now received in a separate thread, which makes things
a lot smoother.
- Repeat and release of remote control keys is now explicitly distinguished.
- In replay mode the search forward/back and skip functions now have two modes:
Pressing the key shortly and releasing it starts the function, and pressing it
again stops it. Pressing and holding down the key starts the function and
releasing the key stops it.
- The '@' character that marks an "instant recording" can now be turned off
in the "Setup" menu (thanks to Matthias Schniedermeyer).
- Pressing the "Back" button while replaying now stops replaying and brings up
the "Recordings" menu (suggested by Carsten Koch). This can be used to easily
delete a recording after watching it, or to switch to a different recording.
- The "Recordings" menu now places the cursor on the last replayed recording, if
that file still exists.
- The "Blue" button in the "Main" menu can now be used to "Resume" a previously
stopped replay session (suggested by Martin Hammerschmid).
- The low and high LNB frequencies can now be changed in the "Setup" menu.
2000-11-01: Version 0.67
- The EIT information is now gathered in a separate thread.
- The system time can now be synchronized to the time broadcast in the DVB data
stream. This can be enabled in the "Setup" menu by setting "SetSystemTime" to
1. Note that this works only if VDR is running under a user ID that has
permission to set the system time.
- The new item "Schedule" in the "Main" menu opens VDR's EPG (thanks to Robert
Schneider). See the MANUAL file for a detailed description.
- The new setup parameters MarginStart and MarginStop define how long (in
minutes) before the official start time of a broadcast VDR shall begin
recording, and how long after the official end time it shall stop recording.
These are used when a recording is programmed from the "Schedules" menu.
- The delay value in the dvb.c.071.diff patch to the driver has been increased
to '3', because on some systems the OSD was not displayed correctly. If you
are running an already patched version 0.71 driver and encounter problems
with the OSD, please make sure the parameter in the ddelay call is '3', not
- Fixed initializing the RCU remote control code (didn't work after switching
on the system).
- Problematic characters in recording names (which can come from timers that
are programmed via the "Schedules" menu) are now replaced by suitable
2000-11-19: Version 0.68
- Date and time in the title of an event info page are now always right adjusted.
- The 'current channel' is now handled device specific (in case there is more
than one DVB card).
- The 'SetSystemTime' option in the "Setup" menu is now shown as "yes/no".
- Implemented "internationalization" (see 'i18n.c' for information on how to
add new languages). Thanks to Miha Setina for translating the OSD texts to
the Slovenian language.
- Fixed learning keys on the PC keyboard (display oscillated).
- Fixed a timing problem with OSD refresh and SVDRP.
- Avoiding multiple definitions of the same timer in the "Schedule" menu (this
could happen when pressing the "Red" button while editing the timer).
- There can now be a configuration file named 'commands.conf' that defines
commands that can be executed through the "Main" menu's "Commands" option
(see FORMATS for details on how to define these commands).
- Added a 'fixed' font for use with the output of system commands.
- The 'Priority' parameter of the timers is now also used to interrupt a low
priority timer recording if a higher priority timer wants to record.
- A timer recording on a DVB card with a CAM module will now be interrupted
by a timer that needs to use this specific DVB card to record an encrypted
channel, if the timer currently occupying this DVB card doesn't need the
CAM module (and thus can continue recording on a different DVB card).
- The "Yellow" button in the "What's on now/next?" menus now displays the
schedule of the current channel from that menu.
- All DVB cards in a multi-card system now write their EIT information into the
same data structure.
- If there is more than one DVB card in the system, the non-primary cards are
now used to periodically scan through the channels in order to keep the
EPG info up-to-date. Scanning kicks in after 60 seconds of user inactivity
(timeout in order to keep user interactions instantaneously) and each channel
that has the 'pnr' parameter defined in 'channels.conf' is switched to for
20 seconds. If there is only one DVB card in the system, that card will start
scanning after 5 hours (configurable through the "Setup" menu) of user inactivity
and will switch back to the channel it originally displayed at the first sign of
user activity. Any scanning will only occur if that particular card is not
currently recording or replaying.
- Now shifting the 'Subtitle' info into the 'ExtendedDescription' on stations
that don't send the EIT information correctly (like, e.g., 'VOX').
- Implemented a 10 seconds latency when removing files.
- Fixed unwanted reaction on the "Green" and "Yellow" button in the "Event" display.
- Implemented 'Transfer Mode' to display video data from the DVB card that actually
can receive a certain channel on the primary interface. This is currently in
an early state and may still cause some problems, but it appears to work nice
2001-01-18: Version 0.70
- VDR now requires driver version 0.8.1 or higher.
- Recordings are now saved in PES mode. Note that you now need to install the
driver *WITHOUT* 'outstream=0'! This is the default when you 'make insmod' in
the DVB/driver directory.
Old recordings (in AV_PES mode) can still be replayed (as long as the driver
still supports replaying AV_PES files). The only limitation with this is that
in fast forward/back mode the picture may be slightly distorted and there may
be sound fragments.
- The EPG data is now dumped into the file /video/ every ten minutes.
Use the Perl script '' to convert the raw EPG data into a simple
HTML programme listing.
- Fixed handling of channel switching with the "Blue" button in the "What's on
now/next?" menus.
- Fixed saving the MarginStop setup parameter.
- Fixed missing initialization in cConfig.
- Implemented "On Disk Editing".
- There is no more default 'timers.conf' file.
- Added Italian language texts (thanks to Alberto Carraro).
- Fixed starting a replay session when the program is currently in 'Transfer
- Fixed setting/modifying timers via SVDRP with empty summary fields.
- Fixed a problem with recordings that have a single quote character in their
name (this is now mapped to 0x01).
- Changed the value for Diseqc to '0' in the default 'channels.conf'.
- Fixed displaying channels and recording status in the RCU's LED display when
a recording is interrupted due to higher priority.
- Implemented safe writing of config files (first writes into a temporary file
and then renames it).
- In case the video data stream is broken the log message will come only every
5 seconds.
- The current channel is now saved in the 'setup.conf' file when VDR is canceled,
and will be restored next time it is started (thanks to Deti Fliegl).
- The EIT scanning thread is now locked when switching channels to avoid problems.
- Encrypted channels can now be selected even without knowing the PNR (however, it
is still necessary for the EPG info).
2001-02-24: Version 0.71
- Fixed 'Transfer Mode' in cases where a non-primary interface was switched to
a channel that only the primary interface can receive (which could happen in
the EPG scanner).
- The EPG scanner now starts with the first channel (it used to start with the
second channel).
- Reactivated setting the PNR.
- Adapted the frame scanning to the new muxing of the driver.
- The new compile time option REMOTE=NONE can be used to compile VDR without
any remote control support (for applications where it shall be controlled
exclusively via SVDRP).
- The new command line option -D can be used to define which DVB interfaces
a certain instance of VDR shall use.
- The "Left" and "Right" keys are now used to page up and down in lists (thanks
to Martin Hammerschmid). Since the "Timers" menu already uses these keys to
(de)activate timers, this functionality is not available there.
- The "Main" and "Commands" menu now support "hotkeys", which means that if the
first non-blank character of a menu item is a digit in the range 1..9, that
item can be selected by pressing the respective numeric key on the remote
- The channel data in 'channels.conf' now contains the teletext PID (thanks to
Dave Chapman). Existing files will be read normally (and the teletext PID set
to 0), but once they are written back (due to some channel editing) the file
will have the new format.
- The EPG scanner now scans each transponder only once per cycle.
- Deleted recordings are now automatically removed from disk after a while (not
only when disk space is being needed for a new recording).
- Fixed repeat function in LIRC remote control.
- Changed the MAXDVBAPI macro in dvbapi.c to 4 in order to directly support the
maximum possible number of DVB cards.
- The 'Ca' parameter in the default 'channels.conf' has been changed from '2'
to '3' because the VDR prototype now has 3 DVB cards (and currently the CAM
module only works if it is inserted into the last DVB card).
- The "Now", "Next" and "Schedule" menus now remember the current channel and
restore the list when switching between them.
- The "Green" button in the "Recordings" menu can now be used to rewind a
recording and play it from the very beginning.
- Fixed handling ':' in timer filenames and '\n' in timer summaries (see FORMATS).
- When removing recordings empty directories are now removed from the video
- Added the "schnitt" tools from Matthias Schniedermeyer.
- New SVDRP command MESG to display a short message on the OSD.
- The Perl script '' can be used to send SVDRP commands to VDR.
- SVDRP can now immediately reuse the same port if VDR is restarted.
- SVDRP now has a timeout after which the connection is automatically closed
(default is 300 seconds, can be changed in "Setup").
- The compile time switch VFAT can be used to make VDR avoid the ':' character
in file names (VFAT can't handle them). Do 'make VFAT=1' to enable this.
- Support for DVB-C (thanks to Hans-Peter Raschke and Peter Hofmann).
See the INSTALL file for more information about the use of VDR with cable.
- Fixed an occasional segfault in the EIT processor.
- A value of '0' for the EPGScanTimeout setup parameter now completely turns off
scanning for EPG data on both single and multiple card systems.
- New setup parameter "PrimaryLimit" that allows to prevent timers from using the
primary DVB interface in multi card systems. Default value is 0, which means
that every timer may use the primary interface.
- The 'active' field of a timer will now be explicitly set to '1' if the user
modifies an active timer (see FORMATS for details).
- The new command line option -w can be used to activate a watchdog that makes
VDR exit in case the main program loop does not respond for more than the
given number of seconds. This is mainly useful in combination with the new
'runvdr' script that restarts VDR in case is has exited.
2001-04-01: Version 0.72
- Fixed SVDRP commands LSTC and LSTT to make them return an error message if
no channels or timers are defined.
- Enhanced 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Hans-Peter Raschke).
- Fixed switching to another channel via the EPG while a recording is being
- Fixed a memory leak in the EIT processor that happened when the system time
was set.
- Removed some redundant code from the cListBase destructor.
- Fixed internationalization of some "Main" menu texts.
- Updated 'channels.conf' after the recent changes of Premiere World (thanks
to Axel Gruber).
- Redesigned the ring buffer to make it work with two separate threads for
input and output (also prepared for using a remultiplexer).
- Fixed setting system time from transponders.
- Fixed a segfault in the Schedule menu in case there is no EPG information.
- The 'runvdr' script now kills any leftover vdr threads before restarting it.
- Fixed a problem with Daylight Saving Time when displaying the times of
- Added Dutch language texts (thanks to Arnold Niessen).
- The new command line option -t can be used to set the controlling terminal
(thanks to Jürgen Sauer). This is especially useful when starting VDR through
an entry in /etc/inittab (see INSTALL).
- Since the CAM module only works if it is installed in the "highest" DVB card,
recordings now search for a free DVB card from lowest to highest index (as
opposed to the previous "highest to lowest" search) in order to not use the
CAM card for FTA recordings unless necessary. This is only important for
systems with three or more DVB cards.
- Added the "statdvb2vdr" tool from Hans-Peter Raschke.
- Fixed a segfault that sometimes happened when killing VDR.
- VDR now returns an exit status of '2' in case of an error at startup, instead
of terminating with 'abort()' (which caused a core dump).
- SVDRP now also works with clients that don't do line buffering (like the
Windows 'telnet').
- Empty lines in config files no longer cause error messages.
- New SVDRP command LSTE to list the EPG data.
- The SVDRP HELP command now prints the topics in several columns.
2001-06-02: Version 0.80
- VDR now requires driver version 0.9.0 or higher.
- Switched to the "new API" (thanks to Dave Chapman for his great support in
this task).
- New setup parameter "LnbSLOF" that defines the switching frequency of the LNB.
- Fixed a bug in the EPG scanner with more than one DVB card.
- Fixed checking for free disk space, so that it works with NFS mounted drives.
- Files are now created with mode 644.
- Fixed checking the exit status in the 'runvdr' script.
- Activated loading the driver in 'runvdr'. Please read the comments in 'runvdr'
for details.
- The new "emergency exit" feature automatically triggers a restart of VDR (if
used with 'runvdr', otherwise it simply exists) if
* tuning the channel for a recording fails
* no useful data is received within the first 1MB of a recording
* no data is received within a recording for more than 5 seconds
This should make sure that a recording is successfully restarted after any
- Processing the EIT data is now disabled during replay and 'Transfer Mode' in
order to avoid video and audio glitches (there appears to be a bandwidth
problem somewhere in the driver/firmware/hardware).
- Due to the reduced amount of OSD memory provided by the driver the number of
lines in the OSD had to be reduced by 2. By rearranging some of the display
items the amount of visible information remained the same as before, though.
If your DVB card has even less memory (which would result in only the
channel switching display and the replay progress display being visible, but
no "Main" menu), try reducing the constant 'MenuLines' in dvbapi.h (currently
'13') even further.
- There are two new setup parameters to define the "Default Priority" and
"Default Lifetime" when creating a new timer event.
- The meaning of the "Lifetime" parameter has been modified: a value of '99'
now means that the recording will live "forever", and a value of '0' means
that the recording has no guaranteed lifetime and will be deleted whenever
a new recording with higher priority needs disk space.
- Updated version of Matthias Schniedermeyer's 'schnitt' tools.
- New 'master-timer' tool (thanks to Matthias Schniedermeyer).
2001-06-12: Version 0.81
- Fixed handling the case where the driver reports EAGAIN during recording,
but no data comes within 5 seconds.
- Fixed EPG scanning on single DVB card systems.
- There can now be two audio PIDs per channel, which can be toggled via the
"Green" button in the "Main" menu. The "Edit Channel" menu therefore now
has two audio PID fields (Apid1 and Apid2). By default, Apid2 is 0, which
means there is no alternate audio track.
- Fixed replaying in case the driver reports EAGAIN.
- Now 'runvdr' checks if the driver is already loaded (thanks to Henning
- Fixed removing recordings with Lifetime = 99.
- Improved channel switching.
2001-06-16: Version 0.82
- Increased timeout until reporting "broken video data stream" when recording.
- Increased amount of non-useful data received by cRemux before assuming the
recording will fail.
- If there are two audio PIDs defined for a channel, both audio tracks will
now be recorded and can be selectively replayed later. See the FORMATS file
for details on how these different audio tracks are stored in the recorded
files. In order for this to work properly you need to use a driver version
dated 2001-06-16 or later, where the default PES filter buffer size has been
reduced. This will create packets for the second audio track that are small
enough to multiplex smoothly with the video data.
- Fixed a bug in the editing mechanism (didn't work with recordings that
consist of more than one data file).
- The compile time switch VFAT has been fixed to recognize the ':' character
in recording names, too.
- Setting all PIDs to 0x1FFF before switching channel.
- New setup parameter "VideoFormat" to define the aspect ratio of the tv set
in use (4:3 or 16:9).
2001-06-26: Version 0.83
- Avoiding "Device or resource busy" error message when setting PIDs.
- Added Portuguese language texts (thanks to Paulo Lopes).
- Recording and replaying Dolby Digital (AC3) sound.
- No longer getting stuck when a channel doesn't sync while switching
with the 'Up' and 'Down' keys.
2001-07-22: Version 0.84
- Fixed video packet scanning to make it recognize the whole range of
allowed video packet ids.
- Added an additional "emergency exit" in case channel switching doesn't
work several times in a row (when will the driver finally become stable
enough to allow rock solid channel switching??).
- No longer sending a Diseqc command if the Diseqc value for a given channel
is '0'. Previously this caused problems with some multi-switches (thanks to
Markus Lang and Ulrich Röder).
- When switching channels by entering the channel number via the numeric keys
on the remote control, the channel number displayed is now followed by the
'-' character to indicate that additional digits can be entered.
- Increased the timeout for numeric channel switching from 500ms to 1s.
- Fixed handling the "Green" button in the "Schedules" menu for channels that
have a second audio PID.
- Fixed high system load when displaying a still picture in replay.
- Fixed a hanging SVDRP connection if the client dies without issuing QUIT.
- Increased the frame buffer size to 192KB.
- Removed a superfluous VIDEO_FREEZE call in the replay buffer.
- Added French language texts (thanks to Jean-Claude Repetto).
- Modified OSD to use 2bpp windows (4 colors) in order to work with less
memory, allow a larger OSD window and be faster. The group separators in the
"Channels" menu had to be given a different color.
- Moved the channel display to the bottom of the screen.
- Displaying the frame counter in the replay progress display only when editing
a mark.
- Fixed handling characters above 0xEF in SVDRP.
- Fixed a possible crash in parsing incorrect lines in 'channels.conf'.
- New channel settings for Premiere World (Dolby Digital PIDs not yet
- Increased the buffer for key names received from LIRC (thanks to Andre
- Fixed handling a channel group separator at the very beginning of the
'channels.conf' file.
2001-07-29: Version 0.85
- Added Norwegian language texts (thanks to Jørgen Tvedt).
- Increased the usleep value in cDvbOsd::Cmd() to 5000 in order to work on
systems with the KURT/utime-patch (thanks to Guido Fiala).
- Changed the check whether the driver is loaded in runvdr to check for the
'dvb' module (the last one loaded).
- Fixed repeat function with LIRC (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Increased the upper limit for the symbol rate to 30000 (thanks to Ulrich
- Made the position of the channel display configurable (thanks to Stefan
- Made the width and height of the OSD configurable (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- DiSEqC support can now be generally enabled/disabled in the Setup menu. This
may be necessary if your multiswitch gets irritated by the default DiSEqC
codes '0' (thanks to Markus Lang).
- Fixed replaying in case there is no index file.
- Fixed jumping to an editing mark when replay has been paused.
- Avoiding unnecessary code execution in the replay progress display (thanks
to Guido Fiala).
- When entering time values the digits that still have to be entered are now
shown as '-' (as in "1-:--").
- When setting an editing mark while the progress display is not active, the
display will now be turned on for a short while to indicate the successful
setting of the mark.
- Updated 'channels.conf' for Premiere World (thanks to Mel Schächner).
Check your timers if you use this channels.conf file, since the sequence of
several PW channels has been changed.
- Changed the color of "Info" messages to "black on green" and that of the
confirmation messages (like "Delete...") to "black on yellow".
- Fixed display with DEBUG_OSD (it still crashes sometimes, esp. when replaying,
but I can't seem to find what causes this... any ideas anybody?).
- Avoiding audio/video distortions in 'Transfer Mode' by no longer actually
tuning the primary interface (which can't receive this channel, anyway).
Apparently the driver gets irritated when the channel is switched and a
replay session is started immediately after that.
- Increased timeout until reporting "video data stream broken" when recording.
- Explicitly switching back to the previously active channel after ending a
replay session (to have it shown correctly in case it was in 'Transfer Mode').
2001-08-06: Version 0.90
- Modified the display of the channel group separators (thanks to Markus Lang
for this suggestion).
- Added support for replaying DVDs (thanks to Andreas Schultz). See INSTALL for
instructions on how to compile VDR with DVD support.
- Fixed replay progress display in case replay is paused while watching an
ongoing recording.
- Ringbuffer uses semaphores to signal empty/full conditions.
- Fixed calculating the timeout value in cFile::FileReady() (thanks to
Wolfgang Henselmann-Weiss).
2001-08-12: Version 0.91
- Fixed displaying colored button texts that are too long.
- Suppressing replay progress display when replaying a DVD.
- Updated channels.conf.cable (thanks to Uwe Scheffler).
- Updated French OSD texts (thanks to Jean-Claude Repetto).
- Improved AC3 decoding when replaying DVDs (thanks to Matjaz Thaler).
- Fixed handling DVB card indexes when using only one card in a multi-card
- Changed the 'Eject DVD' button text to a simple 'Eject' (the German text
was too long...).
- Made the font file generation more stable (thanks to Artur Skawina).
- Changed the default value for the "DiSEqC" setup parameter to "off".
- The new command line option '-E' can be used to define where the EPG data
shall be written to. This is especially useful if VDR runs in a system
that turns off the video disk when it is not used, and therefore needs
to write the EPG file to a ramdisk (or turn off writing it altogether).
See 'vdr --help' for details.
- Making sure the disk is up and running before starting recording (this
is important for systems that turn off the video disk when it is not used).
- Added the "Jump" function in replay mode (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
See the description of the "Red" key in MANUAL under "Replay Control" for
- Fixed displaying editing marks when toggling a mark in "pause" mode.
- If there is no free DVB device to record, the log message will now be given
only once.
- Made I/O more robust by handling EINTR (thanks to Werner Fink).
2001-08-18: Version 0.92
- The "channel not sync'ed" log message now also lists the card number.
- Now using the EIT services from 'libdtv' (thanks to Rolf Hakenes), which
provides EPG information for NVOD ("Near Video On Demand") channels.
- Doing some bug fixing on the EPG data (some tv stations apparently have
their own idea on how to fill in the data...). The level up to which EPG
bugs are fixed can be controlled with the EPGBugfixLevel parameter in the
"Setup" menu (see MANUAL for details, and cEventInfo::FixEpgBugs() in eit.c
for the actual implementation).
- Fixed broken recordings after a driver buffer overflow.
- Fixed the chirping sound after Pause/Play of a DVD (thanks to Andreas
2001-08-26: Version 0.93
- The menus and the channel display now show the current date and time.
- The new Setup parameter MaxVideoFileSize can be used to customize the
maximum size of the recorded video files.
- Fixed a bug in handling repeating timers that record over midnight (the
calculation of matching timers has been completely rewritten).
- Timers that are currently recording are now marked with '#' in the "Timers"
- Timers are now sorted in the "Timers" menu, showing the sequence in which
they will be recording. This can be disabled in the "Setup" menu. Note
that the "Mark" button doesn't work if timers are displayed sorted.
2001-09-02: Version 0.94
- Implemented automatic shutdown (see INSTALL and MANUAL for details).
- New SVDRP command NEXT to show the next timer event.
- The new remote control key "Power" can be used to turn the VDR machine
off (this requires the presence of the '-s' option).
- Fixed code for the default "Ok" button on the PC keyboard (was 0x162 on
the "good old" keyboards (with the F-keys at the left side), while it changed
to 0x15E on the newer keyboards).
- When a recording is edited, the summary information (if present) is now
also copied.
- When a recording is running on the primary interface, any attempt to change
the current channel will now lead to a "Channel locked" message.
- The main program loop now first checks whether any timer recordings are
finished, before starting a new timer recording. This is important in case
one timer ends at the same time another timer starts.
- New setup parameter OSDMessageTime to define how long an OSD message shall
be displayed.
- The "File" parameter of a timer can now contain the '~' character to store
the recording in a hierarchical directory structure. The '~' character has
been chosen since the file system's directory delimiter '/' may be part of
a regular programme name (showing the directory hierarchy in the "Recordings"
menu will follow later).
- Repeating timers now create recordings that contain the 'Subtitle' information
from the EPG data in their file name. Typically (on tv stations that care
about their viewers) this contains the episode title of a series. The
subtitle is appended to the timer's file name, separated by a '~' character,
so that it results in all recordings of this timer being collected in a
common subdirectory. You can disable this with the 'UseSubtitle' parameter
in the "Setup" menu.
- The summary information is now taken from the EPG data at the actual time of
recording (no longer at the time the timer is created in the "Schedule" menu).
If a timer already has summary data, that data will be used. If you have
repeating timers in your 'timers.conf', you may want to make sure they do
NOT contain any summary information (that's the last field in the timer
definitions). Use your favourite text editor to delete that information.
That way every recording will store the actual summary data at the time of
the recording.
2001-09-16: Version 0.95
- Fixed behaviour in case the shutdown didn't take place (there were many
"next timer event at..." messages in that case).
- Reduced the default value for MinEventTimeout to 30 minutes.
- Fixed detecting manual start in shutdown feature.
- An error message is now displayed in case the 'Transfer Mode' can't be
started because the necessary DVB card is currently recording (or there
is no DVB card that can access this channel).
- Fixed toggling channels with the '0' key in case the "Ok" button has been
pressed to display the current/next information.
- Pressing the "Power" key now always initiates the shutdown sequence (after
user confirmation in case of a recording timer), event if there is currently
a menu or a replay session active. Note the additional remarks in INSTALL
regarding the values of the two parameters given to the shutdown program
in case of a currently recording timer.
- Switching through channel groups with the "Left" and "Right" keys now
always starts at the group that contains the current channel.
- Implemented "Multi Speed Mode" (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Implemented backtracing to hit the right spot after fast forward/rewind
(thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Implemented replay mode display (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt, with a few
rewrites by kls).
- Changed the size of all input buffers used to parse config files or receive
SVDRP commands to the same value of 10KB. This allows long strings to be
used in the 'summary' field of a timer, for instance.
- The pipe to the Dolby Digital replay command (option '-a') now closes all
unused file descriptors in the child process to avoid crashing when the
OSD is used (thanks to Andreas Vitting).
- Switched to the driver's new tuning API (VDR now requires a driver version
dated 2001-09-14 or higher).
- Changed obsolete macro VIDEO_WINDOW_CHROMAKEY to VID_TYPE_CHROMAKEY (thanks
to Guido Fiala).
- New version of the "Master-Timer" tool (thanks to Matthias Schniedermeyer).
- Better error handling when writing configuration files.
- Fixed putting the final editing mark into the edited version's marks file.
- Fixed manipulating an editing mark at the very end of a recording.
- Fixed starting a new replay immediately after stopping a previous one (had
caused a mix between live video and replay).
- Three new keys ("Volume+", Volume-" and "Mute") to control the DVB card's
audio output volume.
- New version of the 'epg2timers' tool (thanks to Carsten Koch).
2001-09-23: Version 0.96
- Made VDR compile with libdvdread-0.9.1 (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
Note that you now _need_ version 0.9.1 of libdvdread to compile VDR with
DVD support!
- Several fixes to the replay mode display (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt):
no more replay mode display when pressing the "Green" or "Yellow" button
(Skip +/-60s); fixed timeout when pressing '0' to set an editing mark while
the progress display is not shown; mode display is shown after progress
display is closed; pressing "Ok" while the mode display is on brings up
the progress display; no more unnecessary display of "normal play mode".
- Supplying the new frontend parameter 'Inversion' (currently it is always
set to INVERSION_AUTO, which should work with all channels on Astra).
- Removing unnecessary double quotes from EPG Subtitle in EPGBugfixLevel >=1.
- EPG info is now updated if the contents changes but the ID remains the same.
- Fixed handling SVDRP commands with more than one blank between the command
word and the options.
- The current volume setting is now saved to setup.conf and restored at the
next program start.
- New command line option '-r' to define a command that gets called before and
after each recording (see INSTALL for details).
- Implemented a check to see whether the system time is running linearly.
- Writing the current time (as seen by VDR) into the log file when starting
a timer recording (this may help debugging cases where timers don't start
at the expected time).
- Made the volume, mute and power keys work when a menu is active, too (thanks
to Matthias Weingart).
2001-10-21: Version 0.97
- Implemented a lock file to prevent more than one instance of VDR from removing
files from the video directory at the same time.
- The new setup parameter SplitEditedFiles can be used to control whether or
not the result of an editing process shall be written into separate files.
- Fixed handling repeat function when using LIRC (thanks to Matthias Weingart).
- The shutdown program (defined with the '-s' option) now also gets the channel
number and recording title of the timer (see INSTALL).
- New channel data for 'Premiere One', 'Premiere X-Action', 'Fox Kids Türkce'
and 'N24' (thanks to Andreas Share, Ulrich Röder, Uwe Scheffler and Simon
Bauschulte). Note that if you are using the default 'channels.conf' or
'channels.conf.cable' files you may need to check any exiting timers to see
whether they still use the correct channel number.
- Fixed the "EPG bugfix" (sometimes had duplicate information in Subtitle and
Extended Description).
- Fixed checking for valid video device when setting the video mode.
- The external command 'sort' is no longer required. VDR now sorts the list of
recordings itself, making sure that recordings that stem from repeating timers
are sorted chronologically. Sorting is done according to the setting of the
current locale, so you may want to make sure LC_COLLATE is set to the desired
value (see INSTALL).
- Fixed handling 'newline' characters in EPG texts (thanks to Rolf Hakenes for
an improved version of his 'libdtv').
Newline characters are always mapped to a single "blank" in VDR, because they
would otherwise disturb the Title and Subtitle layout in the channel display
(where these are assumed to be single line texts) and would have to be
specially handled in the '' file and the LSTE command in SVDRP.
- Mapping ` ("backtick") characters in EPG texts to ' (single quote).
- Fixed timers starting and ending at unexpected times. 'localtime()' was not
thread safe, now using localtime_r().
- Removed the "system time seen..." message.
- Fixed a bug in the replay mode display when pressing the Green or Yellow
button while in trick mode (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt)
- Closing all open file descriptors when calling external programs.
- The menu timeout now also works when pressing the "Back" button during replay
to enter the "Recordings" menu.
- Updated 'channels.conf' for the "Bundesliga" channels of Premiere World
(thanks to Mel Schächner).
- Fixed reading timers.conf and channels.conf that contain blanks after numeric
- Fixed handling trick modes near the beginning and end of a recording.
- Pressing the "Back" button while replaying a DVD now leads to the DVD menu.
2001-11-04: Version 0.98
- Completed storing the current audio volume in the setup.conf file (thanks
to Andy Grobb).
- Fixed closing the progress display with the "Back" key when in trick mode
and Setup.ShowReplayMode is enabled (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- New SVDRP commands LSTR and DELR to list and delete recordings (thanks to
Thomas Heiligenmann).
- Fixed a crash when pressing the '2' button while replaying a DVD.
- Updated 'channels.conf' for the "Bundesliga" channels of Premiere World
(thanks to Mel Schächner).
- Changed the tuning code to use FrontendInfo to detect the type of DVB card.
- Removed the recursion stuff from cThread (cMutex already does this).
- Fixed handling the repeat function in the channel display.
- Avoiding multiple EPG entries for the same event (thanks to Rolf Hakenes
for some valuable information on how to do this).
- A recording on the primary interface can now be stopped to make it continue
on an other free DVB card (if one is free at the moment). See MANUAL for
- Added some missing teletext PIDs (thanks to Norbert Schmidt).
- Added PTS to the converted PCM audio when replaying a DVD (thanks to Andreas
Schultz). Now the audio and video of a DVD replayed over the DVB card's A/V
out should always be in sync.
- Fixed handling the "Power" key in case Setup.MinUserInactivity is set to 0 to
disable automatic shutdown.
- Added a fifth parameter to the 'shutdown' call that indicates the reason for
this shutdown request (see INSTALL).
- Fixed releasing 'index' memory after recording or playback.
- Fixed ejecting a DVD while it is being replayed.
- Removed all video overlay stuff from cDvbApi and SVDRP. Guido Fiala's new
'kvdr' version 0.4 now does these things itself. As a consequence of this you
will now need to use kvdr 0.4 or later.
- The device /dev/video is now opened only if necessary (to GRAB an image),
allowing other programs (like 'kvdr', for instance) to use that device.
2001-11-25: Version 0.99pre1
- Fixed several channel definitions in 'channels.conf' (thanks to Thilo
- Added MPEG audio support for DVD (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- Implemented DVB-T support (thanks to Dave Chapman).
This currently works only for UK channels.
- Removed the range limits for the Frequency and Srate parameters of channel
- Changed the maximum value for PIDs in channels.conf from 0xFFFE to 0x1FFF.
- Fixed DVD audio sync problems (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- Fixed external AC3 replay for DVDs (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
2002-01-27: Version 0.99pre2
- Fixed setting the OSD size in the 'Confirm' interface call (thanks to
Deti Fliegl).
- Removed the 'read incomplete section...' error message in the EIT processor.
- Fixed channel data for "DW TV" (thanks to Axel Gruber).
- Added DPID to "PREMIERE MOVIE 1" in channels.conf.cable (thanks to Stephan
- Prepared the OSD functions for multiple overlapping windows.
- Removed the check to see whether the system time is running linearly.
- Improved performance of SVDRP command entry.
- Removed EPGBugfixLevel '3' - after more than a year Pro-7 finally managed to
broadcast the correct timestamps for EPG events between 0:00 and 6:00!
- Fixed failing watchdog timer if program hangs in OSD activities (thanks to
Carsten Koch).
- No longer requiring 'libncurses' if compiling without DEBUG_OSD=1 and
REMOTE=KBD (thanks to Lauri Pesonen).
- The "Recordings" menu now displays a hierarchical structure if there are
subdirectories for the recordings. This can be controlled through the
"RecordingDirs" parameter in the "Setup" menu.
See "MANUAL/Replaying a Recording" for details.
- Improved speed of setting the Help button texts.
- Fixed handling file names that contain single quotes (') or dollar signs ($)
in the call to the shutdown command (option '-s') and the recording command
(option '-r').
- Improved error handling in the editing process; the resulting file will be
deleted if an error occurred.
- A message is now prompted at the end of the editing process, indicating
whether the process succeeded or failed.
- Fixed setting the LastActivity timestamp after a shutdown prompt (thanks to
Sergei Haller).
- A message is now prompted if free disk space becomes low during recording.
- The editing process now calls AssertFreeDiskSpace() to remove deleted
recordings if the disk becomes full.
- The "Main" menu now displays in its title the used disk space (in percent)
and the estimated free disk space (in hh:mm), assuming a data rate of 30 MB
per minute.
- Activating the "Recordings" menu now displays "scanning recordings..." to
give the user some feedback in case this takes longer.
- Status messages are now displayed centered.
- Removed the 'Tools' subdirectory from the VDR archive. All contributed tools
can now be found at
2002-01-29: Version 0.99pre3
- Fixed handling improper buffer lengths in the EIT parser (thanks to Deti
2002-01-30: Version 0.99pre4
- Fixed handling improperly formatted EIT data (thanks to Rolf Hakenes).
2002-02-03: Version 0.99pre5
- Updated channel settings for 'N24' (thanks to Andreas Gebel).
- Fixed handling hierarchical recordings menu in case of directories starting
with the same sequence of characters.
- Fixed handling timers on the 29th, 30th or 31st of a month in case the next
month has less than 31 days.
- Added a description of the sort order of individual episodes in the
recordings menu to the MANUAL.
- Removed the EPG bugfix for "Title / Subtitle" cleanup. Apparently Pro-7 has
finally stopped this nasty habit.
- Added some EPG bugfix statistics (printed to the log file every time the EPG
data is cleaned up and when VDR is terminated). Maybe somebody in charge of
the EPG data at the listed channels will read this and take the necessary
actions to fix these things...
- Changed the [dei]syslog macros in tools.h to use a variable number of args,
thus making it safe to use them in nested 'if/else' statements.
- Fixed error handling in establishing an SVDRP connection (thanks to Davide
Achilli for pointing out this one).
- The new configuration file 'svdrphosts.conf' is now used to define which
hosts may access the SVDRP port (by default only 'localhost' has access).
See FORMATS for details.
- The special keywords TITLE and EPISODE can now be used in timer file names
(see MANUAL and FORMATS for details).
- The new setup parameter NameInstantRecord can be used to define how an
instant recording will be named (see MANUAL for details).
- When looking for the EPG record of the timer that starts a recording, now
that record is taken which covers the time calculated as
'start + (Setup.MarginStart * 2) + 1)' in order to have a better chance of
hitting the right record in case of an instant recording. Timers that start
further in the future should always be programmed via the "Schedules" menu.
- The special VPIDs '0' and '1' are now used to enable recording radio channels.
Actually '0' should be enough, but '1' must be used with encrypted channels
(driver bug?). Note, though, that since VDR is mainly a *video recorder*, some
features like, e. g., the progress display, may not work as expected with
radio recordings. Thanks to Michael Paar.
- Fixed a problem with the ERR macro defined by ncurses.h (thanks to Artur
2002-02-10: Version 0.99
- Fixed a bug in moving timers or channels to the last position in the list
(thanks to Matthias Schniedermeyer for helping to debug this one).
- Changed the estimated data rate for calculating the remaining disk capacity
to 25.75 MB/min.
- Only reporting the 'EPG bugfix statistics' if there really were any fixes.
- Added Finnish language texts (thanks to Hannu Savolainen).
- Reverted to the previous way of searching for the EPG record of the current
recording in case of a repeating timer (i.e. taking the one that is in the
middle between start and end time).
- Added a typedef for 'in_addr_t' to make it work with glibc < 2.2 (thanks to
Jürgen Schmidt).
- When the last entry in a "Recordings" menu page is deleted, that page is now
automatically closed (suggested by Uwe Freese).
- Changed the default name for instant recordings to "TITLE EPISODE" (avoiding
the '-').
- If Setup.ShowInfoOnChSwitch is set to "no", the box for the EPG display is no
longer shown (thanks to Andy Grobb).
- If compiled with VFAT=1, characters that can't be handled by a VFAT system are
now encoded to '#XX'.
- When the user presses the "Power" button and there is a timer about to start
recording within Setup.MinEventTimeout minutes, there is now a confirmation
prompt telling the user that there is an upcoming timer event.
- If a recording has no episode title, the trailing '~' is no longer shown in
the progress display.
2002-02-24: Version 1.0.0pre1
- Added scanning for EPG data for another 4 days on channels that support this
(thanks to Oleg Assovski).
- Removed '#define VFAT 1' from recording.c (was a leftover from testing).
- Fixed the "Low disk space!" message (thanks to Sergei Haller).
- Added the TPID to Hessen-3 in 'channels.conf' (thanks to Sergei Haller).
- Fixed a crash when replaying with DEBUG_OSD=1 (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Implemented the "First day" parameter for repeating timers. See FORMATS for
information about the enhanced 'timers.conf' file format, and MANUAL for
a description of the new item in the "Edit Timer" menu and the enhanced
functionality of the "Blue" button in the "Timers" menu.
- When deleting a recording that is currently still being recorded, the related
timer will now automatically be terminated. If this is a repeating timer, it
will receive a "First day" setting that skips the timer for this day.
- Fixed closing all unused file descriptors when opening a pipe (thanks to
Werner Fink).
- Instant recordings now take the EPG data from the point in time at 5 minutes
from the start time of the recording. In order for this to work the 'active'
parameter of a timer now uses the second bit to indicate that this is an
"instant" recording (see FORMATS for details).
- Fixed the SVDRP GRAB command in case the video device can't be opened (thanks
to Adrian Stabiszewski).
- At startup the data written into '' is now read into the EPG data
structures. In order for this to work, the 'E' record has been extended to
(optionally) contain the 'table ID' (see FORMATS for details).
- The new SVDRP command PUTE can be used to put EPG data into the EPG list.
See FORMATS for details about the required data format.
- Taking the German umlauts 'as is' when compiled with VFAT.
- The new Setup parameter RecordDolbyDigital can be used to generally turn off
recording the Dolby Digital audio channels in case you want to save disk space
or don't have the equipment to replay Dolby Digital audio.
- Reading the 'setup.conf' file no longer terminates in case of an error, but
rather attempts to read the rest of the file.
- Removed DVD support from the core VDR source, since the current version from
Andreas Schultz is already much further developed (DVD menu navigation) and
the concept of "additional players" in VDR is going to change in version 1.1.0,
where a new "plugin" interface shall allow the easy implementation of new
players without having to patch the core VDR source. Until then, Andreas has
agreed to provide his DVD support as a completely external patch.
- The contents of the distribution archive now contains the directory name with
the current version number, as in 'vdr-1.0.0pre1/...' in order to avoid
inadvertently overwriting an existing VDR directory with a new version.
- Added a missing error message in SVDRP command LSTC in case the given channel
can't be found.
2002-02-25: Version 1.0.0pre2
- Fixed a crash in case there is no '' at program start (thanks to
Andreas Schultz).
2002-03-03: Version 1.0.0pre3
- Fixed parsing 'E' records in
- Fixed a deadlock when switching channels via Schedule/Now|Next/Switch (reported
by Martin Hammerschmid).
- Changed the meaning of the 'Ca' parameter in 'channels.conf'. Each channel can
now define which decryption method it needs in order to be accessed. The new
configuration file 'ca.conf' contains the defined values, and the default
'channels.conf' has been modified to contain the new values for 'Premiere World'
and 'ORF'. If you use the default 'channels.conf' and have the conditional
access hardware to receive encrypted channels, please make sure you copy the
file 'ca.conf' into your /video directory (or wherever your configuration files
are located) and go into the "Setup" menu and set the CICAM values according
to your hardware setup. Currently there are two possible CICAM entries per
DVB card, so any card can implement up to two different conditional access
modes (besides the default "Free To Air" mode, which is always assumed to be
available on any DVB card).
- Updated French language texts (thanks to Jean-Claude Repetto).
2002-03-17: Version 1.0.0pre4
- Added 'Ca' code 201 for 'Cryptoworks, GOD-DIGITAL' to 'ca.conf' (thanks to
Bernd Schweikert).
- Fixed avoiding the primary DVB interface in case Setup.PrimaryLimit is 0.
- Fixed handling CICAM settings if the first one of a DVB card was FTA.
- Fixed reacting on changes in CICAM settings (needed to restart VDR before).
- The "Blue" button in the "Main" menu now works as "Stop" button if a recording
is currently being replayed.
- New command line option '-m' to mute audio of the primary DVB device at
startup (suggested by Mirko Günther).
- The new SVDRP command VOLU can be used to control the audio volume (suggested
by Mirko Günther).
- Fixed resetting 'mute' state when setting the volume to a non-zero value.
- Added log messages when deleting recordings in case the disk runs full while
- Fixed closing a pipe (used for replaying Dolby Digital audio), which
sometimes left 'zombie' processes behind (thanks to Werner Fink for helping
to debug this one).
- Now starting the Dolby Digital output thread only if the recording actually
contains Dolby Digital audio data (thanks to Werner Fink).
- Implemented OSD for Volume and Mute (works only if there is no other OSD
activity, but this should be no problem for normal use).
- Changed the MANUAL description of the "Conditional Access" setup parameters
to reflect the actual "CICAM DVBn m" notation in the "Setup" menu.
- The new Setup parameter "Use time from transponder" can be used to define which
transponder shall be used to set the system time (see MANUAL for details).
If you have been using the SetSystemTime option previously, you now MUST
select a channel that you trust to have a reliable time base.
- Grouped the Setup parameters into several sub-menus, so that each group of
parameters fits on a single screen - unless the height of the OSD has been
set to a small value (based on code from Markus Lang).
- Changed the title of the "Main" menu to "VDR".
- Fixed displaying a system message while the replay mode is being shown.
- Physically removing a deleted recording if one with the same name shall be
deleted again.
- The "Left" and "Right" keys are now used to page up and down in text displays
(like the EPG descriptions or the results of commands executed from the
"Commands" menu).
- Fixed high CPU usage in 'Transfer Mode'.
- Replaced 'killproc' with 'killall' in 'runvdr', since apparently 'killproc'
is not available by default on some Linux distributions, whereas 'killall' is.
Please check if your system provides 'killall' - if it doesn't, please change
this back in 'runvdr' and report this (thanks to Achim Lange).
- The "Commands" menu now automatically assigns number keys as hotkeys to the
commands. If you have preceded your commands with digits you may want to
remove these from your 'commands.conf' file.
- The new Setup item "Restart" can be used to force a complete restart of VDR,
including reloading the driver. Note that this can only work if VDR and the
driver are wrapped into a mechanism that actually performs this action if VDR
exits. The 'runvdr' script can be used for this purpose.
- Refined texts of the "Setup" menu.
2002-04-01: Version 1.0.0pre5
- Fixed restoring CICAM setup values for a fourth DVB card (thanks to Klaus Wolf).
- Completed internationalization of OSD texts (thanks to Hannu Savolainen,
Arnold Niessen, Paulo Lopes, Jean-Claude Repetto, Alberto Carraro, Matjaz
Thaler and Truls Slevigen).
- Improved file I/O in case of EINTR, which may occur e.g. with heavy system
load (thanks to Werner Fink).
- Now writing the title of a recording into the 'summary.vdr' file.
- Workaround for displaying still frames with the unpatched LinuxDVB driver
(if anybody ever finds out why the unpatched driver doesn't display VDR's
still frames, please let me know).
- When executing a command from the "Commands" menu, the title of that command
is now immediately shown in the status line (followed by "...") to give the
user some feedback that the command is being executed, which is especially
important if this takes some time.
- Fixed scrolling the "Channels" menu in case the cursor ends up on a group
delimiter (thanks to Bernd Zierath for helping to debug this one).
- Added manual pages vdr(1) and vdr(5) (which made the FORMATS file obsolete).
- New command command line option '-V' to display the VDR version.
- Adjusting column width for channel numbers in case there are more than 999
- Checking the return value of '...FileReady...' calls in dvbapi.c for better
performance under heavy system load.
- New 'make' target 'install', which copies the manual pages and executables
to their appropriate system locations and creates the /video directory if
it doesn't exist yet.
- Automatic hotkey assignment is now suppressed if the first entry in
'commands.conf' starts with a digit in the range '1'...'9', followed by a blank.
- Fixed a bug in switching back the replay mode display in time shift mode
(thanks to Achim Lange for reporting this one).
- Fixed a bug in the "First day" timer parameter for timers that record over
- Added units to Setup parameters.
- Changed time entry in the 'Jump' command during replay, so that it is filled
up from right to left.
- Now using statfs() to determine the amount of free disk space, which avoids
the use of an external 'df' command (thanks to Ruben Nunez Francisco).
- Fixed skipping the next hit of a repeating timer (thanks to Rainer Zocholl
for reporting this one).
- Fixed a bug when a timer records over midnight of a day that had a change in
Daylight Saving Time (thanks to Mirko Dölle for reporting this one).
- Added Polish language texts (thanks to Michael Rakowski).
- Fixed a bug in parsing group separators in channels.conf (thanks to Henning
Holtschneider for reporting this one).
- Changed the default 'Ok' key when using the PC keyboard from '5' (in the
numeric block) to 'Enter', because the '5' key didn't work on keyboards with
the F-keys on top.
- Fixed a bug in the EPG bugfix mechanism if the extended description is shorter
than 3 characters (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
2002-04-07: Version 1.0.0
- Fixed a problem with wrong EPG data in the Schedules menu (thanks to Tobias
Kerner, problem was initially reported by Michel Moster, but somehow I had
misplaced his message...).
- Added Spanish language texts (thanks to Ruben Nunez Francisco).
- Fixed resetting the "First day" timer parameter once the timer actually starts
- Fixed the still picture workaround in case the progress display is active
(thanks to Gerald Raaf).
- Fixed a problem with accessing the file before it is fully written
(thanks to Thilo Wunderlich for reporting this one).
- Now the EPG scan skips channels that have their 'Ca' parameter explicitly set
to an other DVB card (suggested by Sergei Haller).
- Fixed a possible hangup when reading a broken file (thanks to Henning
Holtschneider for pointing out this one).
- Fixed a bug in the editing process in case a previously edited file with the
same name was manually deleted on a system with more than one video directory
(thanks to Dirk Wiebel for reporting this one).
2002-04-21: Version 1.0.1
- Added some DVB-T channels for Berlin (Germany) to channels.conf.terr (thanks to
Andreas Roedl).
- Implemented enhanced string editing with upper-/lowercase, insert/overwrite
and delete (thanks to Sergei Haller).
- Fixed color palette handling on "big endian" systems (thanks to Jean Martin
for pointing out this one).
- Updated the "Blue Movie" channels to the new "Premiere Erotik" (thanks to
Thilo Wunderlich). NOTE: this adds a new channel to 'channels.conf', so that
any timers referencing a channel with a number higher than 102 should be
checked and adapted if necessary (this only applies if you are using the default
- Improved thread locking in the ring buffer to avoid possible race conditions
under heavy load (thanks to Werner Fink).
- Fixed a crash when selecting the "Jump" function directly after setting an
editing mark (thanks to Steffen Koch for reporting and Stefan Huelswitt for
fixing this one).
- Fixed some missing ',' in i18n.c (thanks to Matthias Hilbig).
- Fixed a possible endless loop in shifting recordings between DVB cards (thanks
to Stefan Huelswitt for reporting this one).
- Updated the Premiere World Formula 1 channels in 'channels.conf' (thanks to Mel
- No longer setting PIDs 0x1FFF, which apparently fixes problems with CAMs and
AC3 sound only working the first time (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Now encoding '.' at the end of a directory name in case of VFAT=1, since Windows
can't handle these (thanks to Simon Dean for reporting this one).
2002-05-05: Version 1.0.2
- Now taking an active video cutting process into account when doing shutdown or
housekeeping (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- The default duration of an instant recording has been increased to 3 hours and
is now configurable in the "Setup/Recording" menu.
- Added Greek language texts (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos).
- Fixed the unit of the "SVDRP timeout" setup parameter (thanks to Marcus Kuba
for reporting this one).
- Fixed a crash on systems with disks that have a block size larger than 1MB
(thanks to Ulrich Petri for helping to debug this one).
- Updated 'channels.conf' for the new PW settings (thanks to Andreas Share,
Carsten Koch, Gerald Raaf and Mel Schächner). Note that all channels with numbers
over 50 may have moved, so you should carefully check any timers you have set!
- Updated 'channels.conf.cable' for the new PW settings (thanks to Oliver Lorei
Stephan Schreiber and Uwe Scheffler). Note that all channels may have moved, so
you should carefully check any timers you have set!
For future updates of this file somebody with digital cable should take the role
of the "maintainer" and send me updated versions based on the file that comes
with the most recent version of VDR. I will then simply replace the entire file
'channels.conf.cable' whenever a new version is sent to me.
- Fixed skipping forward in time shift mode near the end of the recording (thanks
to Andreas Böttger for reporting this one).
2002-05-09: Version 1.1.0
- Begin of the 1.1 development branch. THIS IS NOT A STABLE VERSION!
The current stable version for every day use is still the 1.0 branch.
- First step towards a universal plugin interface. See the file PLUGINS.html
for a detailed description. The man page vdr(1) describes the new options '-L'
and '-P' used to load plugins. This first step implements the complete "outer"
shell for plugins. The "inner" access to VDR data structures will follow.
- The VDR version number is now displayed in the title line of the "Setup" menu.
2002-05-11: Version 1.1.1
- Separated the actual DVB hardware OSD implementation from the abstract OSD
interface. 'osdbase.c/.h' now implements the abstract OSD, while 'dvbosd.c/.h'
is the actual implementation for the DVB hardware. This is in preparation for
allowing additional kinds of OSD hardware implementations.
- Fixed leftover references to the file FORMATS in MANUAL and svdrp.c (thanks to
Onno Kreuzinger for reporting this one).
- Avoiding ambiguities in the cList template class in case one defines a "list of
lists" (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Simplified the basic cMenuSetupPage class for easier use in plugins.
- Added setup parameters and a Setup menu to the 'hello' plugin example.
- Fixed logging error message for unknown config parameters in plugins.
- Rearranged cleanup sequence at the end of the main program.
- Adapted PLUGINS.html to use the actual code examples from the 'hello' plugin.
2002-05-13: Version 1.1.2
- Changed the cPlugin::Start() function to return a boolean value that indicates
if the plugin will not be able to perform its task (suggested by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Added the cPlugin::Housekeeping() function (suggested by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Updated channels.conf.cable (thanks to Uwe Scheffler).
- Added 'insert' capabilities to cList (suggested by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Changed the 'package' target in the plugin's Makefile to produce a package that
expands to a directory with just the plugin name and version number (suggested
by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Made the config directory available to plugins (suggested by Stefan Huelswitt).
See PLUGINS.html, section "Configuration files" for details.
- Improved the [eid]syslog() macros, so that the LOG_... macros don't need to be
given any more.
2002-05-26: Version 1.0.3
- Updated 'Premiere Sport 2' in channels.conf (thanks to Rudi Hofer).
- Fixed some function headers to make them compile with gcc 3.x (thanks to
Gregoire Favre).
- Fixed the cutting mechanism to make it re-sync in case a frame is larger than the
buffer (thanks to Sven Grothklags).
- Added Swedish language texts (thanks to Tomas Prybil).
2002-06-10: Version 1.0.4
- Added Romanian language texts (thanks to Paul Lacatus).
- Removed compiler option '-m486' to make it work on non-Intel platforms (thanks
to Alastair McKinstry for pointing this out).
2002-06-16: Version 1.1.3
- Improved the VDR Makefile to avoid a warning if the '.dependencies' file does
not exist, and also using $(MAKE) to call recursive makes.
- Changed the name of the 'package' target in the plugin Makefiles to 'dist'
(following the suggestions in the "GNU Make" manual). If you already have started
a plugin project, you may want to change this in your Makefile accordingly.
- Improved the plugin Makefile to avoid a warning if the '.dependencies' file does
not exist, and also using $(shell...) to get the version numbers. If you already have
started a plugin project, you may want to change this in your Makefile accordingly.
- Fixed some function headers to make them compile with gcc 3.x (thanks to
Gregoire Favre).
- Fixed the cutting mechanism to make it re-sync in case a frame is larger than the
buffer (thanks to Sven Grothklags).
- Added an error message if the directory specified in the '-L' option can't be
accessed (suggested by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Rearranged OSD class names to make 'cOsd' available for the main OSD interface.
- Completely moved OSD handling out of the cDvbApi class, into the new cOsd.
- Implemented cStatus to allow plugins to set up a status monitor.
See PLUGINS.html for details.
- Moved the cEITScanner out of dvbapi.h/.c, into the new eitscan.h/.c.
- Added Swedish language texts (thanks to Tomas Prybil).
- Fixed parsing 'E' records in (thanks to Matthias Fechner for pointing
out this one).
- Removed compiler option '-m486' to make it work on non-Intel platforms. If you
have already started a plugin project, you may want to make sure you remove this
option from your existing Makefile.
- Completely rearranged the recording and replay functions to make them available
to plugins.
- Replay is now done in a single thread (no more syncing between input and output
thread necessary).
- It is now possible to record several channels on the same transponder with "budget
cards". VDR automatically attaches a recording timer to a card that already
records on the appropriate transponder. How many parallel recordings can actually
be done depends on the computer's performance. Currently any number of recordings
gets attached to a card, so you should carefully plan your timers to not exceed
the limit. On a K6-II/450 it was possible to record three channels from transponder
12480 with a single WinTV NOVA-S.
- Timers that record two successive shows on the same channel may now overlap and
will use the same DVB card. During the time where both timers record the data
is simply saved to both files.
- The following limitations apply to this version:
+ 'Transfer Mode' doesn't work yet.
+ The '-a' option (for Dolby Digital audio) doesn't work yet.
+ Switching between different language tracks doesn't work yet.
+ Cutting doesn't work yet.
2002-06-23: Version 1.1.4
- Added Hungarian language texts (thanks to Istvan Koenigsberger and Guido Josten).
- Activated cutting.
- Activated 'Transfer Mode'.
- Moved handling of the Menu key entirely into vdr.c.
- Switched VDR's own player to the new cPlayer/cControl structures.
- Switched handling 'Transfer Mode' to the new cPlayer/cControl structures.
- The following limitations apply to this version:
+ The '-a' option (for Dolby Digital audio) doesn't work yet.
+ Switching between different language tracks doesn't work yet.
2002-07-21: Version 1.1.5
- Added direct access to the index data of cPalette (needed for displaying SPUs,
thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- The status monitor function cStatus::Replaying() now gets a 'cControl *' argument instead
of a 'cDvbPlayerControl *' in order to allow additional players to call this function.
cPlayer and cControl have been given the functions GetIndex() and GetReplayMode() to
allow access to the player's status.
- Added cOsd::OpenRaw() to create a raw OSD (needed for displaying SPUs).
- Changed the semantics of the Name parameter in cStatus::Recording() and
cStatus::Replaying(). It is no longer the full directory name of the recording,
but rather just the basic name. This has been changed to allow players that can't
provide a name to simply use a string that describes the player type (like, e.g.,
- Fixed a hangup when switching to the next file during replay.
- Fixed a possible race condition in the cDvbPlayer (thanks to Andreas Schultz
for pointing out this one).
- Disabled channels on Transponder 12070 in 'channels.conf', which apparently no longer transmits.
2002-08-04: Version 1.1.6
- Re-visited the race condition fix in the cDvbPlayer (thanks again to Andreas
- Changed the VFAT handling to allow users who normally use it but have forgotten
to set it when compiling a new version of VDR to at least see their recordings
made with VFAT enabled (thanks to Christian Rienecker).
- Added some missing teletext PIDs (thanks to Joerg Riechardt).
- Fixed PID handling for cReceiver.
- Added a missing #include to ringbuffer.c (thanks to Martin Hammerschmid).
- Now using CC, CFLAGS, CXX and CXXFLAGS in Makefile.
- Changed the cDevice class to allow plugins to implement their own devices (see
PLUGINS.html for details).
2002-08-16: Version 1.1.7
- Adapted VDR to the NEWSTRUCT driver. To use the new driver, compile VDR with
'make NEWSTRUCT=1' (thanks to Holger Wächtler for some valuable advice).
By default it currently still uses the old driver.
- Added some missing #includes (thanks to Martin Hammerschmid).
- Changed the log error message "can't record MPEG1!" to "error in data stream!",
since the mentioning of MPEG1 has irritated many people.
- Consistently using malloc/free and new/delete (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- Temporarily made cDevice::ProvidesCa() virtual (Andreas Schultz needs this
in his DXR3 plugin).
- cDevice no longer exposes a file handle to cPlayer. A derived cPlayer class
can now call DevicePoll() to see whether the replay device is ready for
further data. A derived cDevice class must implement Poll() and shall
check if any of its file handles is ready for data.
- Implemented several replay modes to allow players that play only audio (thanks
to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Improved cCondVar::Wait() and implemented cCondVar::TimedWait() (thanks to
Stefan Huelswitt).
- VDR no longer gives up if there is no DVB device. It continues to work if
there is at least one device, either a DVB device found by the core VDR code
itself, or a device implemented by a plugin.
2002-08-25: Version 1.1.8
- Fixed replaying the last few seconds of a recording.
- Added some missing #includes to files in libdtv for gcc 3.2 (thanks to Jürgen
- Added cDevice::NewOsd() to allow a derived cDevice class to implement its own
OSD capabilities (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- Added cPalette::AllColors() for plugins that need to get the color entries of
a cPalette (see osdbase.h).
- The new SVDRP command CLRE can be used to clear the entire EPG data (suggested
by Matthias Schniedermeyer).
- Fixed handling one-shot timers that were already recording and had their start
time changed into the future (thanks to Matthias Schniedermeyer for reporting
this one).
2002-09-08: Version 1.1.9
- Fixed the 'newplugin' script to make it name the target for creating the
distribution package 'dist', as stated in the PLUGINS.html documentation.
If you have already created a plugin source directory and Makefile you may
want to check it and replace the 'package' target with 'dist' if necessary.
- Changed device handling for being able to do simultaneous recording and
replay on the same device (Time Shifting). In order for this to work you need
to use a driver with a firmware version that has this feature implemented.
- cDevice::ProvidesCa() is no longer virtual. The new function
cDevice::ProvidesChannel() is now used to determine whether a device can
receive a given channel, and by default this function returns false. So a
device that is a pure replaying device doesn't need to do anything here.
- Increased the recorder buffer size to 5MB in order to be able to better handle
multiple recordings.
- Implemented cTSBuffer for better handling TS packet buffering in derived
cDevice classes.
- Changed the interface if cDevice::GetTSPacket() to avoid unnecessary copying
of data.
- Removed cDevice::Channel(), since this makes no more sense with devices
receiving multiple channels.
- Switching through channels with the 'Up' and 'Down' keys now skips channels
that are currently not available (for instance because all devices are
recording and these channels are on different transponders).
- Implemented an SPU decoder (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- Fixed a crash when entering an integer value outside the limits (thanks to
Stefan Huelswitt for reporting this one).
- Added play mode pmAudioOnlyBlack (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
2002-09-15: Version 1.1.10
- Removed a superfluous error message from cLockFile::Unlock() (reported by
Helmut Auer).
- Fixed starting a recording of the current channel with only one DVB card
(thanks to Stefan Huelswitt for his help).
- A previous 'Transfer Mode' is now automatically re-started after a replay
- Only calling cStatus::MsgChannelSwitch() if a channel is actually going to
be switched or has actually been switched successfully (thanks to Stefan
- The EPG now drops events from "other" streams that have a duration of 86400
seconds or more (this avoids bogus entries like "PROGRAMMES ALLEMANDS").
- Fixed opening /dev/video in cDvbDevice::GrabImage() in case of NEWSTRUCT
driver (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- Added a missing StripAudioPackets() to cDvbPlayer::Action() (thanks to
Stefan Huelswitt).
- Added an EPG bugfix for the latest VOX EPG data format.
2002-09-29: Version 1.1.11
- Fixed an incomplete initialization of the filter parameters in eit.c (thanks
to Jeremy Hall).
- Fixed the 'newplugin' script for use with the NEWSTRUCT driver (thanks to
Andreas Schultz for reporting this one). If you have already created a plugin
directory and Makefile with 'newplugin', please apply the following patch to it:
--- Makefile 2002/06/10 16:24:06 1.4
+++ Makefile 2002/09/17 15:36:36 1.5
@@ -15,7 +15,12 @@
### The directory environment:
+DVBDIR = ../../../../DVB/include
DVBDIR = ../../../../DVB/ost/include
VDRDIR = ../../..
VDRINC = $(VDRDIR)/include
LIBDIR = ../../lib
@@ -34,7 +39,7 @@
### The object files (add further files here):
This is the diff for the 'setup' example that comes with VDR, so your line
numbers may be different.
- Added a missing 'public' keyword in device.h (thanks to Martin Hammerschmid).
- Fixed a race condition when starting 'Transfer Mode'.
- Rearranged the remote control key handling to allow plugins to implement
additional types of remote controls (see PLUGINS.html, section "Remote Control").
The previously used files 'keys.conf' and 'keys-pc.conf' have been replaced
by the file 'remote.conf', which holds the key definitions of all remote controls.
- The LIRC remote control keys are now handled just like the keyboard and RCU keys.
This means that you can use the lircd.conf file as is for your remote control,
without the need of editing it to make the key names the same as used in VDR.
When first starting VDR it will go into the "Learning keys" mode and ask you
to press the various keys. The resulting key assignment will be stored in
the file 'remote.conf'.
Since I have no way of testing the LIRC support, I hope I didn't break it in
the process...
- While learning the remote control keys it is now possible to press the 'Menu'
key to skip the definition of keys that are not available on your particular
RC unit.
- Fixed handling DVD subtitles in the SPU decoder (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- Avoiding restarts due to 'panic level' when switching channels on the primary
device during EPG scan.
2002-10-06: Version 1.1.12
- Fixed a missing Flush() call in the remote control learning procedure (thanks
to Oliver Endriss).
- Modified channel handling to cover all parameters necessary for DVB-C and DVB-T
(see man vdr(5) for the meaning of the additional parameters stored in the field
previously named 'polarisation'). Thanks to Uwe Scheffler and Andy Carter for testing.
If you have a system with different kinds of DVB cards, like DVB-T and DVB-C,
for instance, there is no more need to distinguish the channels through the
'Ca' parameter in order to assign them to the various DVB cards. This is now
taken care of by the "source" parameter. So a channel marked as "terrestrial",
for example, will only be received on DVB-T cards.
Note that the cChannel class has been moved into a separate file (channels.[ch]),
and that all data members have been made private and are now only accessible
through member functions. You may have to change any plugin code that accesses
cChannel data accordingly.
- The new configuration file 'sources.conf' contains the various signal sources
(satellites, cable and terrestrial) which are used in 'channels.conf' and
'diseqc.conf' (thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner for adding some satellites to
'sources.conf' and Oliver Endriss and Lauri Tischler for testing and debugging).
- The 'diseqc' parameter in the channel definitions has been redefined to hold the
"source" of the given channel (which can be either a satellite, cable or terrestrial).
For compatibility with channels.conf files from older versions, numeric values in
this parameter will be tolerated, but they have no meaning. If you want to use
DiSEqC you will need to replace these old values with the proper source identifiers
defined in the new configuration file 'sources.conf'. See how this is done in the
'channels.conf' file that comes with the VDR package.
- The new configuration file 'diseqc.conf' can be used to set up the individual
diseqc configuration (see man vdr(5) for a description of the file format).
- The "Edit channel" menu has a new entry "Source:" in which the source of this
channel can be selected (either a satellite, cable or terrestrial). The set of
parameters at the end of this menu will change according to the type of source.
- The "Use DiSEqC" parameter in the "Setup/LNB" menu has been moved to the beginning
of the list and disables the rest of the parameters when set to "yes", since these
are now only meaningful if DiSEqC is _not_ used.
- Removed some unnecessary #includes from eit.c and changed cMenuRecordings::Del()
to cMenuRecordings::Delete() to avoid warnings in gcc-3.2 (thanks to Andreas
Schultz for pointing this out).
- Improved skipping channels that are (currently) not available (thanks to Stefan
- Updated channels.conf.terr and channels.conf.cable (thanks to Uwe Scheffler).
- Fixed a bug when pressing the "Blue" button in the main menu without having
displayed it (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
2002-10-13: Version 1.1.13
- Added cDevice::DeviceNumber() to get the number of a device, not counting any
gaps that might be in the index count.
- Fixed fetching the current/next information to handle cases where the duration
of an event is set wrongly and would last beyond the start time of the next
- Adapted type names to the new HEAD version of the driver (which the previous
NEWSTRUCT branch has been merged into). Note that to use this driver version
you still need to add NEWSTRUCT=1 to the make call when building VDR. You
need a HEAD version of the LinuxDVB driver dated 2002-10-11 or later to compile
- Fixed radio channels in channels.conf.cable (thanks to Robert Schiele and Uwe
- Fixed switching the video format in the Setup/DVB menu (thanks to Uwe Scheffler
for reporting this one).
- Reactivated full handling of second audio PID (even in 'Transfer Mode').
- Fixed a crash when closing down with remote control plugins (thanks to Oliver
Endriss helping to debug this one).
- Commands in the file 'commands.conf' can now have a '?' at the end of their
title, which will result in a confirmation prompt before executing the
- Changed a few leftover 'new char[...]' to MALLOC(char, ...).
- If a command executed from the "Commands" menu doesn't return any output, the
OSD will now be closed automatically.
- The SVDRP command PUTE now triggers an immediate write of the '' file
(suggested by Gerhard Steiner).
- The new configuration file 'reccmds.conf' can be used to define commands that
shall be executed from the "Recordings" menu; see MANUAL and 'man vdr(5)' for
details (suggested by Gerhard Steiner).
2002-10-27: Version 1.1.14
- Fixed some faulty default parameter initializations (thanks to Robert Schiele).
- Added further satellites to 'sources.conf' (thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner
and Oliver Endriss).
- Updated Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti).
- Fixed a small glitch when switching channels (thanks to Dennis Noordsij for
reporting this one).
- Fixed handling multiple 'CaCaps' entries in 'setup.conf'.
- Group separators in 'channels.conf' may now be given like ':@201 My Channels',
where '@201' indicates the number to be given to the next channel. This can be
used to create 'gaps' in the channel numbering (see 'man 5 vdr'). BE CAREFUL
'channels.conf' FILE!
- Timers now internally have a pointer to their channel (this is necessary to
handle gaps in channel numbers, and in preparation for unique channel ids).
- Fixed slow reaction on SVDRP input (thanks to Guido Fiala for reporting this one).
- Added KI.KA to channels.conf.cable (thanks to Robert Schiele).
- Frequency values for cable and terrestrial channels in 'channels.conf' can
now be given either in MHz, kHz or Hz. The actual value given will be multiplied
by 1000 until it is larger than 1000000.
- Fixed skipping unavailable channels when zapping downwards.
- Fixed checking the Ca() status of a cDevice (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Fixed switching audio tracks in 'Transfer Mode' on the primary DVB device
(thanks to Steffen Barszus and Stefan Huelswitt for reporting this one and
helping to fix it).
- Fixed channel switching in case of an active 'Transfer Mode' on the primary
device ('Transfer Mode' is now launched with priority '-1').
- Fixed a ternary expression in dvbspu.c.
- Fixed handling 'Transfer Mode' on single device systems when recording an
encrypted channel (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Fixed blocking replaying in case an encrypted channel is being recorded on
the primary device.
- Now the name of the remote control is displayed when learning the keys.
- Fixed learning remote control keys in case there is more than one remote
control (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
- Implemented additional dedicated keys for "Play", "Pause", "Stop", "Record",
"FastFwd", "FastRew", "Channel+" and "Channel-". If your remote control supports
any of these keys you can delete your 'remote.conf' file and restart VDR to
go through the key learning procedure again in order to assign these new keys.
See MANUAL for more information.
Authors of player plugins should update their ProcessKey() functions so that
the new player keys have the same functionality as the "Up", "Down", "Left",
"Right" and "Blue" keys, respectively. Note that the existing functionality
of these keys should by all means be retained, since VDR (and any plugins)
shall be fully usable with just the basic set of keys. These new keys are only
for additional comfort in case the remote control in use supports them.
- Implemented new keys to directly access the VDR main menu functions "Schedule",
"Channels", "Timers", "Recordings", "Setup" and "Commands". If your remote
control provides keys you want to assign these functions to, you can delete
your 'remote.conf' file and restart VDR to go through the key learning procedure
again in order to assign these new keys. See MANUAL for more information.
- The new configuration file 'keymacros.conf' can be used to assign macros to
the color buttons in normal viewing mode, as well as to up to 9 user defined
keys. See MANUAL and man vdr(5) for more information. The default 'keymacros.conf'
implements the functionality of the "color button patch".
- Fixed a crash when learning the keys of several remote controls and pressing
buttons of those that have already been learned (thanks to Oliver Endriss for
reporting this one).
2002-11-03: Version 1.1.15
- Completely switched to the new CVS HEAD version of the linux-dvb driver.
The NEWSTRUCT compile time switch is now obsolete. The required driver is now
the CVS HEAD version dated 2002-11-01 or later.
- Adjusted the INSTALL file to the 1.1.x version.
- Only accepting key presses from the current remote control when learning (thanks to
Oliver Endriss).
- Fixed the EPG scanner, which broke 'Transfer Mode' as soon as it kicked in
(thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
- Fixed handling audio tracks in cDvbDevice.
- Updated channels.conf.terr (thanks to Uwe Scheffler).
- Fixed displaying the group separators in the channel display (thanks to Martin
Hammerschmid for pointing out this one).
- The Makefile now includes the file Make.config (if present in the VDR source
directory), which allows the user to overwrite several settings with individual
values (suggested by Andreas Schultz). The VDR distribution archive does not
contain this file in order to not overwrite a user defined file. There is a
Make.config.template which contains the default values of the macros the user
can overwrite.
- Since there have been changes to the 'newplugin' script authors of plugins
may want to newly create their plugins' Makefiles with the new version of this
script, and adapt them to their individual needs (make sure you don't overwrite
your existing plugin directory - make a backup copy first!).
- Fixed reading EPG data via the SVDRP command PUTE (it changed the current
service ID).
- Fixed closing all dup'ed file descriptors in cPipe.
- Implemented a plugin interface for additional audio processing (see PLUGINS.html
under "Dolby Digital").
The functionality of the '-a' command line option has been reactivated.
Since the author doesn't have any Dolby Digital equipment this may or may not
work as expected. There may still be some places where a call to cAudios::Clear()
or cAudios::Mute() is necessary. Those with Dolby Digital equipment should please
take a look at this and maybe send patches.
Replaying Dolby Digital in ways other than through VDR's '-a' option will have to
be implemented as plugins. Those who have written patches for VDR version 1.0.x
should convert their work into the proper plugins for version 1.1.x.
Note to authors of cPlayer derived plugins: please read the modified comments
in device.h regarding the member functions cDevice::Clear(), cDevice::Mute() and
cDevice::PlayAudio(). Derived classes must call these base class member functions
to make sure all registered cAudio objects are properly handled. Also note that
the return type of cDevice::PlayAudio() has been changed to 'void', since this
function always has to accept the entire data block immediately and there is
nothing that could be reasonably done in case an error occurs in one of the
cAudio objects.
- Now checking the driver's DVB_API_VERSION in dvbdevice.h. Since VDR now requires
a driver dated 2002-11-01 or later the MIN_DVB_DRIVER_VERSION_FOR_TIMESHIFT and
which can be used to disable simultaneous recording and replaying on the primary
DVB device in case there are problems with this.
2002-11-10: Version 1.1.16
- Fixed saving the polarization parameter of channels that have a number in the
'source' parameter (thanks to Peter Seyringer for reporting this one).
- Updated 'channels.conf.terr' (thanks to Andy Carter).
- Updated 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Achim Lange).
- First step towards a "unique channel ID". The channel ID is a human readable
string, made up from several parameters of the channel's definition in the file
'channels.conf' (see man vdr(5) for details).
In order for the "unique channel ID" to work, all channel definitions now must
be unique with respect to the combination of their Source, Frequency and SID
parameters. You may have to fix your 'channels.conf' manually if there are error
messages in the log file when loading it. BE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR
When reading an existing 'timers.conf', the channels will be identified as before
by their numbers. As soon as this file is written back, the channel numbers will
be replaced by the channel IDs. After that it is possible to manually edit the
'channels.conf' file and rearrange the channels without breaking the timers.
Note that you can still define new timers manually by using the channel number.
VDR will correctly identify the 'channel' parameter in a timer definition and
use it as a channel number or a channel ID, respectively. Also, the SVDRP commands
that return timer definitions will list them with channel numbers in order to
stay compatible with existing applications.
The channel ID is also used in the '' file to allow EPG information from
different sources to be stored, which would previously have been mixed up in case
they were using the same 'service ID'. Note that the contents of an existing
'' file from a previous version will be silently ignored, since it doesn't
contain the new channel IDs. When inserting EPG data into VDR via SVDRP you now also
need to use the channel IDs.
Currently the EPG data received from the DVB data stream only uses the 'Source'
and 'Service ID' part of the channel ID. This makes it work for channels with
the same service IDs on different sources (like satellites, cable or terrestrial).
However, it doesn't work yet if the service IDs are not unique within a specific
source. This will be fixed later.
- Added missing SID parameters to 'channels.conf'. Some channels have been removed
since they are apparently no longer broadcasted.
- Removed dropping EPG events from "other" streams that have a duration of 86400
seconds or more (was introduced in version 1.1.10). This has become obsolete by
the modification in version 1.1.13, which fixed fetching the current/next information
to handle cases where the duration of an event is set wrongly and would last beyond
the start time of the next event. Besides, the change in 1.1.10 broke handling EPG
data for NVOD channels.
- Fixed a compiler warning regarding cMenuChannels::Del() and MenuTimers::Del() hiding
the base class virtual functions.
2002-11-24: Version 1.1.17
- Added new entries to 'ca.conf'.
- Fixed closing unused PID handles (thanks to Stefan Schluenss for reporting this
- Added more examples to 'diseqc.conf' (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
- Fixed disabling multiple recordings on a single DVB card (comment out the definition
- Plugins can now have their very own OSD setup in the object they return from
a call to cPlugin::MainMenuAction(). In order to implement this, the return type
of cPlugin::MainMenuAction() had to be changed from (cOsdMenu *) to (cOsdObject *).
So in case you are compiling an existing plugin with this version of VDR and you
get an error message, simply change cOsdMenu to cOsdObject in the plugin's source
for the MainMenuAction() function.
Plugin authors who have so far (ab)used the cControl mechanism to implement their
own raw OSD should take a look at the new demo plugin 'osddemo'. It implements
a very primitive game that shows how a plugin can have its own raw OSD. Especially
look into cLineGame and see how it implements the Show() function. See also
the chapter on "User interaction" in PLUGINS.html.
- Added three new fields to the lines in 'channels.conf': NID, TID and RID. NID and
TID are the Network and Transport Stream IDs, respectively. RID is an additional ID
that can be used to tell apart channels that would otherwise be indistinguishable.
This is typically the case with radio channels, which may have the same NID, TID
and SID, but different "radio IDs". This new field is therefore called RID ("radio
ID"). Currently NID and TID are not yet used by VDR and should always be 0. The
RID is actually used when building the "unique channel ID", so if you have channels
in your 'channels.conf' file that cause error messages when loading, you can set
the RIDs of these channels to different values.
When reading an old 'channels.conf' these new fields will be automatically
initialized to 0 and once the file is written back to disk they will be appended
to the channel definitions.
Thanks to Régis Bossut for pointing out that with some providers the channels can
only be distinguished through the RID.
- The "unique channel ID" now contains an optional 5th part (the RID). See man vdr(5).
- Updated 'channels.conf.cable' and made some channels unique using the new RID
(thanks to Andreas Kool for pointing out the problems).
- Made some channels unique in 'channels.conf.terr' using the new RID.
- Extended the '-l' option to allow logging to LOG_LOCALn (n=0..7) by writing, for
instance, '-l 3.7' (suggested by Jürgen Schmidt).
- Now deleting stale lock files if they have a time stamp that is outside the window
'now +/- LOCKFILESTALETIME'. This improves things in cases where the system time
makes far jumps, so that a lock file might end up with a time stamp that lies
in the distant future (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
2002-12-01: Version 1.1.18
- Fixed missing initialization of 'number' in cChannel (thanks to Martin Hammerschmid
for reporting this one).
- Fixed a misplaced ')' in the fix about the stale lock files (thanks again to
Oliver Endriss for pointing this out - it was my fault).
- Group delimiters in the 'channels.conf' file that have no text (like a simple ":"
or ":@201") no longer show up in the Channels menu (suggested by Guy Roussin).
- Added "Tele 5" to 'channels.conf' (thanks to Georg Hitsch).
- Changed the source directory name for plugins from 'SRC' to 'src' (suggested by
Clemens Kirchgatterer).
- Removed transponders 10788, 11739 and 12266 from 'channels.conf' (apparently they
are no longer active).
- Deactivated some templates in tools.h in case some plugin needs to use the STL
(suggested by Gerald Berwolf).
- Timers now accept channel IDs even if the 'source' is 0 (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt
for reporting this one).
- Now taking an active SVDRP connection into account when doing shutdown or
housekeeping (suggested by Emil Naepflein).
- Macros in 'keymacros.conf' can now use "@plugin" to directly access the main menu
function of a given plugin (see man vdr(5) for details).
- The new plugin 'sky' can be used to integrate a Sky Digibox into the VDR system,
using a Kfir MPEG2 encoder card (see PLUGINS/src/sky/README for details).
2002-12-08: Version 1.1.19
- The character '|' in description texts of EPG records is now interpreted as a
newline character (suggested by Gerhard Steiner).
- Updated 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Andreas Kool).
- Improved handling of repeated remote keys.
- The RCU now only sets the channel number display when there are no incoming remote
control keys, which improves reaction on repeated keys.
- The actual tuning is now done in a separate thread, which makes zapping through the
channels a lot faster and no longer gets stuck on channels that don't broadcast.
This also makes "Motor-DiSEqC" work (thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner for his help
in testing this). Since switching channels now no longer explicitly waits for a
channel lock in the foreground thread, the "panic level" mechanism is no longer
used (maybe we don't need it any more, anyway).
- The keyboard is now by default always active to control VDR. The 'make' option
REMOTE=KBD is therefore obsolete. When compiling VDR with REMOTE=RCU or REMOTE=LIRC,
the keyboard can thus now be active together with the remote control. If you want
to build VDR _without_ keyboard support you can set NO_KBD=1 in the 'make' call.
Since the keyboard codes are now different from the ones used previously (which
were mapped by the 'ncurses' library) you will need to go through the "Learning
keys" procedure again. To do so, either delete the file /video/remote.conf or
remove the KBD.* entries from it before starting this version of VDR.
(Thanks to Thomas Sailer for pointing out how to set the terminal parameters to
read from the keyboard).
- The 'ncurses' library is now only necessary when compiling VDR with DEBUG_OSD=1.
2002-12-15: Version 1.1.20
- Now checking if there is a connection to the keyboard (thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti)
and only creating the KBD remote control if VDR is running in the foreground.
- Fixed taking an active SVDRP connection into account when doing shutdown (thanks
to Gregoire Favre for reporting this one).
- Changed setting of CXX and CXXFLAGS variables in Makefile, so that an externally
defined value will be taken if present (suggested by Robert Schiele).
Plugin authors should please change the lines
CXX = g++
CXXFLAGS = -O2 -Wall -Woverloaded-virtual
in their Makefile to
CXX ?= g++
CXXFLAGS ?= -O2 -Wall -Woverloaded-virtual
- Fixed recording overlapping timers on the same channel in case
(thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti).
- No longer stopping/restarting the DMX when switching audio channels (thanks to
Sven Goethel).
- Fixed high CPU load in 'Transfer Mode' (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
- If a PC keyboard is used as remote control, the string entry fields in the
menus now accept character input directly (however, this works only for keys that
are not otherwise defined as remote control keys). Also, plugins can switch the
cKbdRemote class into "raw mode", where all keyboard input will be made available
through the new 'kKbd' key code and none of it will be processed as normal remote
control functions (thanks to Jan Rieger for suggestions and testing).
- Fixed deleting characters in string entry fields in 'insert' mode.
- Now using "Doxygen" to generate source documentation (thanks to Walter Stroebel
for providing an initial 'Doxyfile' configuration and adjusting some comments).
See INSTALL for information how to do this. Some function descriptions have
already been adapted to Doxygen, more will follow.
2003-01-10: Version 1.1.21
- Fixed the 'channels.conf' entries for "Studio Universal" and "Disney Channel".
- Fixed handling channels in the "Channels" menu in case there are ':@nnn' group
separators without names (thanks to Guy Roussin for reporting this one).
- The SVDRP command CHAN now also accepts channel IDs.
- Increased the timeout until an index file is considered no longer to be written
(sometimes in time shift with heavy system load the index file was closed too
early by the replay thread).
- Implemented "Link Layer" based CAM support, which hopefully will solve the
problems with CAMs we had in the past. To use this you need the driver version
2002-01-08 or higher (with the new firmware supporting the "Link Layer" protocol).
- Added an EPG bugfix that moves the Subtitle data to the Extended Description in
case the latter is empty and the Subtitle exceeds some useful length.
- Since several channels put very long strings into the Subtitle part of their
EPG data, that string is now limited in length when used in a recording's
file name.
2003-01-26: Version 1.1.22
- Added 'Hrvatska radiotelevizija' and 'RTV Slovenija' to ca.conf (thanks to
Paul Gohn).
- Implemented actual user input for CAM enquiry menus.
- Since disk file systems apparently don't honor the O_NONBLOCK flag to read from
a file in non-blocking mode the cDvbPlayer now uses a non blocking file reader
class to make sure replay remains smooth even under heavy system load.
- Increased the maximum possible packet size in remux.c to avoid corrupted streams
with broadcasters that send extremely large PES packets (thanks to Teemu Rantanen).
- Added TS error checking to remux.c (thanks to Teemu Rantanen).
- Modified cRingBufferLinear to avoid excessive memmove() calls in 'Transfer Mode'
and during recordings, which dramatically reduces CPU load. Thanks to Teemu
Rantanen for pinpointing the problem with the excessive memmove() calls.
- Updated 'channels.conf' (thanks to Achim Lange).
- Added/improved Swedish language texts (thanks to Jan Ekholm).
- Fixed the description of the "Scroll pages" OSD setup parameter ('yes' and 'no'
were mixed up).
- Fixed handling the LOG_LOCALn parameters in the -l option (thanks to Dimitrios
- Changed EIT processing to always read a full section.
- Fixed handling user defined CFLAGS in libdtv/libvdr/Makefile (thanks to Clemens
Kirchgatterer and Robert Schiele).
- Fixed skipping unavailable channels in the EPG scanner.
2003-02-02: Version 1.1.23
- Fixed a new/delete malloc/free mismatch in ringbuffer.c (thanks to Stefan
Huelswitt for reporting this one).
- Improved CAM handling.
2003-02-09: Version 1.1.24
- Improved CAM handling (thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner for a great deal of help
in debugging this). It is now possible to insert the CAM in any of the two slots,
to insert and remove it while VDR is running and even to have two CAMs inserted.
- Turning SI filtering off and on when switching channels.
- Timers are now processed even if an OSD menu is open (except for menus that
explicitly handle timers).
2003-02-16: Version 1.1.25
- Fixed high CPU load during replay (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg for pointing out this
- Fixed margin handling in cRingBufferLinear.
- Now polling the output device in 'Transfer Mode' and retrying to put packets
into the ring buffer.
- Resetting the CAM slot in case communication breaks down.
- Improved keyboard detection (thanks to Werner Fink).
- Updated 'channels.conf.terr' (thanks to Andy Carter).
- Fixed broken support for raw OSDs of plugins (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg for
reporting this one).
- Broken CAM connections are now restored automatically.
2003-03-19: Version 1.1.26
- Removed signal handling and usleep(5000) from cDvbOsd::Cmd() (apparently this
is no longer necessary with DVB driver 1.0.0pre2 or later).
- If the primary device (as defined in setup.conf) doesn't have an MPEG decoder
(and thus can't be used as a primary device) VDR now scans all devices at
startup and uses the first one (if any) that actually has an MPEG decoder.
That way this will also work automatically if the primary device is implemented
by a plugin.
- Fixed a possible deadlock when using the "Blue" button in the "Schedules" menu
to switch to an other channel (thanks to Torsten Herz).
- Fixed the EPG bugfix code number for the MAX_USEFUL_SUBTITLE_LENGTH fix (thanks to
Torsten Herz for reporting this one).
- Modified the EPG scanner to avoid CPU load peaks (thanks to Steffen Becker for
reporting this one).
- Fixed support for Viaccess CAMs (thanks to Axel Gruber for helping to debug this).
2003-04-13: Version 1.1.27
- The CAM is now accessed only if the current channel actually has a non-zero Ca
value, and CAM access is completely suppressed during replay, which avoids
problems in case the CAM is attached to the primary DVB device.
- The "Left" and "Right" buttons now set the cursor to the first or last list item
even if the list consist only of a single page, like, for instance, the Main menu
(thanks to Oliver Endriss).
- Made the log message "OSD window width must be a multiple of 4..." a debug message
instead of an error message, so it can be avoided by using a log level less than 3.
- Updated Greek language texts (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos).
- Fixed faulty behaviour of the "Mute" key in case the channel display is visible
(thanks to Florian Bartels for reporting this one and Sascha Volkenandt for
helping to fix it).
- Modified LOF handling to allow for C-band reception (thanks to Malcolm Caldwell).
- Added some missing cAudio handling calls (thanks to Werner Fink).
- Replaced the 'for' loops in StripAudioPackets() with memset() calls (thanks to
Werner Fink).
- Further increased the timeout until an index file is considered no longer to be
- Fixed a crash in case the index file can't be accessed any more during replay
(thanks to Stefan Huelswitt for reporting this one).
- Fixed displaying messages in the status line in case they exceed the OSD width
(thanks to Gerhard Steiner for reporting this one).
- Avoiding high CPU load in case the connection to LIRC gets lost (thanks to
Ludwig Nussel).
- Fixed handling repeat function with LIRC (thanks to Ludwig Nussel).
- Fixed handling min/max borders when entering integer values (thanks to Andy
Grobb for reporting this one).
- Implemented a "resume ID" which allows several users to each have their own
resume.vdr files (thanks to Martin Hammerschmid). This parameter can be set in
the "Setup/Replay" menu (see MANUAL for details).
- Now using 'libdtv' version 0.0.5 (thanks to Rolf Hakenes for the new version
and Stefan Huelswitt for adapting VDR to it).
- If no device with an MPEG decoder can be found at startup, the first device
is now used as primary device (just to have some device).
- Adjusted some Premiere channels in 'channels.conf' (thanks to Thomas Koch).
- Updated 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Stefan Hußfeldt).
- The '' file is now read after all plugins have been started (thanks
to Sascha Volkenandt).
- The LIRC remote control no longer tries to learn keys if it can't connect to
the LIRC daemon (thanks to Ludwig Nussel for reporting this one). The same
applies to the RCU remote control in case of errors during startup.
- Fixed handling of Ca parameters with values <= MAXDEVICES, which don't indicate
an actual encrypted channel (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt for reporting this one).
2003-04-21: Version 1.1.28
- Using masks in EIT filtering to reduce the number of filters (thanks to Andreas
- Fixed handling Ca descriptors (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Now only those Ca descriptors are sent to a CAM that are actually understood
by that CAM.
- Re-enabled CAM communication during replay and on non-Ca channels. This requires
a DVB driver with firmware version 2613 or later.
- It is now possible to do simultaneous recording and replay with a single DVB
card, even with encrypted channels. This requires the use of the Link Layer
firmware, version 2613 or higher; the -icam firmware is still limited to live
encrypted channels only. Finally we have time shift for encrypted channels on
single card systems!
- Enhanced detection of pending user I/O from CAMs to avoid sluggish reaction
to remote control keypresses.
- Implemented "pause live video". You can now press "Menu/Yellow" or "Pause" on
your remote control while watching live video to start an instant recording
of the current programme and immediately start replaying that recording.
2003-04-27: Version 1.1.29
- Fixed detecting broken connection to the LIRC daemon (thanks to Ludwig Nussel).
- Now sending CA descriptors to the CAM in the same sequence as they were originally
received (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- The PCR PID can now be set separately from the video PID. The syntax in the
'channels.conf' file is, for example, ...:164+17:..., where 164 is the video PID
and 17 is the PCR PID. The separator is a '+' sign, not a comma or semicolon as
with the audio PIDs, because this is not an alternate PID, but rather an
additional, necessary PID. In order to use this feature you need a driver version
dated 2003-04-27 or higher (setting the PCR PID didn't work in earlier versions).
- Fixed deleting the last recording in the "Recordings" menu, which started pausing
live video (thanks to Christoph Friederich for reporting this one).
- Now setting the "broken link" flag for GOPs at the beginning of a new video
sequence, which avoids artifacts when cutting (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Removed the Mute() call from cDvbDevice::StillPicture() (suggested by Andreas
- Updated 'channels.conf.terr' for Berlin (thanks to Andreas Brachold).
- Extended logging info when starting/stopping timers to show the channel number,
start/stop time and the file name (suggested by Manuel Hartl).
- Added a note regarding non-VDR files in the /videoX directories to INSTALL
(suggested by Benjamin Harling).
- Skipping keys that come in too fast from LIRC (thanks to Christian Jacobsen).
- Avoiding short display of the main menu if a plugin displays its own OSD and
is started through a user defined key macro (thanks to Andreas Mair for reporting
this one).
- Reduced the time to wait for EPG data when starting a recording to 3 seconds.
- The new SVDRP command STAT can be used to request information about the disk
usage (thanks to Thomas Koch).
- Fixed faulty calculation of section length in eit.c (thanks to Teemu Rantanen).
2003-05-04: Version 1.1.30
- Fixed minimum lifespan of deleted recordings (thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti).
- Updated French OSD texts (thanks to Olivier Jacques).
- Fixed paging through lists with repeated Left/Right keys.
- Fixed setting the PCR-PID in case it is equal to one of the other PIDs (thanks
to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
- Fixed double call to MainMenuAction() of a plugin if invoked via a hotkey (thanks
to Kai Moeller for reporting this one).
- Fixed handling dedicated keys.
- Now turning off live PIDs when replaying. This avoids short spikes from other
channels when switching between Transfer Mode channels, and also lets an ongoing
replay continue even if a recording is started on the primary device.
- The RCU channel display no longer changes when a recording on a different
channel starts on the primary device.
- Restoring the current channel in case a recording has switched the transponder.
If all devices are busy and none of them can provide the current channel, the
message "Channel not available!" will be displayed.
- Removed the (no longer necessary) 'panic' stuff from cThread.
- Added cStatus::OsdItem() to provide the entire list of menu items to a plugin
(thanks to Carsten Siebholz).
- The red ("Record") and yellow ("Pause") button in the "Main" menu are no longer
available when replaying.
2003-05-11: Version 1.1.31
- Introduced the new function cPlugin::Initialize(), in order to be able to separate
the startup of a plugin into an "early" (Initialize()) and "late" (Start()) phase
(suggested by Andreas Schultz). Plugin authors should please read the section
about "Getting started" in PLUGINS.html and adapt their code if applicable.
- Implemented the CableDeliverySystemDescriptor and TerrestrialDeliverySystemDescriptor
in libdtv (thanks to Sven Grothklags and Andreas Schultz).
- Fixed keeping live video active in case the primary device doesn't have an MPEG
decoder (thanks to Wolfgang Goeller for reporting this one).
- Implemented cDevice::ActualDevice(), which returns the actual receiving device in
case of 'Transfer Mode', or the primary device otherwise. This may be useful for
plugins that want to attach a cReceiver to the device where the current live video
is actually coming from.
- Added VDRVERSNUM to config.h, which can be used by the preprocessor to check the
actual VDR version (suggested by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Removed the WaitForPut/WaitForGet stuff from cRingBuffer, since it appears to
no longer be necessary due to the implementation of cNonBlockingFileReader in
dvbplayer.c. Also, the long timeout in WaitForPut caused problems with cReceivers
that use a ring buffer and didn't immediately return from their Receive() function
if the buffer runs full (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for reporting this one).
- Fixed handling EPG data where the "extended event descriptor" comes before the
"short event" or a "time shifted event" (thanks to Jonan Santiago).
- Disabled the "Received stuffing section in EIT" log message.
- Updated 'channels.conf.terr' for Berlin (thanks to Juri Haberland).
- Avoiding short display of the "Main" menu when pressing the "Recordings" button
or the "Back" button during replay.
- Further increased the timeout until an index file is considered no longer to be
- Implemented separate PausePriority and PauseLifetime parameters for the recordings
created when pausing live video (suggested by Alfred Zastrow).
- Changed C++ style comments in libdtv into C style to avoid warnings in gcc 3.x
(thanks to Andreas Schultz).
2003-05-18: Version 1.1.32
- Removed a faulty parameter initialization in menu.c (thanks to Lauri Tischler for
reporting this one).
- Re-implemented the WaitForPut/WaitForGet stuff in cRingBuffer, since some plugins
actually need this. By default the buffer does not wait; if a plugin needs the
waiting functionality it can call the new SetTimeouts() function.
- Moved the call to cPlugin::Start() further up in vdr.c, to make sure it gets
called before trying to learn the keys (problem reported by Oliver Endriss).
- No longer starting the editing process if no marks have been set (thanks to
Matthias Raus for reporting this one).
- Added Catalan language texts (thanks to Marc Rovira Vall and Ramon Roca).
Plugin authors may want to add the new entries to their I18N texts and contact
the translators to have their texts translated. Note that there are now 16
different OSD languages, so please make sure you have 16 versions for each of
your texts.
- Moved the detection of a broken video data stream from the cDevice into the
cRecorder to avoid problems with cReceivers that want to receive from PIDs
that are currently not transmitting (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg for reporting
this one).
- Fixed setting the locking pid after a timed wait (thanks to Andreas Schultz).
- Avoiding spurious section filter settings after a channel switch.
- Updated 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Stefan Hußfeldt).
- Fixed reading '' for channels with non-zero RID (thanks to Oliver
Endriss for reporting this one).
- Fixed EPG bugfix statistics to avoid log entries for undefined channels (thanks
to Lars Bläser for reporting this one).
- No longer waiting inside cIndexFile::CatchUp() to avoid shortly blocking replay
at the end of a recording.
2003-05-25: Version 1.1.33
- Modified handling of audio packets in cDvbPlayer for better sync with external
AC3 replay (thanks to Werner Fink).
- Fixed a memory leak in cNonBlockingFileReader (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Completed the French OSD texts (thanks to Gregoire Favre).
- Completed the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Niko Tarnanen and Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed I/O handling in case an explicit controlling terminal is given (thanks
to Oliver Endriss).
- Fixed resume file handling in case the resume.vdr file can't be written
(thanks to Gerhard Steiner).
- Fixed cutting a recording if there is only a single editing mark (thanks to
Ralf Klueber for reporting this one).
- Fixed volume display in case a plugin has its own OSD open (thanks to Marcel
- Fixed channel switching in the EPG scanner on single device systems.
- Completed the Swedish OSD texts (thanks to Tomas Prybil).
- Now switching to the channel used by the most recently started timer in case
the original current channel becomes unavailable due to a recording on a
different transponder. If this fails, a channel up/down switch is attempted as
a fallback solution (thanks to Lauri Tischler for reporting this one, and to
Hermann Gausterer for suggesting to switch to the recording channel).
- Fixed cReplayControl::Show() to avoid a compiler warning in g++ 3.2.3 (thanks
to Jan Ekholm for reporting this one).
- Completed the Slovenian OSD texts (thanks to Matjaz Thaler).
- Changed the DEFAULTPRIORITY in device.c to -1, so that the primary device
will be used for FTA recordings in case the CAM is connected to a non-primary
device (thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner for reporting this one).
- The cCiHandler now closes its file handle when it gets destroyed.
- Checking for duplicate recordings with the same file name and disabling the
second timer (thanks to Peter Bieringer for reporting this one).
- Fixed handling newly created timers in case they are not confirmed with "Ok"
(thanks to Gerhard Steiner for reporting this one).
- It is now possible to directly delete a timer that is currently recording
(thanks to Alexander Damhuis for reporting this one).
2003-05-30: Version 1.2.0pre1
- Some corrections to the French OSD texts (thanks to Olivier Jacques).
- Fixed some missing commas in i18n.c (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos for
reporting this problem).
- Some corrections to the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Niko Tarnanen and Rolf
- Completed the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Antonio Ospite).
- Fixed breaking off replay in case the user hits "Play" or "Pause" too soon after
going into "Pause live video" mode (thanks to Karim Afifi for reporting this one).
- Some corrections to the Catalan OSD texts (thanks to Jordi Vilà).
- Single event timers are now deleted if the recording they are doing is
deleted before the timer ends.
- Fixed an uninitialized variable in cDisplayChannel (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Fixed a possible access of invalid file handles in cSIProcessor::Action()
(thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
2003-06-01: Version 1.2.0
- Completed Greek language texts (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos).
- Completed Polish language texts (thanks to Michael Rakowski).
- Added a note about NPTL ("Native Posix Thread Library") to the INSTALL file
(thanks to Jon Burgess for pointing this out).
- Some corrections to the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti).
- Officially released as version 1.2.0.
2003-06-09: Version 1.2.1
- Fixed OSD access in case none of the devices provides one (thanks to Axel
Gruber for reporting this one).
- Fixed editing channels ('timers.conf' was not written after a channel has
been modified, which could result in errors upon the next start of VDR).
- Fixed a crash when canceling a newly created timer (thanks to Thomas Schmidt
for reporting this one).
- Completed Hungarian language texts (thanks to Istvan Koenigsberger and Guido
- Fixed device handling in the CICAM menu in case a VDR instance was started
with a specific device using the -D option (thanks to Gerald Raaf for reporting
this one).
- Initializing the current channel to '1' to avoid a crash in creating a new
timer in case there is no device in the system that can actually receive any
channel (thanks to Malcolm Caldwell for reporting this one).
- Some corrections to the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Niko Tarnanen and Rolf
2003-08-03: Version 1.2.2
- Fixed a bug in channel switching after Left/Right has been pressed (thanks to
Michael Walle for reporting this one).
- Improved channel switching in case of numerical input by switching as soon as
the channel is unique (suggested by Jaakko Hyvätti).
- Fixed creating a new channel in the "Channels" menu in case the 'channels.conf'
contains ':@nnn' lines with no text (thanks to Guy Roussin for reporting this
- Changed the behaviour of the '0' key in normal viewing mode so that a channel
only qualifies as "previous" if it has been selected for at least 3 seconds
(suggested by Thomas Keil).
- Now clearing the channel info display when entering numeric keys to switch
channels (suggested by Guy Roussin).
- Added missing I18N entry for "Ppid" (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed handling the color buttons in the "Edit channel" menu (thanks to Thomas
Keil for reporting this one).
- Fixed an occasional "Broken pipe" error in SVDRP connections (thanks to Gerhard
Steiner for reporting this one).
- Fixed checking CA capabilities with the dvb-kernel driver (thanks to Kenneth
- Fixed selecting the device, because sometimes an FTA recording terminated a
CA recording (thanks to Emil Naepflein).
- Fixed a possible crash in case a VFAT file system is used without compiling VDR
with VFAT=1 (thanks to Ernst Fürst for reporting this one).
- Now the program uses the values of VIDEODIR and PLUGINDIR defined in Makefile
or Make.config as defaults (thanks to Steffen Barszus).
- Added the usual menu timeout to the CAM menus.
2003-08-17: Version 1.2.3 (not officially released)
- Fixed the TS to PES repacker so that it works with MPEG1 streams (thanks to
Andreas Kool).
- Fixed keeping track of the current channel number when moving channels in
the "Channels" menu (thanks to Mirko Günther for reporting this one).
- Made the plugin library directory configurable via Make.config (thanks to
Ludwig Nussel).
- Fixed scaling SPU bitmaps in Letterbox mode when playing NTSC material.
In order to do this, the cDevice was given a new member function GetVideoSystem().
- Fixed two warnings when compiling with gcc 3.3.1 (thanks to Alfred Zastrow for
reporting this).
- Made crc32() a static function in libdtv/libsi/si_parser.c to avoid a name clash
when using other libraries that also implement a function by that name (thanks
to Reinhard Nissl for reporting this one).
- Fixed staying off the end of an ongoing recording while replaying in time shift
mode (thanks to Rainer Zocholl for reporting this one).
- VDR now stops with exit status 2 if one of the configuration files can't be
read correctly at program startup (suggested by Rainer Zocholl).
- Fixed a crash when starting "Pause live video" twice within the same minute on
the same channel.
- Fixed freezing replay if a timer starts while in Transfer Mode from the device
used by the timer, and the timer needs a different transponder (thanks to
Richard Robson for reporting this one).
- Fixed toggling channels with the '0' key (thanks to Mirko Günther for reporting
this one).
- Made the "Zap timeout" (the time until a channel counts as "previous" for
switching with '0') a setup variable, available in "Setup/Miscellaneous"
(suggested by Helmut Auer).
- Removing deleted recordings faster than normal when cutting, to avoid running
out of disk space (thanks to Manfred Schmidt-Voigt for reporting this one).
2003-08-26: Version 1.2.4 (not officially released)
- Fixed 'runvdr' to stay in the loop only if VDR returns an exit status of '1'.
- Completed the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Empty values in setup.conf are no longer treated as an error (thanks to Andreas
Kool for reporting this one).
- Added a note about the config files of plugins to INSTALL (thanks to Thomas
- VDR now continues to start up, even if there is an error in setup.conf.
- Fixed a bug in resetting OSD color palettes (thanks to Torsten Herz).
- Fixed starting a recording on the primary device if there is a replay session
active (thanks to Javier Marcet for reporting this one).
- Avoiding an unnecessary stop of an ongoing Transfer Mode when starting a
recording on the primary device.
2003-08-31: Version 1.2.5pre1
- Now explicitly handling exit value 0 and 2 in 'runvdr'.
- Added a missing 'w' to the allowed characters for Finnish and Swedish (thanks
to Lauri Tischler and Ragnar Sundblad).
- Added channels for DVB-T Hannover (Germany) to channels.conf.terr (thanks to
Peter Waechtler).
- Fixed a hangup in SVDRP when the client disappears without sending QUIT (thanks
to Robert Bartl for reporting this one). The problem was introduced in version
1.2.2 through the fix for an occasional "Broken pipe" error in SVDRP connections.
- Updated 'channels.conf.terr' for Berlin.
- Fixed displaying still pictures, now using the driver's VIDEO_STILLPICTURE call
directly (thanks to Oliver Endriss). This also improves navigating through DVD
menus with the DVD plugin. If this causes problems with your particular system
(maybe because you are using the 'analogtv' plugin) you can reactivate the
previous behaviour by commenting out the line
in VDR/dvbdevice.c.
Note that you need driver version 2003-08-23 or later for this to work!
- Fixed handling extra blanks in plugin command lines.
- Actually implemented the SVDRP command DELC.
- Now clearing the player device if there are too many poll timeouts in 'Transfer
Mode', which avoids buffer overflows and black screens in such cases.
2003-09-07: Version 1.2.5pre2
- Updated VIVA, VIVA Plus, MTV Central and MTV 2 in channels.conf (thanks to
Sebastian Frei).
- Changed "Studio Universal" to "Sci-Fi" in channels.conf.
- Fixed a crash when using the --terminal option without having access to the
given terminal (thanks to Steffen Barszus for helping to debug this one).
- Added a note about the driver version needed for the still picture fix from
version 1.2.5pre1 to work properly (thanks to Oliver Endriss for pointing
this out).
- Fixed setting the primary device in case none of the devices provides an MPEG
decoder (thanks to Rene Bartsch for reporting this one).
- Fixed handling the "Red" button in the "Schedules" menu in case there are no
events listed for a particular channel (thanks to Christoph Hermanns for
reporting this one).
- When setting an editing mark while in "Pause" mode, replay now immediately
jumps to the marked frame (thanks to Oskar Signell for pointing out this
- The DVB devices no longer send CA descriptors to the CAM while the EPG scanner
is active (sometimes the CAMs got irritated when the device tuned to channels
they couldn't handle).
2003-09-14: Version 1.2.5pre3
- Fixed dropping out of replay mode while viewing a recording that is still
going on (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting and helping to debug this
- Fixed handling ':' characters in channel names when reading channels.conf
(thanks to Reinhard Nissl for reporting this one).
- Fixed the URL to the 'Doxygen' tool in INSTALL (thanks to Dirk Essl).
- Removed the obsolete chapter "Stopping a recording on the primary DVB interface"
from MANUAL.
- Completed Dutch language texts (thanks to Hans Dingemans).
- Made 'diseqc.conf' a required file only if Setup.DiSEqC is activated (thanks to
Thomas Schmidt).
- VDR now starts up even if 'keymacros.conf' references a plugin that is currently
not loaded (suggested by Alexander Wetzel).
- Fixed checking for VIDEO_STREAM_S in cRemux::SetBrokenLink() (thanks to Oliver
- Added 'repeat' function to keys '7' and '9' ("jump to mark") in replay mode
(suggested by Oliver Endriss).
- Made cOsdMenu::Display() virtual, which allows plugins to do some additional
processing after calling the base class function (suggested by Jan Rieger).
- Updated 'ca.conf' (thanks to Marco Franceschetti).
2003-09-17: Version 1.2.5
- Updated 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Stefan Hußfeldt).
2003-10-17: Version 1.2.6pre1
- Updated the required driver version in INSTALL (thanks to Jens Groth for
reporting this one).
- Fixed missing channel info after an incomplete channel group switch (thanks
to Andreas Trauer).
- Fixed handling a channels.conf that contains a ":@nnn" line as its last entry
(thanks to Ralf Klueber).
- Fixed detecting the /dev/videoN devices for GRAB in case there are others
before the DVB devices (thanks to Andreas Kool).
- Updated 'channels.conf.terr' for Berlin (thanks to Markus Hardt).
- Fixed handling rc key learning in case cRemote::Initialize() returns 'false'
(thanks to Oliver Endriss).
- Fixed initializing the highlight area in cDvbSpuDecoder (thanks to Sven Goethel).
- Now trying to get a timer's channel without RID when loading 'timers.conf'
(thanks to Thomas Rausch).
- Removed the unused 0x73 (TOT) filter in eit.c (thanks to Andreas Trauer).
- Fixed extracting the ES data in cDvbDevice::StillPicture() (thanks to Stefan
- Added MPEG1 handling to cDvbDevice::StillPicture() (thanks to Thomas
- Changed the default "Lifetime" to 99, which means that recordings will
never be deleted automatically in case the disk runs full (suggested by
Oliver Endriss). Note that in an existing VDR installation the current
value as set in 'setup.conf' will still be used - this change only affects
new VDR installations.
- Edited recordings will now never be deleted automatically if the disk runs
full (suggested by Emil Naepflein).
- Channel IDs are now checked when reading 'channels.conf' to avoid later
problems with timers.
2003-10-19: Version 1.2.6pre2
- Improved cDvbDevice::StillPicture() (thanks to Thomas Heiligenmann).
2003-10-24: Version 1.2.6pre3
- Improved cDvbDevice::StillPicture() (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
- Continuing learning remote control keys in case one rc fails (thanks to
Oliver Endriss).
- Fixed handling comments in editing marks.
2003-10-26: Version 1.2.6pre4
- Fixed handling CAM menus in case the CAM connection fails while the menu
is being presented (thanks to Thomas v. Keller for reporting this one).
- Added missing 'const' to some cChannel member functions (thanks to Torsten
2003-11-08: Version 1.2.6pre5
- Added cDevice::GetSTC() (suggested by Sven Goethel).
- Added Asia-Pacific satellites to 'sources.conf' (thanks to Richard Scobie).
- Added North American satellites to 'sources.conf' (thanks to Luke Jenkins).
- Fixed getting the list of recordings in case VDR is started from a directory
where it doesn't have access to (thanks to Dirk Mueller).
2003-11-09: Version 1.2.6pre6
- Fixed handling Priority -1 in cDvbDevice::ProvidesChannel() (thanks to
Torsten Herz).
- Fixed processing EPG data in case there is no title (thanks to Torsten Herz).
2003-11-14: Version 1.2.6
- Final release of version 1.2.6.
2004-01-04: Version 1.3.0
- Changed thread handling to make it work with NPTL ("Native Posix Thread Library").
Thanks to Jon Burgess, Andreas Schultz, Werner Fink and Stefan Huelswitt.
- The cThread class now accepts a 'Description' parameter, which is used to log
the beginning and end of the thread, together with its process and thread id.
For descriptions that need additional parameters you can use the function
cThread::SetDescription(), which accepts 'printf()' like arguments.
Existing plugins that use threads should be changed to use this functionality
instead of explicit 'dsyslog()' calls inside their Action() function in order
to support logging the thread ids.
- Added "Slovak Link" and "Czech Link" to 'ca.conf' (thanks to Emil Petersky).
However, 'ca.conf' is now pretty much obsolete due to the automatic CA handling.
- Mutexes are now created with PTHREAD_MUTEX_ERRORCHECK_NP, which makes the
'lockingTid' stuff obsolete (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Changed font handling to allow language specific character sets.
- Adopted the small font character set from the "Elchi" patch (originally
provided by Alessio Sangalli).
- Greek language texts now use iso8859-7 character set (thanks to Dimitrios
- Rearranged section data handling, so that the actual data handling can be done
separately, even from within plugins.
- The EPG data structures have been moved from eit.[hc] to epg.[hc] and have been
adapted to the general VDR coding style. Plugins that use these data structures
may need to change some function names (which should be obvious).
The name 'subtitle' has been changed to 'shortText' to avoid clashes with actual
subtitles that are part of a movie. The name 'extendedDescription' has been
shortened to 'description'.
- Replaced 'libdtv' with 'libsi' (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg), which is thread
safe and can be used by multiple section filters simultaneously.
- Added 'cRwLock' to 'thread.[hc]'. Note that all plugin Makefiles need to
define _GNU_SOURCE for this to work (see the example plugin Makefiles and
- Fixed a problem with crc32 in SI handling on 64bit systems (thanks to Pedro
Miguel Sequeira de Justo Teixeira for reporting this one).
- Fixed an alignment problem in CAM access on 64bit systems (thanks to Pedro
Miguel Sequeira de Justo Teixeira for reporting this one).
- Added 'StreamType' setting to CAM communication, which is important for
Aston/SECA CAMs (thanks to Antonino Sergi).
- Now the CA descriptors are sent to the CAM in the 'program' or 'ES level'
sections, depending on where they are found in the PMT (thanks to Hans-Peter
Raschke for reporting this one). This should make SkyCrypt CAMs work.
- Now using the 'version number' of EPG events to avoid unnecessary work.
- Channel data is now automatically derived from the DVB data stream (inspired
by the 'autopid' patch from Andreas Schultz).
- The current channel is now automatically re-tuned if the PIDs or other settings
change. If a recording is going on on a channel that has a change in its
settings, the recording will be stopped and immediately restarted to use the
new channel settings.
- EPG events now use the complete channel ID with NID, TID and SID.
- Channel names in 'channels.conf' can now have a short form, as provided
by some tv stations (see man vdr(5)). Currently channels that provide short
names in addition to long ones are listed in the OSD as "short,long name",
as in "RTL,RTL Television". The short names will be used explicitly later.
- The Ca parameter in 'channels.conf' has been extended and now contains all the
CA system ids for the given channel. When switching to a channel VDR now tests
for a device that provides one of these CA system ids. The devices automatically
get their supported ids from the CI handler.
- The values in 'ca.conf' are currently without any real meaning. Whether or not
a channel with conditional access can be received is now determined automatically
by evaluating its CA descriptors and comparing them to the CA system ids
provided by the installed CAM. Only the special values 1-16 are used to assign
a channel to a particular device.
- Increased the maximum number of possible OSD colors to 256.
- Limited the line length in the EPG bugfix report, which appears to fix a buffer
overflow that caused a crash when cleaning up the EPG data (at 05:00 in the
2004-01-11: Version 1.3.1
- Fixed a lockup in the EPG scanner when no non-primary device was available
(thanks to Martin Holst for reporting this one).
- Fixed a compiler warning about virtual cConfig::Load() functions (thanks to
Lauri Tischler for reporting this one).
- Fixed a warning about character comparison in libsi/si.c (thanks to Lauri
Tischler for reporting this one).
- The new parameter "Update channels" in the "Setup/DVB" menu can be used to
control if and how channels will be automatically updated (see MANUAL).
This has already been part of the 'autopid' patch by Andreas Schultz and has
now been adopted.
- Fixed a crash in case there is no DVB hardware present (thanks to Sascha
Volkenandt for reporting this one).
- Changed calculation of channel ids to make it work for tv stations that use
the undefined NID value 0 (thanks to Teemu Rantanen for reporting this one).
- Enhanced the SDT filter to handle multi part sections.
- Added support for selecting preferred EPG languages (based upon a patch by
Teemu Rantanen).
- Fixed a 'const' in libsi/si.h (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Fixed the 'su' call in 'runvdr' to make it work on systems that require the
user name to appear before the command option (thanks to Robert Huitl).
- Fixed testing for matching section filters in case they are turned off (thanks
to Marcel Wiesweg).
- In case of incomplete sections an error message is now logged only every 10
- Fixed a possible NULL pointer access in cEITScanner::Process() (thanks to
Andreas Kool).
- The actual transponder data is now taken from the NIT and existing channels
are adjusted if necessary. If the NIT contains new transponders, they are
scanned for channels during the next EPG scan. Note that only the satellite
branches are tested, cable and terrestrial need to be tested by somebody who
actually has such equipment.
2004-01-18: Version 1.3.2
- Fixed resetting the EPG data versions after changing the preferred languages
(thanks to Teemu Rantanen for reporting this one and helping to debug it).
- Added LinkageDescriptor handling to 'libsi' (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Added Russian language texts (thanks to Vyacheslav Dikonov).
Plugin authors may want to add the new entries to their I18N texts and contact
the translators to have their texts translated. Note that there are now 17
different OSD languages, so please make sure you have 17 versions for each of
your texts.
- Some corrections and additions to the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf
Ahrenberg and Niko Tarnanen).
- Fixed a wrong 'delta' value in the call to the shutdown script (thanks to
Stephan Epstein for reporting this one).
- Activated detection of radio channels (to avoid reports about "channels not
being detected that used to be detected with the 'scan' utility or the
original 'autopid' patch ;-).
- Channels with a zero VPID no longer write a PPID into channels.conf.
- Short channel names are now only stored if they actually differ from the
full name.
- The EPG scan now scans newly found transponders together with already existing
- The "Red" button in the "Setup/EPG" menu can now be used to force an EPG
scan on a single DVB card system (see MANUAL for details).
- The new SVDRP command 'SCAN' can be used to force an EPG scan on a single
DVB card system (see MANUAL under Setup/EPG for details).
- Fixed handling PID changes in 'Transfer Mode'.
- Excess blanks in channel names read from the SDT are now removed.
- Fixed wrong parameter settings when scanning NITs for terrestrial transponders
(thanks to Christian Tramnitz for pointing out this one).
- Fixed some out of bounds parameter settings when scanning NITs for cable
and satellite transponders.
- Added 'libsi' include files to the 'include' directory, so that plugins can
use them (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Now only processing NITs that contain the transponder they are actually
broadcast on.
- Fixed setting the source type for newly detected terrestrial transponders
(thanks to Christian Tramnitz for his support in debugging this).
2004-01-25: Version 1.3.3
- Completed the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Added ISO639LanguageDescriptor to 'libsi'.
- Changed the 'languageCode' members in the descriptor classes of 'libsi' to
'char[4]' and setting the 4th byte to 0 for easier handling.
- Fixed frequency handling when setting the CA descriptors in cDvbTuner::Action()
(thanks to Jan Ekholm for reporting and helping to debug this one).
- Now setting CA descriptors even if "Setup/DVB/Update channels" is less than 2.
- There can now be up to 32 audio and Dolby PIDs (however, currently still only
the first two are used throughout the rest of the program).
- The audio and Dolby PIDs in 'channels.conf' now can have an optional language
code (see man vdr(5)). Currently this is only stored and not yet used otherwise.
- Added a call to cStatus::MsgOsdCurrentItem() to cMenuEditItem::SetValue()
(thanks to Martin Hammerschmid).
2004-02-08: Version 1.3.4
- Fixed handling language codes in case there is no audio or Dolby PID.
- Fixed handling CA ids (was broken in 1.3.3).
- Fixed the SVDRP command 'STAT DISK' to avoid a 'division by 0' in case the
disk is full (thanks to Jens Rosenboom).
- Fixed handling bitmap indexes for 256 color mode (thanks to Andreas Regel).
- Now handling "linked services" (based on the 'autopid' patch from Andreas
Schultz). Linked channels are detected and added to 'channels.conf', but
currently they are not yet presented to the user other than being in the
normal channel list (this will come later).
- Preliminary fix for the "Unknown picture type error" (thanks to Sascha
Volkenandt for his support in debugging this one). This may slow down switching
between channels on different transponders for now, but a better solution will
come later.
- Fixed the validity check for channel IDs, because some providers use TIDs with
value 0 (thanks to Thomas Bergwinkl).
- Enabled switching to a channel even if it has no Vpid or Apid set, because these
might be automatically set when tuned to that transponder.
- No longer closing the Channels menu after trying to switch to a channel that
is currently not available.
- Removed the now obsolete CaCaps stuff. The Setup/CICAM menu now displays the
actual CAM type as reported by the CAM. The 'ca.conf' file has been stripped
down to the values 0..4.
2004-02-29: Version 1.3.5
- Fixed reading the EPG preferred language parameter from 'setup.conf'.
- Fixed switching to a visible programme in case the current channel has neither
a video nor an audio PID.
- Fixed editing channels (SID now range checked) and creating new channels (NID,
TID and RID are now set to 0).
- Fixed transponder handling to make it work with satellites that provide two
transponders on the same frequency, with different polarization, like Hispasat
at S30.0W (thanks to Thomas Bergwinkl for pointing this out). See man vdr(5)
for details about the enhanced channel ID format.
- Since there appears to be no general solution for the UPT error yet, a recording
now initiates an "emergency exit" if the number of UPT errors during one
recording exceeds 10 (suggested by Gregoire Favre). Since the UPT error doesn't
happen on my system, this has not been explicitly tested.
The "preliminary fix" for the UPT error in VDR/dvbdevice.c has been disabled
by default, since it makes channel switching unpleasantly slow. If you want
to have that workaround back, you can uncomment the line
in VDR/dvbdevice.c.
- Adapted the 'sky' plugin to use the actual channel IDs, and to fetch EPG data
- Limited automatic retuning to devices that actually provide the transponder
(necessary for the 'sky' plugin).
- Fixed handling receivers in the 'sky' plugin, so that a recording on the same
channel won't interrupt an ongoing Transfer Mode.
- Added subtable ID and TSDT handling to 'libsi' (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Fixed some Russian OSD texts (thanks to Vyacheslav Dikonov).
- Added the 'running status' to the EPG events. This is necessary for implementing
the VPS function for recording.
- Removed the obsolete 'present' and 'following' handling from the EPG data.
- The EPG data is now always kept sorted chronologically in the internal data
structures. This also means that any EPG data retrieved through the SVRDP
command LSTE is guaranteed to be sorted by start time.
- Now using the 'running status' in the channel display, so that a programme
that has an end time that is before the current time, but is still running,
will still be shown in the display (provided the broadcasters handle the
'running status' flag correctly). This also applies to programmes that have
a start time that is in the future, but are already running.
- Implemented an "EPG linger time", which can be set to have older EPG information
still displayed in the "Schedule" menu (thanks to Jaakko Hyvätti).
- Added PDCDescriptor handling to 'libsi'.
- Implemented handling the VPS timestamps (aka "Programme Identification Label")
for full VPS support for timers (provided the tv stations actually broadcast
this information). The VPS time is displayed in the event info page if it exists
and is different than the event's start time.
- Extended the SVDRP command LSTE to allow limiting the listed data to a given
channel, the present or following events, or events at a given time (thanks to
Thomas Heiligenmann).
- Fixed a typo in libsi/si.h (thanks to Stéphane Esté-Gracias).
- Timers can now be set to use the VPS information to control recording a programme.
The new setup options "Recording/Use VPS" and "Recording/VPS margin", as well as
the "VPS" option in the individual timers, can be used to control this feature
(see MANUAL for details).
Note that this feature will certainly need a lot of testing before it can be
called "safe"!
- The "Schedule" and "What's on now/next?" menus now have an additional column
which displays information on whether there is a timer defined for an event,
whether an event has a VPS time that's different than its start time, and
whether an event is currently running (see MANUAL under "The "Schedule" Menu"
for details).
2004-03-14: Version 1.3.6
- Completed the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed some descriptor handling in 'libsi' (thanks to Stéphane Esté-Gracias).
- Fixed handling the current menu item (thanks to Marc Hoppe).
- Fixed assigning events to timers (they no longer get "stuck").
- Added log entries whenever the running status of an event changes (currently
only logging the first 30 channels).
- Fixed handling timers in VPS margin if the EPG scan is turned on (the EPG scan
switched the device away from the channel, so it wouldn't see the change of
the running status).
- Fixed handling "itemized" texts in EPG data (thanks to Stéphane Esté-Gracias
for pointing out this problem, and Marcel Wiesweg for improving 'libsi').
- Fixed handling VPS times at year boundaries.
- Avoiding too many consecutive "ring buffer overflow" messages (which only
slowed down performance even more).
- Taking the Sid into account when detecting version changes in processing the
PMT (thanks to Stéphane Esté-Gracias for pointing out this problem).
- Completed the Russian OSD texts (thanks to Vyacheslav Dikonov).
- Any newline characters in the 'description' of EPG events are now preserved
to allow texts to be displayed the way the tv stations have formatted them.
This was also necessary to better display itemized texts.
- Fixed detecting the running status in case an empty EPG event is broadcast (thanks
to Michael Pennewiß for pointing this out).
- Improved performance when paging through very long menu lists.
- Removed cSchedule::GetEventNumber() and cSchedule::NumEvents(). There is now
cSchedule::Events() that returns the list of events directly.
- Avoiding occasional bad responsiveness to user interaction caused by assigning
events to timers.
- Now explicitly turning on the LNB power at startup, because newer drivers don't
do this any more (thanks to Oliver Endriss for pointing this out).
2004-05-16: Version 1.3.7
- Fixed a memory leak in thread handling when using NPTL (thanks to Jon Burgess).
- Fixed handling Setup.RecordDolbyDigital, which was broken since version 1.1.6.
- Fixed handling text lengths for itemized EPG texts (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Fixed the help for LSTE and LSTR (was broken in 1.3.6).
- Improved iso8859-7 fonts (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos).
- Added some 3-letter language codes (thanks to Marcus Mönnig).
- Added language code handling to the subtitling descriptor in 'libsi' (thanks to
Pekka Virtanen).
- Moved several menu item classes from menu.c to menuitems.[hc] to make them
available for plugins.
- The script now handles '|' in description texts.
- The new setup option "OSD/Use small font" can be used to control the use of
the small font (see MANUAL for details).
- Swapped osd.[hc] and osdbase.[hc] to have the virtual OSD base class named cOsd.
Plugins may need to adjust their #include statements.
- Colors are now given as AARRGGBB instead of AABBGGRR. The values are mapped to
the driver's (wrong) sequence in dvbosd.c (this should really be fixed in the
driver, together with the endian problem).
- The new OSD setup parameters "Left" and "Top" can be used to define the top left
corner of the OSD.
- The OSD size parameters are now in pixel (as opposed to formerly characters).
When reading a 'setup.conf' file from an older version of VDR, the OSDwidth
and OSDheight values will be converted to pixel automatically.
- The OSD is now fully device independent. See the comments in VDR/osd.h and the
description in PLUGINS.html for information on how a plugin can implement an OSD
display on arbitrary hardware.
- The OSD (actually its cBitmap class) can now handle XPM files. There are several
XPM files in the VDR/symbols directory which can be used by skins (some of these
have been taken from the "elchi" patch). See VDR/skinsttng.c for examples on how
to use these.
- Due to the changes in the OSD handling the DEBUG_OSD option for a textual OSD
has been dropped. There will be a plugin that implements a skin with this
functionality later.
- The entire OSD display can now be implemented via "skins". See VDR/skins.[hc],
VDR/skinclassic.[hc], VDR/skinsttng.[hc] and PLUGINS.html for information on how
a plugin can implement its own skin. By default VDR comes with a "Classic" skin
that implements the OSD display known from previous versions, and the new skin
named "ST:TNG Panels", which is also the default skin now. The actual skin can
be selected through "Setup/OSD/Skin".
- The colors used in a skin can now be configured using "themes". See PLUGINS.html
for information on how a skin can make use of themes, and man vdr(5) for the
structure of a theme file. The actual theme to use can be selected through
- Added Croatian language texts (thanks to Drazen Dupor).
NOTE: there is apparently a problem with the newly introduced iso8859-2 font,
because as soon as Setup/OSD/Language is set to Croatian (currently the last one
in the list) everything freezes and the vdr processes have to be killed with -9
and the driver needs to be reloaded. Maybe somebody else can find out what's
going wrong here...
- Added missing NULL checks when accessing sectionHandler in device.c (thanks to
Pekka Virtanen).
- Fixed setting the time from the DVB data stream (thanks to Helmut Auer for
pointing out a frequency/transponder handling mixup). This now also takes the
actual source (sat, cable etc.) into account. Please go into "Setup/EPG" and
set the "Set system time" and "Use time from transponder" parameters accordingly
(this is necessary even if you have already set them before!).
2004-05-23: Version 1.3.8
- Fixed a crash when switching the skin and having selected a non-default theme
that is not available for the newly selected skin (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt
for reporting this one).
- Fixed some issues with gcc 3.4 (thanks to Prakash K. Cheemplavam and Marcel
- Added a hint to PLUGINS.html about how to name a plugin that implements a skin.
- Completed the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Single shot timers and events now show the day of week (adopted with some changes
from the "elchi" patch, originally introduced by Oskar Signell). Plugins that use
cEvent::GetDateString() should note that this function now returns a longer
string, including the day of week. The new function const char *WeekDayName(time_t t)
can be called with a time_t value to get the day of week for that time.
- When processing XPM data, the color name "None" is now mapped to #00000000, which
is "fully transparent" (suggested by Sascha Volkenandt).
- Fixed the OSD alignment in the SPU decoder (thanks to Miko Wohlgemuth for reporting
this one and helping to test the fix).
- Fixed freezing picture when a recording starts on a system that always uses
'Transfer Mode' (thanks to Michal Dobrzynski for reporting this one).
- Fixed a memory leak in NIT processing (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Added a few missing initializations (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Moved the declaration of cMenuText to VDR/menu.h to make it available to plugins.
It now also has a SetText() function that can be used to dynamically set the text
in an already existing cMenuText (both suggested by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Added play mode pmVideoOnly (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Added a missing cStatus::MsgOsdClear() to cDisplayChannel::~cDisplayChannel()
(thanks to Oliver Endriss).
- No longer displaying unused color buttons in the "Classic VDR" skin (thanks to
Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
- Added some missing cStatus::MsgOsdTextItem() calls (thanks to Oliver Endriss for
reporting this one).
2004-05-31: Version 1.3.9
- Completed Croatian language texts (thanks to Drazen Dupor).
- New iso8859-2 font to fix the problem with program freezes (thanks to Drazen Dupor).
- Implemented a default cRemote::Initialize() that waits 10 seconds for a keypress
in order to prevent a "hangup" in case, e.g., the LIRC driver is not loaded (thanks
to Helmut Auer).
- Updated 'channels.conf.terr' for Hannover (thanks to Peter Waechtler).
- cBitmap::DrawBitmap() now also resets the palette if the entire bitmap area is
covered (suggested by Sascha Volkenandt).
- Fixed setting the title in the replay display of the "Classic VDR" skin in case
a shorter title is set after a longer one (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt for
reporting this one).
- Now using more separate areas in the "ST:TNG Panels" skin to allow a theme to
use more independent clrMenu* colors.
- Fixed removing the "scanning recordings..." message in case the video directory
is empty (thanks to Andreas Regel for reporting this one).
- Added SetMessage() functions to the Replay and Channel skin functions. Plugins
that implement skins will need to implement these functions. This fixes a missing
"Editing process finished" message (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting this
- Fixed the height of the channel display in the "Classic VDR" skin.
- Fixed handling descriptor loops in 'libsi', which had sometimes caused invalid
CA ids to be added to the channel definitions (thanks to Wayne Keer for reporting
this one, and Marcel Wiesweg for fixing it).
- Fixed handling colors in cDvbSpuPalette::yuv2rgb() (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Made some functions of cFont virtual to allow implementing dummy fonts for the
'curses' skin.
- The new plugin 'skincurses' re-implements the functionality that was previously
available by compiling VDR with DEBUG_OSD. Some things may not yet work as they
should, but it's a starting point.
2004-06-06: Version 1.3.10
- Fixed some default parameters in 'skincurses'.
- Fixed cBitmap::DrawPixel(), which messed with other bitmaps' palettes in case
the pixel coordinates were outside this bitmap (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for
reporting this one).
- The cBitmap::DrawText() function now doesn't set any background pixels if the
given background color is clrTransparent. This allows drawing "transparent"
texts (suggested by Sascha Volkenandt).
- The cBitmap::SetXpm() function now ignores unused "none" color entries, which
some broken graphics tools write into XPM files (suggested by Sascha Volkenandt).
- No longer setting lnb voltage if the frontend is not DVB-S (thanks to Marco
- Fixed displaying the current channel when switching via the SVDRP command CHAN
(thanks to Jürgen Schmitz for reporting this one).
- Fixed missing audio after replaying a DVD (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Added a note about the default assignment of the color keys to MANUAL.
- Added a note about NPTL ("Native Posix Thread Library") to the INSTALL file
(apparently the "fix" in version 1.3.0 didn't really fix this).
- Modified 'libsi' to require callers to state the buffer sizes when getting
strings in order to avoid buffer overflows (thanks to Philip Lawatsch for
debugging a buffer overflow in eit.c).
2004-06-19: Version 1.3.11
- In order to avoid problems on NPTL systems, VDR now checks for the presence
of NPTL at program start, and if it is, exits and tells the user to do
'export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1' before starting VDR.
- Revisited the "Fixed missing audio after replaying a DVD" change because it
introduced a sound disturbance when switching between channels on the same
transponder (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- In order to avoid problems on UTF-8 systems, VDR now checks for the presence
of UTF-8 at program start, and if it is, exits and tells the user to turn off
UTF-8 before starting VDR (thanks to Ludwig Nussel for pointing out a problem
with systems that are set to use UTF-8). There are also problems in case the
video partition is mounted with "iocharset=utf8" (thanks to Jörg Knitter for
reporting this one).
Please also read the "IMPORTANT NOTES" section in the INSTALL file!
- Some changes to the SPU decoder interface (thanks to Sven Goethel).
- Some improvements in cOsd creation (thanks to some suggestions by Jouni Karvo).
- Fixed calculating the OSD width and height (thanks to Olaf Henkel for reporting
a problem with long event texts in the "Classic VDR" skin).
- Fixed switching channels while an encrypted channel is being recorded, because the
channel was switched if the new channel was on the same transponder and was
a radio channel or an unencrypted channel (thanks to Martin Dauskardt for reporting
this one).
- No longer using the external 'find' command to scan the video directory for
recordings (based on a suggestion by Mirko Dölle).
- The list of recordings is now kept statically in memory to avoid long delays
when opening the "Recordings" menu. As a side effect, external modifications to
the video directory are no longer immediately reflected in the "Recordings" menu.
If a plugin manipulates the video directory in any way, it can call the function
Recordings.TriggerUpdate() to trigger an update of the list of recordings.
If some external tool manipulates the video directory, it can touch the file
'.update' in the video directory to trigger an update of the list of recordings.
- Fixed a memory leak in theme description handling (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt).
- Added cDevice::Flush() to make sure that all data in the video card's buffers
has been processed (thanks to Reinhard Nissl). Currently this is not yet actually
implemented for FF DVB cards.
- Fixed handling the color button texts in cMenuEditStrItem (thanks to Maynard
Cedric for reporting this one).
- Fixed the description of cRingBufferLinear (thanks to Ludwig Nussel for pointing
out this one).
- Fixed cRingBufferLinear::Get() in case the buffer wraps around (thanks to Ludwig
Nussel for reporting this one).
2004-07-18: Version 1.3.12
- Removed all error messages from cRecordings::ScanVideoDir() and just skipping
entries that cause errors in order to avoid failure in case of things like
broken links etc.
- The function cTimers::SetEvents() now immediately returns if there is some user
- Fixed handling menu status messages when the list contents is scrolled (thanks to
Alfred Zastrow for reporting this one).
- Fixed checking the last area for misalignment in cOsd::CanHandleAreas() (thanks
to Reinhard Nissl for reporting this one).
- No longer adding section filters to the list of filters if they can't be opened
(thanks to Marco Schlüßler for pointing this out).
- Fixed handling error case '-1' when polling section filters (thanks to Marco
- Fixed handling error case '-1' when polling CAM connections.
- Making sure the OSD reports oeWrongAlignment errors before any oeAreasOverlap
error (suggested by Reinhard Nissl).
- Avoiding flashing effects in the OSD of full featured DVB cards by explicitly
clearing the OSD windows before opening them (suggested by Marco Schlüßler).
- Experimental support for NVOD channels. Currently these channels are detected
and linked to their "base" channels using the same mechanisms as for the
"linked services" (let's see if this is useful). Thanks to Mike parker for
helping to test this. Also used some input from the 'autopid' patch by Andreas
- Now storing the name of the service provider (aka "bouquet") in the channel
name, separated by a semicolon (see man vdr(5) for details). Explicit usage
of the various parts of the channel name is yet to come.
- The 'radio' channel icon is now only displayed in the ST:TNG skin if the channel
actually has an APID.
2004-10-17: Version 1.3.13
- Fixed checking for the presence of NPTL (thanks to Jouni Karvo).
- Making sure section filters are only set if the device actually has a lock
(thanks to Andreas Share for pointing this out).
- Fixed a possible NULL pointer assignment in cMenuText::SetText() (thanks to
Marco Schlüssler).
- Fixed a crash in case the last line in channels.conf is a group separator and
that group is selected in the channel display (thanks to Dick Streefland).
- Added cRingBufferLinear::Read() to read directly from a file handle into the
ring buffer.
- Using timeouts in ring buffers to avoid 'usleep()'.
- Clearing the 'Transfer Mode' ring buffer after clearing the device to avoid
an "almost full" ring buffer.
- Removed locking from cRingBufferLinear for better performance under high load.
- Using a cRingBufferLinear in cRemux to avoid unnecessary copying of data.
- Using a cRingBufferLinear in cTSBuffer and filling it in a separate thread
to avoid buffer overflows. Plugins using cTSBuffer will need to remove the
call to the now obsolete Read() function (see cDvbDevice::GetTSPacket() for
the new usage of cTSBuffer).
- cRemux::Process() has been split into Put(), Get() and Del() to allow for a
better decoupling of the remuxing and disk writing process. Plugins using
cRemux will need to be modified accordingly.
- The actual disk writing in recordings is now done in a separate thread to
improve the overall throughput.
- Changed cRemux so that it returns the maximum available amount of data with
each call, not just 2048 byte.
- Added a visual display of all cRingBufferLinear buffers for debugging. To
activate it, define DEBUGRINGBUFFERS in ringbuffer.h.
- Instead of cCondVar now using the new cCondWait (which also avoids a possible
"near miss" condition; thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for pointing out this one).
cCondVar is still present for plugins that use it (and VDR itself also still
uses it in cRemote).
- The cRingBuffer now does EnableGet()/EnablePut() only if the buffer is more than
one third full or empty, respectively. This dramatically improves recording
performance and reduces system load (thanks to Marco Schlüßler for doing some
testing regarding buffer performance and giving me some hints that finally led
to finding out that this was the basic problem causing buffer overflows).
- Improved Transfer Mode (thanks to Marco Schlüßler for suggestions and testing).
- Fixed a possible crash with inconsistent SI data (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Fixed showing the replay mode if the OSD is currently in use (thanks to Kimmo
Tykkala for pointing out this problem).
- cOsdProvider::NewOsd() now always returns a valid pointer, even if the OSD is
currently in use (it will then return a dummy cOsd object and write a message to
the log file).
- Added Estonian language texts (thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
- Fixed 'newplugin' and libsi/Makefile to use the compiler defined in $(CXX) for
generating file dependencies (thanks to Andreas Brachold).
- Moved the initialization of aPid1 and aPid2 to the beginning of cDvbDevice::cDvbDevice()
to have them set in case a patch references them (thanks to Wayne Keer for pointing
this out).
- Completed the Russian OSD texts (thanks to Vyacheslav Dikonov).
- Avoiding unnecessary section filter start/stops (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Made the "Channel not available!" message and mtInfo instead of mtError (suggested
by Wayne Keer).
- Made volume control more linear (thanks to Emil Naepflein and Udo Richter).
- Now skipping code table info in SI data (suggested by Milos Kapoun).
- Added missing Czech characters to fontosd-iso8859-2.c (thanks to Milos Kapoun).
- Fixed a crash in the time search mechanism (reported by Reinhard Nissl).
- If one PID can't be added, the whole cDevice::AttachReceiver() will now fail
and all PIDs added so far will be deleted (thanks to Marco Schlüßler for
pointing out this one).
- Now only saving channels.conf after a modification made by the user (avoids
lots of disk access due to automatic channel updates). Automatic channel
modifications will be saved every 10 minutes if no recording is currently
- Removed the 'Log' parameter from the cChannel::Set... functions. Instead
checking if the channel has a non-zero number.
- Updated 'channels.conf.terr' for Hannover (thanks to Sven Kreiensen).
2004-10-24: Version 1.3.14
- Fixed detecting transponder lock in cDvbTuner (based on a patch from Stefan
- What was previously marked with WAIT_FOR_LOCK_AFTER_TUNING is now permanently
active and uses a cCondVar to signal when a transponder is locked.
- Added some missing 'const' to cChannel.
- Added a sample setup for 'DisiCon-4 Single Cable Network' to 'diseqc.conf'
(thanks to Oliver Endriss).
- Fixed attaching a cPlayer to a cDevice, so that 'Operation not permitted'
errors don't occur any more (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Fixed a case where the resultBuffer in cRemux ran full before getting a sync.
- Removed the usleep() call from cDvbPlayer::Action() to make VDR run on NPTL
systems (thanks to Alfred Zastrow). The NPTL check at startup has also been
- Taking the complete size of available data into account when deciding whether
to clear the transfer buffer to avoid overflows (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Updated Romanian language texts and the iso8859-2 fonts (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
- Now actually using the iso8859-15 fonts (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
- Some minor code cleanups (thanks to Prakash K. Cheemplavam).
- Fixed missing cleanup at program exit in case there is a problem with a plugin
(thanks to Mattias Grönlund for pointing this out).
- Increased the required free buffer space in the resultBuffer of cRemux to
2 * IPACKS to avoid a buffer overflow in case a cTS2PES writes one complete
packet and then (within processing the same TS packet) wants to write another
small packet.
- Removed the signal handler and WakeUp() call from cThread (it is no longer
- Added some checks when canceling a thread and removed the usleep() in
cThread::Start() (suggested by Ludwig Nussel). Also removed 'running' from
cThread and using only childTid to indicate whether a thread is actually
- Added cCondWait::Sleep() and using it to replace all usleep() calls (based
on a suggestion by Werner Fink).
- Only assigning events to timers if the related schedule has actually been
- When searching for the present event, the running status is now only taken
into account if the event has been "seen" within the past 30 seconds.
This avoids shortly seeing the wrong events in the channel display when
switching to a channel that hasn't been tuned to in a while.
2004-11-01: Version 1.3.15
- Fixed some typos in the Makefile's 'font' target (thanks to Uwe Hanke).
- Added more checks and polling when getting frontend events (based on a patch
from Werner Fink).
- No longer explicitly waiting for a tuner lock when switching channels
(apparently setting "live" PIDs before the tuner is locked doesn't hurt).
Moved the wait into cDevice::AttachReceiver() instead.
- Immediately displaying the new channel info when switching channel groups.
- Moved the main program loop variables further up to allow compilation with
older compiler versions (thanks to Marco Schlüßler for reporting this one).
- Now calling pthread_cond_broadcast() in the destructor of cCondWait and
cCondVar to make sure any sleepers will wake up (suggested by Werner Fink).
Also using pthread_cond_broadcast() instead of pthread_cond_signal() in
cCondWait, in case there is more than one sleeper.
- Making sure that timers and channels are only saved together, in a consistent
manner (thanks to Mirko Dölle for reporting a problem with inconsistent
channel and timer lists).
- Now handling the channel name, short name and provider separately. cChannel
therefore has two new functions, ShortName() and Provider(). ShortName()
can be used to display a short version of the name (in case such a version
is available). The optional boolean parameter of ShortName() can be set to
true to make it return the name, if no short name is available.
The sequence of 'name' and 'short name' in the channels.conf file has been
swapped (see man vdr(5)).
- Added the 'portal name' to cChannels (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Fixed handling key codes that start with 0x1B in the KBD remote control code.
- Now using qsort() to sort cListBase lists. For this, the virtual function
cListObject::operator<() has been replaced with cListObject::Compare().
Plugins that implement derived cListObject classes may need to adjust their
- The "Channels" menu can now be sorted "by number" (default), "by name" and
"by provider". While in the "Channels" menu, pressing the '0' key switches
through these modes.
- Fixed the buffer size in cRecording::SortName().
- Now displaying the name of the remote control for which the keys are being
learned inside the menu to avoid overwriting the date/time in the 'classic'
skin (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
2004-11-14: Version 1.3.16
- Fixed cChannel::SetName() in case only the ShortName or Provider has changed
(thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for reporting this one).
- Added Danish language texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- Reactivated the NPTL check at startup because there appear to be still
unsolved problems when running on NPTL systems.
- Added missing calls to cStatus::MsgOsdClear() in cSkins::Message() (thanks
to Joachim Wilke for reporting this one, and Andreas Regel for additional
- Fixed the cDvbSpuDecoder (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Fixed handling of pmAudioOnlyBlack (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Fixed a short glitch when starting a recording on the primary device while
in replay or transfer mode (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Added missing initialization of cEvent::seen.
- Checking PID language codes for ISO 639 compliance to avoid problems with
funny characters. Invalid language codes will be stored as "???".
- The '0' key now toggles the "Day" item in the "Timers" menu between "single
shot" and "repeating". The keys '1'...'7' can be used to toggle the individual
days ('1' is Monday). Thanks to Sascha Klek for reporting a problem with the
'0' key in the "Day" item of the "Timers" menu.
2004-11-21: Version 1.3.17
- Fixed cRemux::ScanVideoPacket() to make sure it doesn't access memory beyond
the end of the given buffer, which has caused some unjustified "unknown
picture type errors" (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Fixed a possible crash when pausing live video and the recording was unable
to start, maybe because there was no lock on the device (thanks to Andreas
Brugger for reporting this one).
- Fixed some characters in the iso8859-2 font file (thanks to Dino Ravnic).
- Fixed some errors in the Croatian language texts (thanks to Dino Ravnic).
- Fixed a possible recursion in cControl::Shutdown() (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt).
- Now setting the VPID before the APID in live mode to avoid unnecessary
overhead in the firmware (thanks to Werner Fink).
- Now checking available OSD memory at runtime (thanks to Oliver Endriss).
- Fixed some typos in the Makefile's 'font' target (thanks to Olaf Titz).
- Fixed handling childTid in cThread to avoid possible race conditions (thanks
to Stefan Huelswitt for pointing this out).
- Fixed toggling the "Day" item in the "Timers" menu, so that it selects the
right day of week for timers in the future.
- Some improvements to cPoller (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
2005-01-09: Version 1.3.18
- Removed an unused variable from cTimer::GetWDayFromMDay() (thanks to Wayne Keer
for reporting this one).
- Some more changes to the 'childTid' handling in cThread (based on suggestions by
Stefan Huelswitt).
- Fixed the spelling of 'canceling' (thanks to Wayne Keer for reporting this one).
- Re-introduced a sleep to cDvbPlayer::Action() to avoid high CPU load in still
picture mode (thanks to Reinhard Nissl for reporting this one).
- Fixed a possible race condition in generating the DVB device names (thanks to
Rainer Zocholl for reporting this one).
- Changed the way PES packets are played to allow replay of AC3 sound over the
full featured DVB cards (partially based on a patch from Werner Fink).
+ The new function cDevice::PlayPes() is now called with the complete PES data
stream and calls PlayVideo() and PlayAudio() as necessary.
+ cDevice::PlayVideo() is now only called with actual video PES packets.
+ cDevice::PlayAudio() is now called with the actual audio PES packets, which
can be either "normal" audio or AC3 data. You need at least firmware version
0x261d to replay AC3 sound over a full featured DVB card. This function now
has an 'int' return value.
+ PlayAudio() of derived cDevice classes shall no longer call the base class
function. It shall just play the given data as audio.
+ cPlayer::PlayVideo() and cPlayer::PlayAudio() are now obsolete and have been
replaced with cPlayer::PlayPes().
+ All StripAudioPackets() functions are now obsolete. The functionality has been
moved into cDevice::PlayPes(), where only the video and audio packets that are
actually required will be processed.
+ All audio track handling is now done by cDevice; cTransfer and cDvbPlayer no
longer care about audio tracks. cPlayer, however, still has the virtual hooks
for audio track handling in order to allow plugins to implement players that
have their own idea about this.
+ cChannel::[AD]pid[12]() have been replaced with cChannel::[AD]pid(int i) to
allow access to all available PIDs.
- Escaped the '-' and 'ö' characters in the man pages (thanks to Darren Salt for
pointing this out).
- Completed the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Sean Carlos).
- Fixed setting 'synced' in cRemux when recording radio channels (thanks to
Laurence Abbott).
- Removed the LOCK_THREAD from the LIRC thread (thanks to Ludwig Nussel).
- Fixed genfontfile.c (sometimes the character width was wrong, and the codes were
shifted one too far to the left).
- Fixed the character width and shifted the codes one to the right in all font
- Renamed font???.c to font???-iso8859-1.c for symmetry.
- Switched the character set to iso8859-15 for English, German and Finnish (thanks
to Andreas Brugger for reporting the missing Euro sign in iso8859-1).
- Added 'channels.conf.terr' entries for Lübeck (thanks to Stefan Hußfeldt).
- Fixed a race condition in starting a thread (thanks to Reinhard Nissl for
reporting this one).
- Replaced non-threadsafe library functions with their threadsafe versions (thanks
to Rainer Zocholl for pointing this out).
- Other non-threadsafe functions have been replaced by threadsafe classes that hide
the actual buffering. In particular these are:
readdir() -> cReadDir
readline() -> cReadLine
- Several formerly non-threadsafe functions now have a return type of cString:
When using these functions in a 'const char *' context there is nothing special
to consider, except that you can no longer have a pointer to the return value,
as in
const char *date = DayDateTime();
Although this will compile without error message, the resulting 'date' will not
be valid after this line. Use this instead:
cString date = DayDateTime();
In a 'const void *' context (as in printf() etc.) the result needs to be
dereferenced with a '*', as in
printf("%s", *DayDateTime());
to make it a 'const char *'.
- Removed delay_ms(), using cCondWait::SleepMs() instead.
- Replaced time_ms() with a threadsafe and non-overflowing cTimeMs (thanks to Rainer
Zocholl for pointing out this problem).
- Added cDevice::mutexReceiver to avoid a race condition when attaching/detaching
receivers from different threads.
- The new remote control button "Audio" can be used to switch between different
audio tracks. The "Green" button in the "Main" menu has been changed from "Language"
to "Audio", since it now also controls switching between normal and Dolby Digital
audio tracks (see MANUAL for details).
- The description of the audio tracks is now taken from the "component descriptors"
that are broadcast in the EPG data. However (as no big surprise), not all channels
actually provide useful data here, so there are now some additional EPG bugfixes,
which can be activated by setting the "EPG bugfix level" to 3.
- The format of the '' files has been extended by the new tag 'X', which
contains the stream components of an event (see man vdr(5) for details).
- The cStatus class now has the new member function SetAudioTrack(), which can be
used to get notified when the audio track has been switched, and the new member
function SetAudioChannel() which is called when the audio channel is changed.
- Skins need to implement the new cSkinDisplayTrack class to display the audio
track menu.
- The ST:TNG skin now displays the current audio track description (if any) at the
bottom left side.
- The new setup option "DVB/Audio languages" can be used to control which audio
language shall be selected in case a channel broadcasts in different languages
(see MANUAL for details).
- The "Left" and "Right" keys in the "Audio" menu can be used to switch between
the left and right stereo channels in case there are different audio tracks
in these channels (see MANUAL for details).
- Fixed a possible race condition in cDevice::Action() (thanks to Mattias Grönlund).
- Fixed the default quality value when grabbing a JPEG image (thanks to Patrick
- Fixed deleting a menu item in case the next item is not selectable (thanks to
Dino Ravnic).
- Implemented displaying mandatory subtitles in the SPU decoder (thanks to Marco
- The setup option "Recording/Record Dolby Digital" has been renamed and moved to
"DVB/Use Dolby Digital". It now controls whether Dolby Digital is recorded and
whether an available DD audio track will appear in the "Audio" menu.
- Added support for circular polarization (thanks to Jonan Santiago).
- Thanks to Werner Fink, Reinhard Nissl, Sascha Volkenandt and Bjørnar Nilsen for
their support in testing and fine tuning this version.
2005-01-23: Version 1.3.19
- Making sure at least the default skin is available at program start in case a
plugin needs to issue an error message (thanks to Achim Tuffentshammer for
reporting a crash in such a case). Also checking if there is a current skin
in cSkins::Message().
- Completed the Finnish OSD texts and fixed internationalization of the text
for "Setup/DVB/Audio language(s)" (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Completed the Estonian OSD texts and switched to iso8859-13 character set
(thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
- Made cCondWait::SleepMs() sleep at least 3ms to avoid a possible busy wait.
- Fixed canceling the LIRC thread (thanks to Marco Schlüßler for pointing out
this one).
- The "Green" button in the "Main" menu is now always "Audio", since the audio
channel might be changed even if there is only one actual audio PID.
- Fixed handling the '-E' option which was broken in version 1.3.18 (thanks to
Christian Jacobsen for reporting this one).
- Added 'channels.conf.terr' entries for Mainz (thanks to Michael Heyse).
- Implemented cDolbyRepacker for better handling of Dolby Digital PES packets
(thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed playing files with PES packets longer than 2048 byte through the full
featured DVB card (thanks to Marco Kremer for reporting this one and providing
a test sample).
- Recording and Transfer Mode now handle more than 2 audio PIDs. For this the
interfaces of the following functions have been changed:
- Fixed a possible race condition in cDevice::Action() and cTSBuffer::Action()
(thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Extended some buffer sizes to allow handling HDTV streams (thanks to Reinhard
- Added 'channels.conf.terr' entries for Düsseldorf and Köln (thanks to Walter Koch).
- Falling back to 'stereo' when switching channels in case the user had switched
to 'left' or 'right' (suggested by Rolf Groppe).
- Completed the Danish OSD texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- Recording and Transfer Mode can now handle up to 8 Dolby Digital tracks (thanks
to Marco Schlüßler for a patch that implements substream handling into
cDevice::PlayPesPacket(), and Reinhard Nissl for adding substream handling to
- Added PlayPes(NULL, 0) to cTransfer::Action() when clearing the transfer buffer
to avoid overflows (thanks to Marco Schlüßler for pointing this out).
2005-02-06: Version 1.3.20
- Fixed displaying the "Audio" menu with the "Green" button from the "Main" menu
in case there is only one audio track (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for reporting
this one).
- Now setting primaryDevice = NULL before deleting the devices in cDevice::Shutdown()
to avoid problems in case other threads access it (thanks to Wolfgang Rohdewald for
pointing this out).
- Fixed a buffer overflow in case a station defines all 32 audio PIDs (thanks to
Christian Jacobsen for reporting this one).
- Fixed masking SubStreamType in cDevice::PlayPesPacket() (thanks to Werner Fink
for pointing out this one).
- The new function cPlugin::Stop() shall be used to stop any background activities
of a plugin. Previously this was done in the plugin's destructor, but it is
better to do this in a dedicated function that can be called early when shutting
- Moved the call to SetAudioChannel(0) into cDevice::ClrAvailableTracks() to have it
executed also when starting a replay.
- Completed the Danish OSD texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- Completed the French OSD texts (thanks to Olivier Jacques).
- The new setup option "OSD/Channel info time" can be used to define the time after
which the channel display is removed if no key has been pressed (thanks to
Olivier Jacques).
- Modified cDolbyRepacker to make sure PES packets don't exceed the requested length
(thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed several memory leaks that were introduced through the use of cString (thanks
to Stefan Huelswitt for reporting these).
- Added CMD_SPU_CHG_COLCON to cDvbSpuDecoder::setTime() (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Making sure the current audio track is actually one of the ones available in a
recording (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for reporting a problem when starting
replay of a recording that has no Dolby Digital audio after switching to a channel
that has DD and selecting the DD audio track).
- Removed 'flags' from tTrackId (thought we would need this, but apparently we don't).
- Making sure the "Mute" and "Volume+/-" keys don't interfere with digital audio.
- Fixed the "pre 1.3.19" compatibility mode for old Dolby Digital recordings (thanks
to Werner Fink for pointing out that this can be triggered in the default branch).
- Calling pesAssembler->Reset() in cDevice::AttachPlayer() to avoid problems with
residual data in replay and Transfer Mode (thanks to Werner Fink for pointing this
- Added MPEG1 replay capability to cPesAssembler (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
2005-02-13: Version 1.3.21
- Fixed cDvbDevice::SetAudioTrackDevice() to avoid a blank screen after switching
back to live mode if a recording is currently active on the primary device.
- Fixed a possible freeze in pause mode in case a device's PlayPesPacket() function
permanently returns 0 (thanks to Reinhard Nissl and Olaf Titz).
- Completed the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Restricted the "setting audio track" log message to automatic changes during replay.
- Fixed handling Transfer Mode for radio channels (thanks to Andreas Regel for
reporting this one).
- Fixed handling symbolic links in cRecordings::ScanVideoDir() (thanks to Stefan
- Completed the Danish OSD texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- Forcing a new resync after a call to cRemux::Clear() (suggested by Marco Schlüßler).
- The cAudio::Play() function now has an additional parameter 'uchar Id' which tells
the function the substream id of the given audio packet, so that a plugin can
take the right action for the various kinds if audio data - which now also includes
"normal" audio with ids 0xC0...0xDF (based on suggestions by Werner Fink and Macro
- Removed the "Cleared/PlayPes(NULL, 0)" handling from cTransfer::Action(), since this
is now done when attaching the player to the device (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Making sure the buffer reserve in cTransfer::Action() is re-established after
clearing the buffer.
- Added DeviceClrAvailableTracks() and DeviceSetCurrentAudioTrack() to cPlayer
(thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Fixed a typo in detecting UTF-8 (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Now using twice the buffer reserve in cTransfer if the primary DVB card is an
unmodified version with only 2MB of SDRAM, to avoid audio stuttering when
playing Dolby Digital over the DVB card (thanks to Christian Jacobsen and Chad
Flynt for suggestions and experiments in that area).
- Making sure the first audio packet is not dropped when switching to "pre 1.3.19
Dolby Digital compatibility mode".
- The 'plugins-clean' target of the Makefile now only deletes the actual plugin
library files from this version of VDR (suggested by Andreas Brachold).
- Added a missing 'resultSkipped = 0' to cRemux::Clear() (thanks to Marco Schlüßler
for reporting this one).
- The new function cDvbDevice::SetTransferModeForDolbyDigital() can be used by
plugins that implement Dolby Digital output and thus want to prevent the cDvbDevice
from starting Transfer Mode in order to replay DD over the DVB device.
- Added missing reset of the 'repacker' to cTS2PES::Clear() (thanks to Marco
Schlüßler for reporting this one).
2005-02-27: Version 1.3.22
- Removed some unneeded code and fixed access to unallocated memory in
cEvent::FixEpgBugs() (thanks to Wolfgang Rohdewald).
- Avoiding unnecessary calls to SetPid() in cDvbDevice::SetAudioTrackDevice()
(thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- No longer calling EnsureAudioTrack() in cDevice::SetChannel() if a Transfer Mode is
started, to avoid setting the audio PID on the primary device (thanks to Marco
Schlüßler for pointing this out).
- Replaced the call to system("sync") in SpinUpDisk() with fdatasync(f) to avoid
problems on NPTL systems (thanks to Chris Warren for pointing this out).
- Increased POLLTIMEOUTS_BEFORE_DEVICECLEAR in transfer.c to 6 to avoid problems
with the larger buffer reserve (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Fixed the call to SetVideoFormat() in cDvbDevice::cDvbDevice() (parameter is _bool_).
- Added support for setting the video display mode (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- The new setup option "DVB/Video display format" can be used to define which display
format to use for playing wide screen video on a 4:3 tv set.
- Changed MAXDPIDS to 16 (8xAC3 + 8xDTS) (thanks to Werner Fink for pointing this out).
- Completed Dutch language texts (thanks to Hans Dingemans).
- Added 'smi' to the Finnish language codes (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed ensuring there is a current audio track in case there is only one track
(thanks to Werner Fink for reporting this one).
- Improved automatic audio track selection.
- Keeping the track language codes and descriptions in Transfer Mode (thanks to
Luca Olivetti).
- Fixed handling repeated kAudio keys.
- Improved displaying the the current audio track in the ST:TNG channel display.
2005-03-20: Version 1.3.23
- The setup option "DVB/Video display format" is now only available if "Video format"
is set to "4:3" (suggested by Mikko Salo).
- Updated the Russian OSD texts (thanks to Vyacheslav Dikonov).
- Dropped CA support for the old '-icam' firmware.
- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Updated the Swedish OSD texts (thanks to Tomas Prybil).
- Fixed a few French OSD texts that were in the wrong place.
- Improved matching timers to EPG events, especially in case there are several events
with the same VPS time.
- Fixed cDolbyRepacker to allow recording ProSieben HD broadcasts (thanks to Reinhard
- Fixed cDvbDevice::SetVideoDisplayFormat() in case of 16:9 (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- The running status of a VPS event is now only taken seriously if that event has been
seen within the last 30 seconds - otherwise recording is done as if no VPS was
- The day of a timer is now stored as a full date in ISO notation ("YYYY-MM-DD") in
'timers.conf' and for the result of the SVDRP command LSTT (based in parts on a
patch by Roman Krenický).
- Some fixes to avoid compiler warnings in gcc 4.0 (thanks to Ville Skyttä for reporting
- Single shot timers are now reliably deleted when they have expired.
- Fixed setting the colored button help after deleting a recording in case the next
menu entry is a directory (thanks to Steffen Beyer).
- Improved falling back to normal recording if the VPS data hasn't been seen for more
than 30 seconds.
- Added a missing cMutexLock to cRemote::HasKeys() (thanks to Wolfgang Rohdewald).
- All log entries regarding timers now contain a short description of the timer.
2005-05-08: Version 1.3.24
- Now including the optional user defined Make.config from the 'libsi' Makefile
(thanks to Ville Skyttä).
- Updated the Danish OSD texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- Fixed a memory leak in tComponent (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt and Daniel Thompson).
- Fixed a memory leak in cDvbPlayer (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Added missing text internationalization for "Starting EPG scan" (thanks to
Matthias Lötzke).
- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed handling transparent areas in cDvbSpuBitmap (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Now also considering the "EPG linger time" when saving the EPG data to file or
listing it via LSTE (thanks to Roman Krenický).
- Fixed handling fragments of less than 4 byte in cPesAssembler (thanks to
Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed a bug in libsi's SubtitlingDescriptor::getLength() (thanks to Marco
- When reading the channels.conf file, duplicate channels (i.e. ones that have
the same channel ID) are now automatically deleted and only the first one is
actually stored.
- Fixed handling lifetime when deciding whether to delete a recording (thanks to
Udo Richter).
- Fixed timeout handling in cRwLock::Lock() (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for reporting
this one).
- Since there are several places in thread.c where a timeout value is calculated,
this has been put into a separate function.
- The timer status now has a new bit that is set when that timer is currently
recording (suggested by Matthias Schniedermeyer). See man vdr(5) for details.
- Removed scaling coordinates in letterbox mode from cDvbSpu - the DVD plugin, which
was the only one needing this, doesn't need it any more (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- No longer retuning or restarting a recording if only the language code of an
audio or Dolby PID changes.
- Now preferring budget cards when selecting a DVB device for recording.
- Recordings now avoid zero sized video data files (thanks to Wolfgang Fitz).
- Some rearrangements in cDvbPlayer::Action() to avoid lockups on NPTL systems
(thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed a wrong inheritance in libsi's SubtitlingDescriptor::Subtitling (thanks to
Marco Schlüßler).
2005-05-29: Version 1.3.25
- Updated the Estonian OSD texts (thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
- Some cable providers don't mark short channel names according to the standard,
but rather go their own way and use "name>short name". VDR now splits at this
character for cable channels (thanks to Gerhard Steiner for reporting this one).
- Added a check for Setup.DiSEqC in cDvbDevice::ProvidesTransponder(), otherwise
the EPG scan didn't work on systems that don't use DiSEqC (thanks to Michael
Reinelt for reporting this one).
- Made the Makefile patch friendlier (thanks to Ludwig Nussel).
- Made cOsd::isOpen an integer counter to avoid problems with messages when a
cOsdObject uses the raw OSD (thanks to Andreas Regel for reporting this one).
- Updated the Danish OSD texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- The file 'summary.vdr' has been replaced with 'info.vdr' and now contains the
information about a recording, in the same format as the events are stored in
'' (see man vdr(5) for details). Existing summary files can be converted
to the new format by running the Perl script '', as in /video
(the parameter given has to be the video directory). If there is no 'info.vdr'
file for a recording, an attempt is made to read a 'summary.vdr'.
- The "Summary" button in the "Recordings" menu has been renamed to "Info", and
the page it brings up now shows the recording's information, much like the EPG
event page. Therefore it now no longer uses the skin's SetText() function, but
rather the SetRecording() function. Skin plugins may need to adjust that function
accordingly (see skinsttng.c, for instance).
- The SVDRP command LSTR now lists the recording information in the same tagged
format as the LSTE command lists the EPG data.
- The audio track menu now contains track descriptions when replaying (provided
such descriptions were available in the EPG data when the recording was made,
and are stored in the info.vdr file).
- Avoiding extra blanks at the end of names of instant recordings.
- Removed converting byte order on big endian systems from cDvbOsd::Flush(),
which, according to Johannes Stezenbach and Paavo Hartikainen, is wrong.
- Added cPlayer::DeviceSetVideoDisplayFormat() (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- No longer saving the setup in case of a fatal error, to keep the volume level
from being set to a wrong value (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Fixed a possible hangup when ending a replay session while cIndexFile::CatchUp()
is waiting (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- The SVDRP command DELR no longer deletes recordings that are currently being
written to by a timer (thanks to Sascha Volkenandt for pointing out this one).
- Pressing the "Play" key in live viewing mode now resumes a previous replay
session (thanks to Mirko Dölle).
- Now dropping EPG events that have a zero start time or duration (thanks to
Oliver Endriss).
- No longer stopping Transfer Mode or replay immediately when the Power button
is pressed (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Moved the NPTL and UTF-8 checks after the version and help output (thanks to
Andreas Kool for pointing out that 'vdr --version' failed on an UTF-8 system).
- Made tChannelID::operator==() inline for better performance (thanks to Georg
- Introduced cListBase::count for better performance (thanks to Georg Acher).
- cEvent no longer stores the channelID directly, but rather has a pointer to
the schedule it is in.
- Now using hash tables to speed up cSchedule::GetEvent() (partially based on
a patch from Georg Acher).
- Avoiding unnecessary calls to getLength() in libsi/si.c, and avoiding the
'& 0xff' in CRC32::crc32() of libsi/util.c (thanks to Georg Acher).
- Speeded up deleting duplicate channels.
- Fixed listing recordings with empty episode names in the LSTR command (thanks
to Stefan Huelswitt for pointing this out).
- Added cThread::SetPriority() and using it in cSectionHandler::Action() to
reduce the priority of the section handler threads (as suggested by Georg Acher).
2005-06-12: Version 1.3.26
- Updated the Estonian OSD texts (thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed handling 'summary.vdr' files with more than two empty lines (thanks to
Christian Jacobsen for reporting this one).
- Improved resetting CAM connections (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Implemented cVideoRepacker in remux.c to make sure every PES packet contains
only data from one frame (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
NOTE: currently this doesn't work with MPEG1, so if you use MPEG1 you may want
to change line 1158 in remux.c to
ts2pes[numTracks++] = new cTS2PES(VPid, resultBuffer, IPACKS);
as it was before.
- EPG events without a title now display "No title" instead of "(null)" (thanks
to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- A device can now detach all receivers for a given PID, as is necessary, e.g.,
for the bitstreamout plugin (thanks to Werner Fink).
- Added the year (two digits) to recording dates in LSTR, and thus also in menus
(suggested by Jan Ekholm).
- Fixed the call to Channels.Unlock() in cEITScanner::Process() (thanks to
Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed handling timers with a day given as MTWTF--@6, i.e. a repeating timer with
first day not as full date, but just day of month (thanks to Henrik Niehaus for
reporting this one).
- Removed an unnecessary #include from osd.c (thanks to Wolfgang Rohdewald).
- Fixed dropping EPG events that have a zero start time or duration, in case it's
an NVOD event (thanks to Chris Warren).
- Fixed handling page up/down in menu lists in case there are several non selectable
items in a row (thanks to Udo Richter for reporting this one).
- Added cOsdMenu::SetCols() to allow adjusting the menu columns.
- Modified cEITScanner::Process() so that it works on systems with only budget cards
or a mix of DVB-S, DVB-C or DVB-T cards.
2005-06-19: Version 1.3.27
- Fixed handling 'page down', which was broken in version 1.3.26 (thanks to Udo
- Modified page scrolling behaviour (based on a suggestion by Patrick Gleichmann).
- The new setup option "OSD/Scroll wraps" can be used to activate wrapping around
in menu lists (based on a suggestion by Patrick Gleichmann).
- Removed the NPTL check at startup, since several users have reported that VDR
now runs fine with NPTL.
- Fixed handling VPS timers, so that they only record if the event they are assigned
to actually has the given VPS time.
- Disabled cVideoRepacker in remux.c, because it has caused several problems
during recording. If you want to test (and maybe debug) it, activate the line
//#define TEST_cVideoRepacker
in remux.c.
- When drawing a bitmap to the OSD, the existing palette of the target can now be
replaced with the new one instead of adding the new entries (thanks to Andreas
2005-08-07: Version 1.3.28
- Added a sleep in cDvbPlayer::Action() in case there is no data to send to the
device, which avoids a busy loop on very fast machines (thanks to Martin Wache).
- Modified the description of cDevice::Poll() to avoid misunderstandings.
- Updated Croatian language texts (thanks to Drazen Dupor).
- cDvbPlayer::Goto() now appends a Sequence End Code to get the image shown
immediately with softdevices (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Reactivated cVideoRepacker in remux.c after some fixes (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Removed the fix for handling VPS timers, so that they only record if the event
they are assigned to actually has the given VPS time. This has caused repeating
VPS timers to stop recording prematurely.
- Avoiding duplicate components in EPG events when reading or in the
PUTE SVDRP command (thanks to Olaf Titz for reporting this one).
- Added the command line options '--lirc', '--rcu' and '--no-kbd' to allow setting
the remote control at runtime (based on a patch by Darren Salt).
- Now checking whether timers or channels are currently being edited via the menu
before making changes through SVDRP (thanks to Andreas Brugger for reporting a
problem with this).
- Files and directories are now created with rights according to the shell's
umask settings (thanks to Andreas Brachold).
- Fixed the cChannel copy constructor (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg for pointing out
a problem with it).
- Fixed an out-of-bounds memory access with audio language ids (thanks to
Matthias Lenk for reporting, and Udo Richter for suggesting a fix).
- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Added missing storing of the MenuScrollPage parameter (thanks to Frank Krömmelbein).
- Added cRemux::SetTimeouts() for better use of cRemux in a single thread (thanks
to Udo Richter for reporting a problem with this).
- Modified cEITScanner::Process() so that it uses the primary device if it is
replaying and is the only device that provides the given transponder, and that
a forced EPG scan works even if EPG scan timeout is set to 0 (thanks to
Bernhard Stegmaier for reporting a problem with this).
- Fixed cDvbSpuBitmap::putPixel() (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed setting system time to avoid time jumps in case of faulty data (thanks
to Andreas Böttger).
- Fixed a memory leak in the SVDRP command LSTE (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
2005-08-15: Version 1.3.29
- Fixed a race condition in cTransfer (thanks to Klaus Heppenheimer for reporting this one).
In doing so, the 'active' variables used by the actual derived cThread classes
have been replaced by the cThread::Running() function.
Plugin authors may want to check their derived cThread classes and replace any 'active'
variables the same way as, for instance, done in transfer.c.
- Fixed handling EPG data for time shifted events (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Increased the default value for 'Min. user inactivity' to 300 minutes (suggested
by Helmut Auer).
- Now storing the channel id in the info.vdr file even if there is no EPG info
available (thanks to Andreas Brachold for reporting that there are empty info.vdr
files created in that case).
- Added some 'mkdir -p' to the Makefile's 'install' target (thanks to Wayne Keer).
- Changed the title of the recording info menu (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed handling the frame number display if '7' is pressed before the first editing
mark, or '9' after the last one (thanks to Thomas Günther).
- Now discarding any previous numerical input to switch channels if Up, Down, Channel+,
Channel-, Left or Right is pressed (thanks to Wolfgang Rohdewald for reporting a
problem with this).
- Pressing Ok while entering a channel number now immediately switches to that
channel, without waiting for further input.
- Avoiding unnecessary OSD draw operations caused by the audio track description
display in the ST:TNG skin's channel display (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting
cDvbDevice::StillPicture(), since apparently the VIDEO_STILLPICTURE call works.
2005-08-21: Version 1.3.30
- Improved responsiveness inside CAM menus.
- Added handling of the 'Close MMI' tag to avoid error log messages with CAMs
that actually use it.
- Now waiting at startup until all DVB devices are ready. This includes having
all CAMs initialized and ready to decrypt, so that no more "channel not
available" happens if VDR is started with the current channel being an encrypted
one, or a timer on such a channel hits right after starting VDR.
- Fixed cVideoRepacker to better handle errors in data (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed cDvbTuner to avoid lockups on NPTL systems (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Added 'Service' functions to the plugin interface (thanks to Udo Richter).
See PLUGINS.html, section "Custom services" for details.
- Replaced the get/put_unaligned() macros from <asm/unaligned.h> with own inline
functions to avoid problems on platforms that don't provide these (thanks to
David Woodhouse for his help).
2005-08-28: Version 1.3.31
- Added missing German OSD texts for 'Audio language'.
- The Setup/CICAM menu now only contains the devices that actually have a CI and
dynamically detects the number of slots a CI provides.
- Implemented cAudioRepacker for better handling of audio PES packets (thanks to
Reinhard Nissl).
- Modified handling of audio packets for radio channels in remux.c (thanks to
Reinhard Nissl).
- Updated the Danish OSD texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- Fixed the EPG scan, so that it doesn't use the primary device if that is
currently in Transfer-Mode from itself (thanks to Marcus Hilbrich for a bug
report that lead to this).
- Removed the TUNER_LOCK_TIMEOUT in cDevice::AttachReceiver() since it caused more
trouble than it fixed.
- Fixed detecting short channel names for "Kabel Deutschland", who uses a comma
as delimiter (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Moved cMenuEditTimer and cMenuEvent to menu.h so that plugins can use it (suggested
by Thomas Günther).
- The new static function cString::sprintf() can be used to easily create a formatted
- Plugins can now implement their own SVDRP commands (based on a patch from Hardy
Flor). See PLUGINS.html, section "SVDRP commands" for details. The SVDRP commands
of a plugin are accessed through the new SVDRP command PLUG.
See PLUGINS/src/svdrpdemo for an example of how to use this feature.
- The new SVDRP command PLAY can be used to start replaying a recording (thanks to
Hardy Flor).
- The new SVDRP command EDIT can be used to start the editing process of a recording
(based on the CUTR patch by Harald Milz).
2005-09-11: Version 1.3.32
- Added some missing braces in remux.c (thanks to Wayne Keer for reporting this one).
- Removed unused MAINMENUENTRY from svdrpdemo.c (thanks to Udo Richter for reporting
this one).
- Fixed appending sequence end code in cDvbPlayer::Goto() (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed syncing in cRepacker (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Now always using stream id 0xE0 for the video stream, to avoid problems with
post processing tools that choke on different ids (suggested by Reinhard Nissl).
- Updated the Estonian OSD texts (thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
- Fixed cDvbPlayer::SkipFrames() to properly handle radio recordings (thanks to
Reinhard Nissl).
- Updated the Swedish OSD texts (thanks to Tomas Prybil).
- Updated the Slovenian OSD texts (thanks to Matjaz Thaler).
- Updated the Danish OSD texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- Made LIRC command parsing more robust (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
- Introduced a separate 'plugins-install' target in the Makefile (thanks to Daniel
- Re-introduced the code that waits for a tuner lock in VDR/device.c, since
apparently some users actually need it. It's not active by default, you'll have
to define the WAIT_FOR_TUNER_LOCK macro in that file if you need it (suggested
by Malcolm Caldwell).
- Adjusted the Makefile to the dvb-kernel driver on kernel 2.6 and up (thanks to
Lauri Tischler).
- Repeat keys are now ignored when waiting for a keypress to cancel an operation
(thanks to Marko Mäkelä).
- The main menu function of a plugin can now be activated through a key macro of
the form "@plugin" even if that plugin doesn't have a main menu entry (using
part of a patch by Hardy Flor, which originally implemented calling plugins from
- The menu timeout handling is now done centrally in the main program loop.
- Added missing help for the 'help' keyword in the SVDRP command PLUG.
- The main menu function of a plugin can now be called programmatically through
the static function cRemote::CallPlugin().
- The SVDRP command PLUG now has a new option 'main' which can be used to initiate
a call to the main menu function of a plugin (using part of a patch by Hardy Flor).
- The new command line option '--vfat' can be used to make VDR encode special
characters in recording file names, even if it wasn't compiled with VFAT=1
(suggested by Peter Bieringer). The compile time option VFAT still exists and
creates a VDR that always behaves as if it were called with '--vfat'.
- Replaced the ':' delimiter between hour and minute in recording file names with
a '.' under Linux, too. Existing recordings with ':' as delimiter will still work.
- Implemented the SVDRP command MOVC (thanks to Andreas Brachold).
- Added support for multiple audio language codes in ISO639LanguageDescriptors to
'libsi' (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg).
- Changed the audio PID language codes to hold up to two 3 letter codes, separated
by '+', to store separate languages broadcast in two channel audio mode.
- If the preferred audio language is broadcast on a PID that has two different
languages in the two stereo channels, the audio channel is now properly set when
switching to such a channel (thanks to Mogens Elneff for his help in testing this).
- Fixed some typos in MANUAL (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
- Fixed the default value for "Setup/EPG bugfix level" (thanks to Ville Skyttä for
reporting this one).
- Fixed defining timers that only differ in the day of week (thanks to Patrick
Rother for reporting this one).
- Fixed converting summary.vdr files that would result in a very long 'short text'
(thanks to Carsten Koch).
- Implemented a hash for the channels to reduce the system load in the EIT scanning
thread (based on a patch by Georg Acher).
2005-09-25: Version 1.3.33
- Fixed two errors in 'newplugin' (thanks to Alexander Rieger).
- Fixed converting arbitrarily formatted summary.vdr files (thanks to Thomas Günther).
- Fixed handling color buttons in cMenuEditStrItem (thanks to Alexander Rieger).
- Added cChannel::LinkChannels() and cChannel::RefChannel() (suggested by Helmut Auer).
Note that VDR itself doesn't actually use the linked channels, yet, so there is
no guarantee that this really works under all circumstances.
- Added a missing include statement to the 'sky' plugin (thanks to Alfred Zastrow
for reporting this one).
- Fixed handling key macros with keys after @plugin (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg for
reporting this one).
- Fixed error handling in cCiTransportConnection::RecvTPDU() (thanks to Georg Acher
for reporting this one).
- Removed obsolete 'shift' code in device.[hc].
- The SVDRP command DELR no longer triggers a complete reload of the global Recordings
list, but rather deletes that particular entry.
- The list of recordings is now read in a separate thread, resulting in a faster
startup if there are a great many of recordings, or the disk(s) have to spin up.
If the Recordings menu is opened while the list of recordings is still being read,
the menu will be updated accordingly.
Plugins that access the global Recordings variable should lock the thread
by putting something like
cThreadLock RecordingsLock(&Recordings);
into the respective code block. Thanks to Carsten Koch for his help in testing
and debugging this.
- The 'new' indicator in the Recordings menu is now kept up-to-date (thanks to
Thomas Günther).
- Updated the Romanian OSD texts (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
- Updated the Russian OSD texts (thanks to Oleg Roitburd).
- The '.update' file in the video directory is now touched when a recording is
added or deleted, so that other VDR instances can update their lists (thanks to
Alexander Rieger).
- Made the function ExchangeChars() public (suggested by Lucian Muresan).
2005-10-03: Version 1.3.34
- Fixed a leftover 'summary.vdr' in vdr.5 (thanks to Peter Bieringer for reporting
this one).
- Fixed opening recording folders in case the last replayed recording no longer
exists (reported by Udo Richter).
- Fixed an unjustified "Error while accessing recording!" after deleting a recording
from a subfolder.
- Fixed handling the '.update' file in case the video directory is not at the default
location (reported by Jon Burgess).
- Fixed a crash in cConfig::Load() when compiling on the PPC (thanks to Sascha
- Fixed the FATALERRNO macro to check for a non-zero errno value (reported by Marco
- Added a check against MAXOSDAREAS in cOsd::CanHandleAreas() (reported by Udo
- Fixed setting current menu item if the first one is non-selectable.
- cOsdItem::cOsdItem() now has a 'Selectable' parameter.
- Improved displaying 'sub-title' and 'bottom text' in the CAM menu.
- Added status message "Resetting CAM..." for an immediate feedback when the CAM
reset has been triggered.
- The CAM menu now automatically updates itself in case of a progress display (as
used, for instance, when updating the firmware via satellite).
- Now skipping some funny characters sent by some CAMs at the beginning of strings.
- The CAM menu is now completely closed when pressing the Menu key while inside
a sub menu.
- Reduced MAX_CONNECT_RETRIES in ci.c to 2 (waiting too long made the whole thing
appear hanging).
- Added status message "Opening CAM menu..." for an immediate feedback when the CAM
menu has been requested.
- Speeded up initial opening of the CAM menu.
- Fixed handling of menus with no selectable items.
- The character 0x8A in CAM menu strings is now mapped to a real newline.
- The 'sub-title' and 'bottom text' in the CAM menu can now consist of several lines.
- Improved the CAM enquiry menu.
2005-10-31: Version 1.3.35
- Updated 'sources.conf' (thanks to Philip Prindeville).
- Now using daemon() instead of fork() to run VDR in daemon mode (thanks to
Enrico Scholz).
- Fixed a possible endless loop in a menu with no selectable items if
Setup.MenuScrollWrap is true (thanks to Enrico Scholz).
- Making sure no item is displayed as "current" if Up, Down, Left or Right is
pressed in a menu with no selectable items.
- Added '__attribute__' to functions that use printf() like parameters (thanks
to Darren Salt).
- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed a leftover 'summary.vdr' in vdr.1 (reported by Christoph Hermanns).
- Added more error messages and line numbers when reading EPG data and info.vdr
(thanks to Peter Bieringer).
- Updated the Danish OSD texts (thanks to Mogens Elneff).
- Updated the Estonian OSD texts (thanks to Arthur Konovalov).
- Added missing mutex locks to cCiMenu::Abort() and cCiEnquiry::Abort() (reported
by Marco Schlüßler).
- Fixed lock handling in CAM communication to avoid problems with multiple CAMs
per device or CAMs with more than one smart card.
- Updated the Greek OSD texts (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos).
- Updated the French OSD texts (thanks to Nicolas Huillard).
- Fixed the cFilter example in PLUGINS.html (reported by Patrick Fischer).
- The new class cUnbufferedFile is used for the recording files to avoid
trashing the file system cache (based on a patch by Ralf Müller).
2005-11-06: Version 1.3.36
- Fixed a NULL pointer access with the cUnbufferedFile when a replay session runs
all the way until the end of the recording (thanks to Joachim Wilke).
- A menu is no longer automatically closed when a replay ends (reported by
Marko Mäkelä).
- Removed '\n' from several syslog() calls (reported by Sascha Volkenandt).
- Fixed missing '&' in the SetAreas() example in PLUGINS.html (reported by
Sascha Volkenandt).
- Fixed a memory leak in cString::operator=() (reported by Sascha Volkenandt).
- Updated the Dutch OSD texts (thanks to Maarten Wisse).
- cReadLine now dynamically allocates its buffer, so that it can handle lines
of any length.
- Changed cConfig::Load() to use cReadLine instead of a fixed buffer (thanks
to Andreas Mair for reporting a problem with extremely long summary fields
in timers).
- cSVDRP now dynamically allocates its command buffer in order to handle
commands of any length. The MAXPARSEBUFFER macro is now obsolete and has
been removed. If a plugin has used that macro, it should either define
a buffer size of its own, or use cReadLine when reading files.
- Fixed a race condition in the SPU decoder (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- The EPG scan no longer disturbs players that have also set live PIDs
(reported by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Fixed setting the help key display in the Recordings menu in case of several
layers of subdirectories.
- Removed EPG bugfix #0, because it removed actually important data.
2005-11-27: Version 1.3.37
- Added compiler options "-fPIC -g" to all plugins (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed initializing the day index when editing the weekday parameter of a
repeating timer (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- No longer removing superfluous hyphens in EPG data - would become too
language dependent to handle all kinds of exceptions.
- Modified switching to Dolby Digital audio in live mode, if the driver
and firmware can handle live DD without the need of a Transfer Mode (thanks
to Werner Fink). Live DD mode requires a full featured DVB card and a
LinuxDVB driver with firmware version 0x2622 or higher. Older versions will
use Transfer Mode just like before.
- Implemented handling of the "CA PMT Reply" for CAMs (thanks to Marco
Schlüßler for figuring out some obscure length bytes in the CA PMT Reply
data of AlphaCrypt CAMs).
- Some preparations for being able to record several encrypted channels from
the same transponder at the same time (or record and view different encrypted
channels), provided the CAM in use can handle this. This is work in progress
and isn't actively used, yet.
- Fixed SetProgress() in the 'skincurses' plugin in case Total is 0 (reported
by Stefan Huelswitt).
- Added a copy constructor to cString and fixed its assignment operator
(thanks to Holger Brunn).
- The new function Skins.QueueMessage() can be called from a background thread
to queue a message for display. See VDR/skins.h for details.
- The SVDRP command MESG uses the new message queuing facility, so MESG
commands may now be executed at any time, and the message will be displayed
(no more "pending message").
2006-01-08: Version 1.3.38
- Fixed handling second audio and Dolby Digital PIDs for encrypted channels
(was broken in version 1.3.37).
- Improved TS/PES conversion to better handle lost TS packets (thanks to
Reinhard Nissl).
- Limited the frequency of log messages from the cRepackers.
- Now using the gettid() syscall to get a thread's pid, so that we get a
useful value on NPTL systems (suggested by Johannes Stezenbach).
- Fixed the RCU remote control handling to avoid problems with NPTL (thanks
to Andreas Share for reporting a lockup with the RCU on NPTL systems).
- When displaying the amount of free disk space, the space consumed by
recordings that have been "deleted" but not yet actually "removed" is now
taken into account (suggested by Christian Vogt).
- Now avoiding unnecessary disk access when checking if there are deleted
recordings that need to be removed (reported by Carsten Koch).
- Fixed handling the DELETEDLIFETIME when removing deleted recordings. Now
a deleted recording is retained at least DELETEDLIFETIME seconds before
actually removing it.
The value of DELETEDLIFETIME has been changed to 300. So after (possibly
inadvertently) deleting a recording, there will be at least 5 minutes
in which it can be recovered (unless a new recording immediately requires
the disk space). The count starts again at 0 every time VDR is started.
- Fixed a possible crash when displaying the "Low disk space!" message from
a background thread (thanks to Christof Steininger).
- Fixed handling OSD areas that have invalid sizes (thanks to Marco Schlüßler).
- Added a mutex to AssertFreeDiskSpace() to make sure calls from foreground
and background threads won't interfere.
- The main menu now dynamically updates its contents in case an instant
recording or replay stops, etc.
- The version number of EPG events is now also stored in the file
(thanks to Kendy Kutzner).
- EPG events that are no longer in the currently broadcasted data stream are
now automatically deleted.
- Removed an invalid access to Event->schedule in cSchedule::DelEvent().
- Modified cSchedule::Cleanup() (events are always sorted by time).
- Schedules are now cleaned up once every hour (not only at 05:00).
- The "Schedule" and "What's on now/next?" menus are now updated if a timer
is set or modified.
- cTimer no longer has its own 'schedule' member, it rather uses that of the
event it has been set to.
- The "Red" button in the "Schedule", "What's on now/next?" and "Event" menus
now immediately creates a timer for the selected event and marks it with 'T'.
If the event is already marked with 'T', the "Red" button opens the "Edit
timer" menu for that timer.
- Removing deleted recordings is now done in a separate thread.
- Dropped the unused "stop recording on primary interface" stuff.
- Converting a grabbed image to JPEG is now done with the new function
RgbToJpeg() (see tools.h).
- The SVDRP command GRAB now determines the image type (JPEG or PNM) from the
extension (".jpg", ".jpeg" or ".pnm") of the given file name. The explicit
'jpeg' or 'pnm' parameter is still accepted for backward compatibility, but
has no meaning any more.
- The function cDevice::GrabImage() no longer writes the grabbed image to a
file, but rather returns a pointer to the image in memory. The wrapper
function cDevice::GrabImageFile() can be used to write the grabbed image
directly to a file. Plugins that used the old version of cDevice::GrabImage()
need to be adapted to the new interface.
- The new class cBase64Encoder (see tools.h) can be used to encode data in
base64 (thanks to Bob Withers for publishing his Base64 class).
- The SVDRP command GRAB now writes the image data to the SVDRP connection
(encoded in base64) if the given file name consists of only the file
extension (".jpg", ".jpeg" or ".pnm"), or if only "-" is given as file
name (based on a suggestion from Darren Salt).
A simple way of viewing a grabbed image on a remote host is: -d <hostname> 'grab -' | sed -n -e 's/^216-//p' -e '1ibegin-base64 644 -' -e '$a====' | uudecode | display -
- The new command line option '-g' must be given if the SVDRP command GRAB
shall be allowed to write image files to disk. The parameter to this option
must be the full path name of an existing directory, without any "..", double
'/' or symlinks. By default, or if "-g- is given, grabbing to files is
not allowed any more because of potential security risks.
- Modified the way the SVDRP command GRAB writes the grabbed image to a file
to avoid a security hole (CAN-2005-0071, reported by Javier Fernández-Sanguino
+ The file handle is now opened in a way that it won't follow symbolic links
(suggested by Darren Salt).
+ The given file name is now canonicalized, so that it won't contain any
".." or symlinks (suggested by Darren Salt).
+ Grabbing to files is limited to the directory given in the the command
line option '-g'. By default grabbing to files is not allowed any more.
- Updated the Greek OSD texts (thanks to Dimitrios Dimitrakos).
- Changed all "illegal" to "invalid" in error messages (there's nothing "illegal"
in VDR ;-).
- When started as user 'root' VDR now switches to a lesser privileged user id,
keeping the capability to set the system time (based on a patch from Ludwig
Nussel). By default the user id 'vdr' is used, which can be changed through
the new command line option '-u'. Note that for security reasons VDR will no
longer run as user 'root' (unless you explicitly start it with '-u root',
but this is not recommended!). The 'runvdr' script has been changed to
use the '-u' option.
- Changed the API of the functions cStatus::Recording() and cStatus::Replaying(),
so that they can provide the full file name of the recording. Plugins that use
these (or the related cStatus::Msg...() functions) need to be adapted
(suggested by Andreas Brugger).
- The DVB devices now retune (and, if applicable, resend the DiSEqC data) if
the lock is lost (based on a patch from Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed handling multi byte key sequences in cKbdRemote (based on a patch from
Jürgen Schneider).
- Removed unused variables in skinclassic.c and skinsttng.c (thanks to Marco
- Made the static cControl functions thread safe (thanks to Patrick Fischer).
- Fixed initializing pthread_mutexattr_t and pthread_rwlockattr_t to avoid
warnings with g++ 4.1.0 (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
- Fixed incrementing the 'state' variables in the repacker classes in remux.c
to avoid warnings with g++ 4.1.0 (reported by Ville Skyttä).
- The Makefile now reports a summary of failed plugins (thanks to Udo Richter).
- The cTimer constructor can now take an optional cChannel (suggested by
Patrick Fischer).
- Fixed setting the main thread id if VDR is running as a daemon.
- Fixed handling TS packets in cTS2PES (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Added cTimer::SetPriority() to set a timer's priority (suggested by Kendy Kutzner).
- Added cMenuEditStrItem::InEditMode() (suggested by Christian Wieninger).
- Now using FE_READ_STATUS to read the current frontend status (suggested by
Holger Wächtler).
- The "Menu" key now behaves consistently. If there is anything on the OSD, it
is closed when the "Menu" key is pressed, and if there is nothing on the OSD,
the "Menu" key opens the main menu (suggested by Luca Olivetti).
- The new option "Setup/OSD/Timeout requested channel info" can be used to turn
off the automatic timeout of the channel display in case it was invoked by
a press of the "Ok" key (suggested by Thiemo Gehrke).
- A message is now given when an instant recording is started (suggested by
Helmut Auer). Actually the code was already there, just commented out - don't
remember why it wasn't active...
- Removed an obsolete "Summary" text from i18n.c and preceded all key definition
texts with "Key$" to avoid duplicates (reported by Lucian Muresan).
- Preceded all button texts with "Button$".
- Removed obsolete "Eject", "Language" and "scanning recordings..." texts.
- Added missing #include "thread.h" to dvbspu.c (reported by Gavin Hamill).
- Disabled the use of "fadvise" in cUnbufferedFile because there have been
several reports that it causes more problems than it solves (suggested by
Petri Hintukainen). If you want to use "fadvise", you can activate the line
//#define USE_FADVISE
in tools.c.
- Removed unused 'offset' member from cOsdItem.
- In the "Channels" menu the numeric keys now position the cursor to the channel
with the given number (see MANUAL, section "Remote Control Keys", note (3) for
- The "Mark/Move" function in the "Channels" menu now also works in the non-numeric
sort modes.
- The default cOsdObject::Show() now automatically calls cOsdMenu::Display() if
this is a menu.
- The new "Info" key brings up information on the currently viewed programme
or recording. For a live programme this is the same as "Schedule/Ok", i.e. the
description of the current EPG event. For a recording this is the same as shown
by the "Info" button in the "Recordings" menu. Plugins that implement players
can overwrite their cControl::GetInfo() function to show their own info (see
PLUGINS.html for details). Pressing the "Info" key again while the info is
displayed will close the OSD. In order to assign this new key to an existing
remote control setup, the remote.conf file needs to be deleted and VDR has
to be restarted to go through the process of learning the remote control keys.
- Any cReceivers still attached to a cDevice when that device switches to a
different transponder are now automatically detached (suggested by Patrick
- The "flags" of a timer are now handled as an unsigned integer value. In order
to do this, the interface of cMenuEditBitItem also had to be changed.
- In string entry fields (like, e.g., the file name of a recording) the characters
can now be entered by pressing the numeric keys, the same way as on a
telephone keypad (based on the "Easy Input" patch from Marcel Schaeben).
- Fixed the "Day" field of the "Edit timer" menu when pressing '0' to switch
from "single shot" to "weekly", followed by the "Right" key (reported by
Andreas Böttger).
- The file 'ca.conf' is obsolete and has been removed.
- Revised all descriptions regarding CICAM.
- Adapted c(Dvb)Device::ProvidesCa() to the dynamic CA handling.
- Added a mutex to synchronize cDevice::PlayPesPacket() and SetCurrentAudioTrack()
(thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Added a SleepMs() in cRecorder::Action() to avoid a busy loop (thanks to Ingo
- Cleaned up some trailing white space.
2006-01-15: Version 1.3.39
- The SVDRP command LSTT now accepts the new option 'id' to have the channels
of the timers listed with their unique channel ids instead of their numbers
(suggested by Matthias Schniedermeyer).
- Added a missing #include <linux/unistd.h> to thread.c (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
- Fixed the "plugins-clean" and "plugins-install" targets in the Makefile (thanks
to Andreas Brachold).
- Fixed handling "more than 3 byte" key sequences in cKbdRemote::ReadKeySequence()
(thanks to Peter Bieringer). If you are using the PC keyboard as remote control
input you may need to make VDR newly learn the keys by removing the remote.conf
- To avoid problems with access rights when VDR shall run as 'root' it now skips
all SetCaps() and SetUser() calls when it is started as 'root' and "-u root"
is given.
- Added missing i18n entry for the "Timer" button (thanks to Ville Skyttä)
- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Making the "Menu" key behave consistently has not been well received by several
users, so the new option "Setup/OSD/Menu button closes" can be used to get the
old behavior back (which also is the default value of this option).
- Dropped the default vdr user. The program now always runs under the user id
it was started from, unless the '-u' option is given and it was started from
the 'root' user. If you want to have a default vdr user, you can activate and
adjust the "VDR_USER = vdr" line in your Make.config file (from the original
patch by Ludwig Nussel).
- Key macros can now be defined for all non-modeless keys (suggested by Mirko Dölle).
- Adjusted the "KEY MACROS" section of vdr.5 to the new plugin calling mechanism
introduced in version 1.3.32.
- Removed the now obsolete "ca.conf" section from vdr.1 (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
- Added missing description of L and R circular polarization to 'diseqc.conf'.
- Added a note about "modprobe capability" to INSTALL (suggested by Patrick Cernko).
- Fixed canonicalizing the file name in the SVDRP command GRAB to allow full path
names (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
- Added a missing '-' to the example for viewing a grabbed image on a remote host
(reported by Philippe Gramoullé).
- Made the "What's on now/next?" menus a lot faster by storing a pointer to each
channel's schedule in the cChannel data.
- Made the log messages regarding lost lock of devices "info" instead of "error"
(suggested by Andreas Brachold).
- The SVDRP command GRAB allows file names without extension again (suggested by
Stefan Huelswitt).
- Pressing '0' in the "Schedule" menu now rotates through displaying "This event on
this channel", "This event on all channels" and "All events on all channels".
This can be used to find reruns of a given show, or the episodes of a series.
Note that if there are many channels in your channels.conf, displaying the
"All events on all channels" page may take a while.
- The status markers in the "Schedule" menu are now only updated if a submenu is
closed in which a timer has been modified, which speeds up closing submenus.
- Now only writing Dolby Digital tracks into the 'info.vdr' file of a recording
if Setup.UseDolbyDigital is true (suggested by André Weidemann).
- Added a leading '0' to the day in the DayDateTime() function (thanks to Rolf
- No longer displaying color buttons in the recording info menu if it has been
invoked from a player (reported by Jürgen Schilling).
2006-01-22: Version 1.3.40
- Fixed a second place where a message should be given when an instant recording
is started (reported by Jesus Bravo Alvarez).
- Modified logging so that even on NPTL systems each line in the log file shows
the individual thread's pid (based on a suggestion from Francois-Xavier Kowalski).