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Video Disk Recorder ('VDR')
These files contain the source code of the "Video Disk Recorder",
which is based on the DVB driver of the LinuxTV project (
For details about the "Video Disk Recorder" project please
refer to
There is also a remote control unit described on those
Web pages, which can be used within this program.
Please see the INSTALL file for details on how to install
this program on your computer.
The MANUAL file describes how to operate the VDR.
The CONTRIBUTORS file lists all the people who have contributed to the
development of VDR.
The author can be contacted at
Yet another "set-top box"?
The "set-top boxes" available from commercial companies all have
one major drawback: they are not "open". This project's goal is
to build an "open" digital satellite receiver and timer controlled
video disk recorder, based upon open standards and freely available
driver software (of course, the hardware still has to be bought).
The on screen menu system is simple, but shall provide all the
possibilities necessary to perform timer controlled recording,
file management and even "on disk editing". The menus
of commercial set-top boxes usually are a lot more fancy than
the ones in this system, but here we have the full source code
and can modify the menus in whatever way desired.
"VDR Video Disk Recorder" is a registered trademark of Klaus Schmidinger.
"TVDR TV Done Right" is a registered trademark of Klaus Schmidinger.