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Video Disk Recorder ('VDR') - Internationalization
The internationalized texts of VDR and its plugins use the 'gettext'
functionality. This file provides information on how to maintain
these texts. The instructions apply equally to VDR itself or any
How to initiate internationalization support
Not every plugin necessarily has texts that are visible to the
user, therefore there is by default no 'po' directory.
If your plugin source contains texts marked for translation
with tr(), you need to
- Change into the source directory.
- Enter the command 'mkdir po'.
After that, continue with "How to translate to a new language".
How to translate to a new language
- Change into the source directory.
- Do a 'make i18n' to have the current *.pot file created.
- Make sure your locale is set to the language you want to
translate to.
- Change into the 'po' subdirectory and run 'msginit'. This
will create a new *.po file for your language.
- Edit the new *.po file and translate the texts.
You can do this either with your favorite text editor, or
with a specialized tool like POEdit, GTranslator, KBabel
or whatever you have.
How to maintain an existing language file
- Change into the source directory.
- Do a 'make i18n' to have the *.po files brought up-to-date
with the texts in the source code.
- Edit the modified *.po file(s) and translate the texts.
If you are using a plain text editor, you should search for
empty strings ("") to find new, untranslated texts. Also,
look for the "fuzzy" keyword to find translations that have
been "guessed" from other, similar texts, and make sure they
are correct. After that you may want to remove the "fuzzy"
keyword. Specialized tools for maintaining translation
files may provide particular functions to guide you through
updating translations.
Once you have created or updated a translation file, please
send it to the maintainer of the respective plugin (in case
it belongs to a plugin) or to (for core VDR
language files).