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* config.h: Configuration file handling
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: config.h 2.45 2012/03/11 10:41:44 kls Exp $
#ifndef __CONFIG_H
#define __CONFIG_H
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "i18n.h"
#include "font.h"
#include "tools.h"
// VDR's own version number:
#define VDRVERSION "1.7.27"
#define VDRVERSNUM 10727 // Version * 10000 + Major * 100 + Minor
// The plugin API's version number:
#define APIVERSION "1.7.27"
#define APIVERSNUM 10727 // Version * 10000 + Major * 100 + Minor
// When loading plugins, VDR searches them by their APIVERSION, which
// may be smaller than VDRVERSION in case there have been no changes to
// VDR header files since the last APIVERSION. This allows compiled
// plugins to work with newer versions of the core VDR as long as no
// VDR header files have changed.
#define MAXPRIORITY 99
#define LIVEPRIORITY 0 // priority used when selecting a device for live viewing
#define TRANSFERPRIORITY (LIVEPRIORITY - 1) // priority used for actual local Transfer Mode
#define IDLEPRIORITY (MINPRIORITY - 1) // priority of an idle device
#define MAXLIFETIME 99
#define MINOSDWIDTH 480
#define MAXOSDWIDTH 1920
#define MINOSDHEIGHT 324
#define MAXOSDHEIGHT 1200
#define MaxFileName 256
#define MaxSkinName 16
#define MaxThemeName 16
typedef uint32_t in_addr_t; //XXX from /usr/include/netinet/in.h (apparently this is not defined on systems with glibc < 2.2)
class cSVDRPhost : public cListObject {
struct in_addr addr;
in_addr_t mask;
bool Parse(const char *s);
bool IsLocalhost(void);
bool Accepts(in_addr_t Address);
class cSatCableNumbers {
int size;
int *array;
cSatCableNumbers(int Size, const char *s = NULL);
int Size(void) const { return size; }
int *Array(void) { return array; }
bool FromString(const char *s);
cString ToString(void);
int FirstDeviceIndex(int DeviceIndex) const;
///< Returns the first device index (starting at 0) that uses the same
///< sat cable number as the device with the given DeviceIndex.
///< If the given device does not use the same sat cable as any other device,
///< or if the resulting value would be the same as DeviceIndex,
///< or if DeviceIndex is out of range, -1 is returned.
template<class T> class cConfig : public cList<T> {
char *fileName;
bool allowComments;
void Clear(void)
fileName = NULL;
cConfig(void) { fileName = NULL; }
virtual ~cConfig() { free(fileName); }
const char *FileName(void) { return fileName; }
bool Load(const char *FileName = NULL, bool AllowComments = false, bool MustExist = false)
if (FileName) {
fileName = strdup(FileName);
allowComments = AllowComments;
bool result = !MustExist;
if (fileName && access(fileName, F_OK) == 0) {
isyslog("loading %s", fileName);
FILE *f = fopen(fileName, "r");
if (f) {
char *s;
int line = 0;
cReadLine ReadLine;
result = true;
while ((s = ReadLine.Read(f)) != NULL) {
if (allowComments) {
char *p = strchr(s, '#');
if (p)
*p = 0;
if (!isempty(s)) {
T *l = new T;
if (l->Parse(s))
else {
esyslog("ERROR: error in %s, line %d", fileName, line);
delete l;
result = false;
else {
result = false;
if (!result)
fprintf(stderr, "vdr: error while reading '%s'\n", fileName);
return result;
bool Save(void)
bool result = true;
T *l = (T *)this->First();
cSafeFile f(fileName);
if (f.Open()) {
while (l) {
if (!l->Save(f)) {
result = false;
l = (T *)l->Next();
if (!f.Close())
result = false;
result = false;
return result;
class cNestedItem : public cListObject {
char *text;
cList<cNestedItem> *subItems;
cNestedItem(const char *Text, bool WithSubItems = false);
virtual ~cNestedItem();
virtual int Compare(const cListObject &ListObject) const;
const char *Text(void) const { return text; }
cList<cNestedItem> *SubItems(void) { return subItems; }
void AddSubItem(cNestedItem *Item);
void SetText(const char *Text);
void SetSubItems(bool On);
class cNestedItemList : public cList<cNestedItem> {
char *fileName;
bool Parse(FILE *f, cList<cNestedItem> *List, int &Line);
bool Write(FILE *f, cList<cNestedItem> *List, int Indent = 0);
virtual ~cNestedItemList();
void Clear(void);
bool Load(const char *FileName);
bool Save(void);
class cSVDRPhosts : public cConfig<cSVDRPhost> {
bool LocalhostOnly(void);
bool Acceptable(in_addr_t Address);
extern cNestedItemList Folders;
extern cNestedItemList Commands;
extern cNestedItemList RecordingCommands;
extern cSVDRPhosts SVDRPhosts;
class cSetupLine : public cListObject {
char *plugin;
char *name;
char *value;
cSetupLine(const char *Name, const char *Value, const char *Plugin = NULL);
virtual ~cSetupLine();
virtual int Compare(const cListObject &ListObject) const;
const char *Plugin(void) { return plugin; }
const char *Name(void) { return name; }
const char *Value(void) { return value; }
bool Parse(char *s);
bool Save(FILE *f);
class cSetup : public cConfig<cSetupLine> {
friend class cPlugin; // needs to be able to call Store()
void StoreLanguages(const char *Name, int *Values);
bool ParseLanguages(const char *Value, int *Values);
bool Parse(const char *Name, const char *Value);
cSetupLine *Get(const char *Name, const char *Plugin = NULL);
void Store(const char *Name, const char *Value, const char *Plugin = NULL, bool AllowMultiple = false);
void Store(const char *Name, int Value, const char *Plugin = NULL);
void Store(const char *Name, double &Value, const char *Plugin = NULL);
// Also adjust cMenuSetup (menu.c) when adding parameters here!
int __BeginData__;
char OSDLanguage[I18N_MAX_LOCALE_LEN];
char OSDSkin[MaxSkinName];
char OSDTheme[MaxThemeName];
int PrimaryDVB;
int ShowInfoOnChSwitch;
int TimeoutRequChInfo;
int MenuScrollPage;
int MenuScrollWrap;
int MenuKeyCloses;
int MarkInstantRecord;
char NameInstantRecord[MaxFileName];
int InstantRecordTime;
int LnbSLOF;
int LnbFrequLo;
int LnbFrequHi;
int DiSEqC;
int SetSystemTime;
int TimeSource;
int TimeTransponder;
int MarginStart, MarginStop;
int AudioLanguages[I18N_MAX_LANGUAGES + 1];
int DisplaySubtitles;
int SubtitleLanguages[I18N_MAX_LANGUAGES + 1];
int SubtitleOffset;
int SubtitleFgTransparency, SubtitleBgTransparency;
int EPGLanguages[I18N_MAX_LANGUAGES + 1];
int EPGScanTimeout;
int EPGBugfixLevel;
int EPGLinger;
int SVDRPTimeout;
int ZapTimeout;
int ChannelEntryTimeout;
int DefaultPriority, DefaultLifetime;
int PausePriority, PauseLifetime;
int PauseKeyHandling;
int UseSubtitle;
int UseVps;
int VpsMargin;
int RecordingDirs;
int FoldersInTimerMenu;
int NumberKeysForChars;
int VideoDisplayFormat;
int VideoFormat;
int UpdateChannels;
int UseDolbyDigital;
int ChannelInfoPos;
int ChannelInfoTime;
double OSDLeftP, OSDTopP, OSDWidthP, OSDHeightP;
int OSDLeft, OSDTop, OSDWidth, OSDHeight;
double OSDAspect;
int OSDMessageTime;
int UseSmallFont;
int AntiAlias;
char FontOsd[MAXFONTNAME];
char FontSml[MAXFONTNAME];
char FontFix[MAXFONTNAME];
double FontOsdSizeP;
double FontSmlSizeP;
double FontFixSizeP;
int FontOsdSize;
int FontSmlSize;
int FontFixSize;
int MaxVideoFileSize;
int SplitEditedFiles;
int DelTimeshiftRec;
int MinEventTimeout, MinUserInactivity;
time_t NextWakeupTime;
int MultiSpeedMode;
int ShowReplayMode;
int ShowRemainingTime;
int ResumeID;
int CurrentChannel;
int CurrentVolume;
int CurrentDolby;
int InitialVolume;
int ChannelsWrap;
int EmergencyExit;
int __EndData__;
cString InitialChannel;
cString DeviceBondings;
cSetup& operator= (const cSetup &s);
bool Load(const char *FileName);
bool Save(void);
extern cSetup Setup;
#endif //__CONFIG_H