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* cutter.h: The video cutting facilities
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: cutter.h 2.3 2012/02/16 12:05:33 kls Exp $
#ifndef __CUTTER_H
#define __CUTTER_H
#include "thread.h"
#include "tools.h"
class cCuttingThread;
class cCutter {
static cMutex mutex;
static cString originalVersionName;
static cString editedVersionName;
static cCuttingThread *cuttingThread;
static bool error;
static bool ended;
static bool Start(const char *FileName);
static void Stop(void);
static bool Active(const char *FileName = NULL);
///< Returns true if the cutter is currently active.
///< If a FileName is given, true is only returned if either the
///< original or the edited file name is equal to FileName.
static bool Error(void);
static bool Ended(void);
bool CutRecording(const char *FileName);
#endif //__CUTTER_H