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* diseqc.h: DiSEqC handling
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: diseqc.h 2.5 2011/09/17 13:15:17 kls Exp $
#ifndef __DISEQC_H
#define __DISEQC_H
#include "config.h"
#include "thread.h"
class cScr : public cListObject {
int devices;
int channel;
uint userBand;
int pin;
bool used;
bool Parse(const char *s);
int Devices(void) const { return devices; }
int Channel(void) const { return channel; }
uint UserBand(void) const { return userBand; }
int Pin(void) const { return pin; }
bool Used(void) const { return used; }
void SetUsed(bool Used) { used = Used; }
class cScrs : public cConfig<cScr> {
cMutex mutex;
cScr *GetUnused(int Device);
extern cScrs Scrs;
class cDiseqc : public cListObject {
enum eDiseqcActions {
enum { MaxDiseqcCodes = 6 };
int devices;
int source;
int slof;
char polarization;
int lof;
mutable int scrBank;
char *commands;
bool parsing;
uint SetScrFrequency(uint SatFrequency, const cScr *Scr, uint8_t *Codes) const;
int SetScrPin(const cScr *Scr, uint8_t *Codes) const;
const char *Wait(const char *s) const;
const char *GetScrBank(const char *s) const;
const char *GetCodes(const char *s, uchar *Codes = NULL, uint8_t *MaxCodes = NULL) const;
bool Parse(const char *s);
eDiseqcActions Execute(const char **CurrentAction, uchar *Codes, uint8_t *MaxCodes, const cScr *Scr, uint *Frequency) const;
///< Parses the DiSEqC commands and returns the appropriate action code
///< with every call. CurrentAction must be the address of a character pointer,
///< which is initialized to NULL. This pointer is used internally while parsing
///< the commands and shall not be modified once Execute() has been called with
///< it. Call Execute() repeatedly (always providing the same CurrentAction pointer)
///< until it returns daNone. After a successful execution of all commands
///< *CurrentAction points to the value 0x00.
///< If the current action consists of sending code bytes to the device, those
///< bytes will be copied into Codes. MaxCodes must be initialized to the maximum
///< number of bytes Codes can handle, and will be set to the actual number of
///< bytes copied to Codes upon return.
///< If this DiSEqC entry requires SCR, the given Scr will be used. This must
///< be a pointer returned from a previous call to cDiseqcs::Get().
///< Frequency must be the frequency the tuner will be tuned to, and will be
///< set to the proper SCR frequency upon return (if SCR is used).
int Devices(void) const { return devices; }
int Source(void) const { return source; }
int Slof(void) const { return slof; }
char Polarization(void) const { return polarization; }
int Lof(void) const { return lof; }
bool IsScr() const { return scrBank >= 0; }
const char *Commands(void) const { return commands; }
class cDiseqcs : public cConfig<cDiseqc> {
const cDiseqc *Get(int Device, int Source, int Frequency, char Polarization, const cScr **Scr) const;
///< Selects a DiSEqC entry suitable for the given Device and tuning parameters.
///< If this DiSEqC entry requires SCR and the given *Scr is NULL
///< a free one will be selected from the Scrs and a pointer to that will
///< be returned in Scr. The caller shall memorize that pointer and reuse it in
///< subsequent calls.
///< Scr may be NULL for checking whether there is any DiSEqC entry for the
///< given transponder.
extern cDiseqcs Diseqcs;
#endif //__DISEQC_H
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