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* dvbplayer.h: The DVB player
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: dvbplayer.h 2.1 2012/02/19 11:40:36 kls Exp $
#ifndef __DVBPLAYER_H
#define __DVBPLAYER_H
#include "player.h"
#include "thread.h"
class cDvbPlayer;
class cDvbPlayerControl : public cControl {
cDvbPlayer *player;
cDvbPlayerControl(const char *FileName, bool PauseLive = false);
// Sets up a player for the given file.
// If PauseLive is true, special care is taken to make sure the index
// file of the recording is long enough to allow the player to display
// the first frame in still picture mode.
virtual ~cDvbPlayerControl();
bool Active(void);
void Stop(void);
// Stops the current replay session (if any).
void Pause(void);
// Pauses the current replay session, or resumes a paused session.
void Play(void);
// Resumes normal replay mode.
void Forward(void);
// Runs the current replay session forward at a higher speed.
void Backward(void);
// Runs the current replay session backwards at a higher speed.
int SkipFrames(int Frames);
// Returns the new index into the current replay session after skipping
// the given number of frames (no actual repositioning is done!).
// The sign of 'Frames' determines the direction in which to skip.
void SkipSeconds(int Seconds);
// Skips the given number of seconds in the current replay session.
// The sign of 'Seconds' determines the direction in which to skip.
// Use a very large negative value to go all the way back to the
// beginning of the recording.
bool GetIndex(int &Current, int &Total, bool SnapToIFrame = false);
// Returns the current and total frame index, optionally snapped to the
// nearest I-frame.
bool GetReplayMode(bool &Play, bool &Forward, int &Speed);
// Returns the current replay mode (if applicable).
// 'Play' tells whether we are playing or pausing, 'Forward' tells whether
// we are going forward or backward and 'Speed' is -1 if this is normal
// play/pause mode, 0 if it is single speed fast/slow forward/back mode
// and >0 if this is multi speed mode.
void Goto(int Index, bool Still = false);
// Positions to the given index and displays that frame as a still picture
// if Still is true.
#endif //__DVBPLAYER_H
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