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* i18n.h: Internationalization
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: i18n.h 2.1 2012/03/11 14:07:45 kls Exp $
#ifndef __I18N_H
#define __I18N_H
#include <stdio.h>
#include "tools.h"
#define I18N_DEFAULT_LOCALE "en_US"
#define I18N_MAX_LOCALE_LEN 16 // for buffers that hold en_US etc.
#define I18N_MAX_LANGUAGES 256 // for buffers that hold all available languages
void I18nInitialize(const char *LocaleDir = NULL);
///< Detects all available locales and loads the language names and codes.
///< If LocaleDir is given, it must point to a static string that lives
///< for the entire lifetime of the program.
void I18nRegister(const char *Plugin);
///< Registers the named plugin, so that it can use internationalized texts.
void I18nSetLocale(const char *Locale);
///< Sets the current locale to Locale. The default locale is "en_US".
///< If no such locale has been found in the call to I18nInitialize(),
///< nothing happens.
int I18nCurrentLanguage(void);
///< Returns the index of the current language. This number stays the
///< same for any given language while the program is running, but may
///< be different when the program is run again (for instance because
///< a locale has been added or removed). The default locale ("en_US")
///< always has a zero index.
void I18nSetLanguage(int Language);
///< Sets the current language index to Language. If Language is outside
///< the range of available languages, nothing happens.
int I18nNumLanguagesWithLocale(void);
///< Returns the number of entries in the list returned by I18nLanguages()
///< that actually have a locale.
const cStringList *I18nLanguages(void);
///< Returns the list of available languages. Values returned by
///< I18nCurrentLanguage() are indexes into this list.
///< Only the first I18nNumLanguagesWithLocale() entries in this list
///< have an actual locale installed. The rest are just dummy entries
///< to allow having three letter language codes for other languages
///< that have no actual locale on this system.
const char *I18nTranslate(const char *s, const char *Plugin = NULL) __attribute_format_arg__(1);
///< Translates the given string (with optional Plugin context) into
///< the current language. If no translation is available, the original
///< string will be returned.
const char *I18nLocale(int Language);
///< Returns the locale code of the given Language (which is an index as
///< returned by I18nCurrentLanguage()). If Language is outside the range
///< of available languages, NULL is returned.
const char *I18nLanguageCode(int Language);
///< Returns the three letter language code of the given Language (which
///< is an index as returned by I18nCurrentLanguage()). If Language is
///< outside the range of available languages, NULL is returned.
///< The returned string may consist of several alternative three letter
///< language codes, separated by commas (as in "deu,ger").
int I18nLanguageIndex(const char *Code);
///< Returns the index of the language with the given three letter
///< language Code. If no suitable language is found, -1 is returned.
const char *I18nNormalizeLanguageCode(const char *Code);
///< Returns a 3 letter language code that may not be zero terminated.
///< If no normalized language code can be found, the given Code is returned.
///< Make sure at most 3 characters are copied when using it!
bool I18nIsPreferredLanguage(int *PreferredLanguages, const char *LanguageCode, int &OldPreference, int *Position = NULL);
///< Checks the given LanguageCode (which may be something like "eng" or "eng+deu")
///< against the PreferredLanguages and returns true if one is found that has an index
///< smaller than OldPreference (which should be initialized to -1 before the first
///< call to this function in a sequence of checks). If LanguageCode is not any of
///< the PreferredLanguages, and OldPreference is less than zero, OldPreference will
///< be set to a value higher than the highest language index. If Position is given,
///< it will return 0 if this was a single language code (like "eng"), 1 if it was
///< the first of two language codes (like "eng" out of "eng+deu") and 2 if it was
///< the second one (like "deu" out of ""eng+deu").
#define tr(s) I18nTranslate(s, "vdr-" PLUGIN_NAME_I18N)
#define trVDR(s) I18nTranslate(s) // to use a text that's in the VDR core's translation file
#define tr(s) I18nTranslate(s)
#define trNOOP(s) (s)
#endif //__I18N_H