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* ringbuffer.h: A ring buffer
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: ringbuffer.h 2.3 2011/12/04 13:38:17 kls Exp $
#ifndef __RINGBUFFER_H
#define __RINGBUFFER_H
#include "thread.h"
#include "tools.h"
class cRingBuffer {
cCondWait readyForPut, readyForGet;
int putTimeout;
int getTimeout;
int size;
time_t lastOverflowReport;
int overflowCount;
int overflowBytes;
tThreadId getThreadTid;
int maxFill;//XXX
int lastPercent;
bool statistics;//XXX
void UpdatePercentage(int Fill);
void WaitForPut(void);
void WaitForGet(void);
void EnablePut(void);
void EnableGet(void);
virtual void Clear(void) = 0;
virtual int Available(void) = 0;
virtual int Free(void) { return Size() - Available() - 1; }
int Size(void) { return size; }
cRingBuffer(int Size, bool Statistics = false);
virtual ~cRingBuffer();
void SetTimeouts(int PutTimeout, int GetTimeout);
void ReportOverflow(int Bytes);
class cRingBufferLinear : public cRingBuffer {
int lastHead, lastTail;
int lastPut, lastGet;
static cRingBufferLinear *RBLS[];
static void AddDebugRBL(cRingBufferLinear *RBL);
static void DelDebugRBL(cRingBufferLinear *RBL);
static void PrintDebugRBL(void);
int margin, head, tail;
int gotten;
uchar *buffer;
char *description;
virtual int DataReady(const uchar *Data, int Count);
///< By default a ring buffer has data ready as soon as there are at least
///< 'margin' bytes available. A derived class can reimplement this function
///< if it has other conditions that define when data is ready.
///< The return value is either 0 if there is not yet enough data available,
///< or the number of bytes from the beginning of Data that are "ready".
cRingBufferLinear(int Size, int Margin = 0, bool Statistics = false, const char *Description = NULL);
///< Creates a linear ring buffer.
///< The buffer will be able to hold at most Size-Margin-1 bytes of data, and will
///< be guaranteed to return at least Margin bytes in one consecutive block.
///< The optional Description is used for debugging only.
virtual ~cRingBufferLinear();
virtual int Available(void);
virtual int Free(void) { return Size() - Available() - 1 - margin; }
virtual void Clear(void);
///< Immediately clears the ring buffer.
int Read(int FileHandle, int Max = 0);
///< Reads at most Max bytes from FileHandle and stores them in the
///< ring buffer. If Max is 0, reads as many bytes as possible.
///< Only one actual read() call is done.
///< \return Returns the number of bytes actually read and stored, or
///< an error value from the actual read() call.
int Read(cUnbufferedFile *File, int Max = 0);
///< Like Read(int FileHandle, int Max), but reads from a cUnbufferedFile).
int Put(const uchar *Data, int Count);
///< Puts at most Count bytes of Data into the ring buffer.
///< \return Returns the number of bytes actually stored.
uchar *Get(int &Count);
///< Gets data from the ring buffer.
///< The data will remain in the buffer until a call to Del() deletes it.
///< \return Returns a pointer to the data, and stores the number of bytes
///< actually available in Count. If the returned pointer is NULL, Count has no meaning.
void Del(int Count);
///< Deletes at most Count bytes from the ring buffer.
///< Count must be less or equal to the number that was returned by a previous
///< call to Get().
enum eFrameType { ftUnknown, ftVideo, ftAudio, ftDolby };
class cFrame {
friend class cRingBufferFrame;
cFrame *next;
uchar *data;
int count;
eFrameType type;
int index;
uint32_t pts;
cFrame(const uchar *Data, int Count, eFrameType = ftUnknown, int Index = -1, uint32_t Pts = 0);
///< Creates a new cFrame object.
///< If Count is negative, the cFrame object will take ownership of the given
///< Data. Otherwise it will allocate Count bytes of memory and copy Data.
uchar *Data(void) const { return data; }
int Count(void) const { return count; }
eFrameType Type(void) const { return type; }
int Index(void) const { return index; }
uint32_t Pts(void) const { return pts; }
class cRingBufferFrame : public cRingBuffer {
cMutex mutex;
cFrame *head;
int currentFill;
void Delete(cFrame *Frame);
void Lock(void) { mutex.Lock(); }
void Unlock(void) { mutex.Unlock(); }
cRingBufferFrame(int Size, bool Statistics = false);
virtual ~cRingBufferFrame();
virtual int Available(void);
virtual void Clear(void);
// Immediately clears the ring buffer.
bool Put(cFrame *Frame);
// Puts the Frame into the ring buffer.
// Returns true if this was possible.
cFrame *Get(void);
// Gets the next frame from the ring buffer.
// The actual data still remains in the buffer until Drop() is called.
void Drop(cFrame *Frame);
// Drops the Frame that has just been fetched with Get().
#endif // __RINGBUFFER_H
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