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* sourceparams.h: Source parameter handling
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: sourceparams.h 1.1 2010/02/28 11:58:03 kls Exp $
#include "channels.h"
#include "osdbase.h"
#include "tools.h"
class cSourceParam : public cListObject {
char source;
cSourceParam(char Source, const char *Description);
///< Sets up a parameter handler for the given Source.
///< Source must be in the range 'A'...'Z', and there can only
///< be one cSourceParam for any given source.
///< Description contains a short, one line description of this source.
///< If a plugin sets up a new cSourceParam, this will also trigger
///< defining the appropriate cSource automatically.
///< Objects of cSourceParam shall only be created on the heap, and
///< shall never be deleted (they will be deleted automatically when
///< the program ends).
char Source(void) const { return source; }
virtual void SetData(cChannel *Channel) = 0;
///< Sets all source specific parameters to those of the given Channel.
///< Must also reset a counter to use with later calls to GetOsdItem().
virtual void GetData(cChannel *Channel) = 0;
///< Copies all source specific parameters to the given Channel.
virtual cOsdItem *GetOsdItem(void) = 0;
///< Returns all the OSD items necessary for editing the source
///< specific parameters of the channel that was given in the last
///< call to SetData(). Each call to GetOsdItem() returns exactly
///< one such item. After all items have been fetched, any further
///< calls to GetOsdItem() return NULL. After another call to
///< SetData(), the OSD items can be fetched again.
class cSourceParams : public cList<cSourceParam> {
cSourceParam *Get(char Source) const;
extern cSourceParams SourceParams;