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* themes.h: Color themes used by skins
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: themes.h 2.0 2007/08/05 14:10:22 kls Exp $
#ifndef __THEMES_H
#define __THEMES_H
#include "i18n.h"
#include "tools.h"
#include "osd.h"
class cTheme {
enum { MaxThemeColors = 128 };
char *name;
cStringList descriptions;
char *colorNames[MaxThemeColors];
tColor colorValues[MaxThemeColors];
bool FileNameOk(const char *FileName, bool SetName = false);
///< Creates a new theme class.
const char *Name(void) { return name; }
const char *Description(void);
///< Returns a user visible, single line description of this theme.
///< The actual text shouldn't be too long, so that it can be
///< fully displayed in the Setup/OSD menu.
bool Load(const char *FileName, bool OnlyDescriptions = false);
///< Loads the theme data from the given file.
bool Save(const char *FileName);
///< Saves the theme data to the given file.
///< FileName must be in the form "<skin>-<theme>.theme", where <skin>
///< is the name of the skin this theme applies to, and <theme> is the
///< actual theme name, which will be used to identify this theme in the
///< 'setup.conf', and is normally not seen by the user. It should
///< consist of only lowercase letters and digits.
int AddColor(const char *Name, tColor Color);
///< Adds a color with the given Name to this theme, initializes it
///< with Color and returns an index into the color array that can
///< be used in a call to Color() later. The index returned from the
///< first call to AddColor() is 0, and subsequent calls will return
///< values that are incremented by 1 with every call.
///< If a color entry with the given Name already exists, its value
///< will be overwritten with Color and the returned index will be
///< that of the existing entry.
tColor Color(int Subject);
///< Returns the color for the given Subject. Subject must be one of
///< the values returned by a previous call to AddColor().
// A helper macro that simplifies defining theme colors.
#define THEME_CLR(Theme, Subject, Color) static const int Subject = Theme.AddColor(#Subject, Color)
class cThemes {
int numThemes;
char **names;
char **fileNames;
char **descriptions;
static char *themesDirectory;
void Clear(void);
bool Load(const char *SkinName);
int NumThemes(void) { return numThemes; }
const char *Name(int Index) { return Index < numThemes ? names[Index] : NULL; }
const char *FileName(int Index) { return Index < numThemes ? fileNames[Index] : NULL; }
const char * const *Descriptions(void) { return descriptions; }
int GetThemeIndex(const char *Description);
static void SetThemesDirectory(const char *ThemesDirectory);
static void Load(const char *SkinName, const char *ThemeName, cTheme *Theme);
static void Save(const char *SkinName, cTheme *Theme);
#endif //__THEMES_H