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Commits on Jan 5, 2013
  1. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #1666 from mad-max/tvshows_label

    MartijnKaijser authored
    added visible tag for TV show label
  2. @opdenkamp

    [epg] fixed - epg load/update was interrupted when the pvr manager im…

    opdenkamp authored
    …ports channels, leading to delays and channel ids gone missing in certain situations
Commits on Jan 4, 2013
  1. adds missing NULL check in CPluginDirectory::SetSetting

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  2. use a map instead of a vector for holding plugin handles - ensures th…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …at we don't attempt to access the wrong one if an earlier handle was removed. Thanks to ulion for finding the issue
  3. use a helper function to retrieve the CPluginDirectory instance from …

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …the handle, thanks to ulion
  4. progress control with reveal set to true didn't update correctly with…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    … dirty regions set to 1. fixes #13887
Commits on Jan 3, 2013
  1. if the job manager isn't running, don't add new jobs

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  2. don't allow a job with id 0 (will be used for invalid job id)

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  3. @huceke
  4. compilations node in the music library returned all albums, rather th…

    Jonathan Marshall authored
    …an just compilation albums. fixes #13825 #13825. Thanks to Xycl.
  5. parse id3v1 tags of mp3 files

    Jonathan Marshall authored
  6. @davilla

    Merge pull request #2010 from MartijnKaijser/version_bump_rc3

    davilla authored
    [release] bump version to RC3
  7. @davilla

    Merge pull request #2017 from ronie/confluence-shutdown

    davilla authored
    [Confluence] Use 'shutdown function' setting in 'custom shutdown timer'. fixes #12848
Commits on Jan 2, 2013
  1. @ronie
  2. @davilla

    Merge pull request #2015 from MartijnKaijser/fix_11718

    davilla authored
    [confluence] add 'Bluray Disc' flag to be displayed
  3. @davilla

    Merge pull request #2014 from MartijnKaijser/fix_ticket_13485

    davilla authored
    [confluence] change "wide icons" view naming to "wide".
  4. @davilla

    Merge pull request #2013 from stupid-boy/master

    davilla authored
    [rbp/omx] fixed propper lock/unlock in omclock
  5. @MartijnKaijser
  6. @MartijnKaijser
  7. @stupid-boy
Commits on Dec 31, 2012
  1. @MartijnKaijser

    Merge pull request #2006 from jmarshallnz/escape_slashes

    MartijnKaijser authored
    escape backslashes in ESCINFO[]. fixes #13855
  2. @davilla

    Merge pull request #2009 from jimfcarroll/screensaver-crash-fix

    davilla authored
    Screensaver crash fix
  3. Remove some unused includes of ThreadLocal.h

    Jim Carroll authored
  4. [fix] It appears that we were running out of Tls on windows. This cha…

    Jim Carroll authored
    …nges the addon system so that a single one is created for the Interceptor functionality rather than one per window.
  5. @huceke
  6. @MartijnKaijser
  7. @opdenkamp

    Merge pull request #2001 from opdenkamp/pvr-addons-frodo

    opdenkamp authored
    [pvr] sync add-ons
  8. @opdenkamp
  9. @opdenkamp
  10. @opdenkamp
  11. @opdenkamp

    [pvr] fixed - (re)start the pvr manager when enabling a pvr add-on or…

    opdenkamp authored
    … when disabling one with the pvr manager enabled
  12. @opdenkamp

    [pvr] stop the pvr manager before uninstalling a pvr add-on and resta…

    opdenkamp authored
    …rt it afterwards (if enabled)
  13. @opdenkamp
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