ChromeCast HubCap exploit
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Release v1.0 of the HubCap chromecast exploit


- This source tree
- LUFA framework
- avr-gcc compiler

How to build

Set the makefile up for your target (see the LUFA documentation for further details), and run:

make VICTIM=OTA_16664 or make VICTIM=OTA_12940 depending on what OTA you're targetting.

About the code

Due to the somewhat complex nature of the exploit the code was written in an object oriented
fashion rather than a simple statemachine. Somewhere along the lines (probably around the time
I had to dump the firmware blind) the code ended up in the state it's currently in. It's not
pretty, and it uses more memory than it should but it works. You'll notice code-duplication
through out the devices, which was for 'testing purposes' and then never got fixed.

If you were so inclined to get this code running on a more memory constrained device, I would
personally probably transform it into a dumb statemachine. Good luck.

The assembly files in the payload directory are left as a reference, no tools are provided to
create the header files from them.


Released under the I-don't-give-a-damn license. Feel free to use this code however you