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pokemod package

This directory (package) holds Pokémod expansion card implementations. It was designed by ZF_Goku to balance classic cards for a better play experience and we aim to bring it to TCG ONE.

We shall start implementing Pokemod Base Set to Team Rocket, see these links to view modded cards: [Pokémod - Base Set], [Pokémod - Jungle], [Pokémod - Fossil], [Pokémod - Team Rocket]

The modded cards slightly differ from its original counterparts, therefore we need to implement and/or copy the cards in this package.

For all Pokemod*.groovy files, do the following;

  1. Append collection number to all enum names for those who don't have it. Example: ALAKAZAM to ALAKAZAM_1. Remember to change them inside getImplementation() also.
  2. Add NEW cards to enum constants.
  3. For UNMODIFIED cards, replace the section inside getImplementation() with a copy statement to get its copy from original set, like: return copy(BaseSet.XYZ, this) . This prevents duplication of code.
  4. For MODIFIED cards, edit the code to apply the modification. ZF_Goku can help pointing out what has changed.
  5. For NEW cards, implement them from scratch following the guidelines.

Please ping #dev in Discord if you get stuck or for more information, thanks!

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