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Purpose - Get the Word Out!

The purpose of this site is simple: spread awareness

While attending Montclair State University I was shocked to learn that members of the LGBT community faced physical and verbal harrasment every single day of their lives.

How could I miss that? How could I not see that my friends and acquaintances were being treated this way every single day of their lives?

Because minority communities are just that: minorities! It's difficult for a group of maybe a hundred to get their message out to what is a campus of over 15000 people.

That is, until now!

Members - Safe and Secure

The idea is to allow an organization or community to quickly and easily communicate with each other in the event of harrasment or abuse, while also spreading awareness to the larger surrounding community.

A leader of an organization makes a request to join the program and can then begin inviting "members" to their group.

Members can then begin posting "status updates", with their name only being The group leader is responsible for his or her group members, and will only invite those he or she has invited personally; this will allow for a safe and secure enviorment.

The Public - Let's Blow Minds

While non members can't post they can still view the status updates of any community.

The status updates themselves will remain anonymous; the "non members" will not get to see the name of who is posting them.

But they can see which community / organization the person who posted it belongs to.

This will allow registered users to share their plight with the public, while keeping themselves safe and secure.

Awareness is the name of the game, and hopefully what non members see will broaden their minds and open their eyes.