Handy utilities for the angr binary analysis framework, most notably CFG visualization
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Angr-utils is a collection of utilities for angr binary analysis framework.


Visualisation for various graphs (currently supported: CFG, CG; planned: DFG, CDG, DDG) has been moved to bingraphvis.

The API of the facade functions in visualize.py are considered stable (except marked otherwise in comment), and should not break between releases, although they provide only a limited subset of bingraphvis functionalities.

This tool is not designed to support interactive CFGs. For full interactivity, check out angr-management, for navigable static CFGs check out cfg-explorer.

Main functionality

  • CFG visualisation
  • Pretty printers
  • Utility functions


cd angr-dev
git clone https://github.com/axt/bingraphvis
pip install -e ./bingraphvis
git clone https://github.com/axt/angr-utils
pip install -e ./angr-utils


See examples for more details.

Plot fancy cfg-s:

import angr
from angrutils import *
proj = angr.Project("<...>/ais3_crackme", load_options={'auto_load_libs':False})
main = proj.loader.main_object.get_symbol("main")
start_state = proj.factory.blank_state(addr=main.rebased_addr)
cfg = proj.analyses.CFGEmulated(fail_fast=True, starts=[main.rebased_addr], initial_state=start_state)
plot_cfg(cfg, "ais3_cfg", asminst=True, remove_imports=True, remove_path_terminator=True)