Random code, programming notes and project assets.
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Code Dump

A repository of random code, programming notes and project assets I have created, ranging from experiments to fully functioning programs.

Feel free to use or modify any of this code where ever and how ever you like (within the scope of the licence). Everything here is unlicenced and in the public domain, unless otherwise stated.

Some of the fully functional programs

  • OmniSharp-Manager - A simple shell script to simplify the process of installing and updating OmniSharp. It has since been moved to OmniSharp-vim and expanded. I also wrote a version of it in PowerShell, shortly after the Unix-only version was merged into upstream OmniSharp-vim.
  • Local-NuPkg - A small shell script to simplify the process of installing downloaded NuGet packages for .NET Core, without having to use/configure a feed. This is a feature missing from the dotnet-cli (v2.0).
  • GNOME Theme Switcher - A simple bash script to allow modifying a large number of GNOME settings at once, esentially creating "complete themes". For more info see here.
  • Font Installer - A shell script to make installing fonts on Unix-like operating systems easier. The previous solutions all had problems, for example if installing through a package manager, the packages will have different names depending on the repository used.

Some incomplete/deprecated programs

  • ALIS - Arch Linux Installation Script. This project was going to be renamed to Archaic (The Primitive Arch Linux Installer,) but I abandoned the project in late 2017 to focus on other tasks. ALIS had reached in insane level of code complexity, that a second rewrite was required to keep it maintainable (I was very new to programming at the time). A full explanation can be found in the project's README.md file.
  • Vivid-Legacy.vim - The code from before the rewrite. This version was a fork of Vundle.vim.