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Org mode and Outline mode syntax highlighting for Vim

Org.vim is a minimal Org mode and Outline mode plugin for Vim providing only syntax highlighting and folding.

This plugin aims to replicate Vim’s existing Markdown editing experience on Org mode (and Outline mode) files, rather than trying to be a full featured Org mode plugin—that is what Emacs is for. Originally created so I could use Orgzly without worrying about Emacs lock-in.

Note: this project is considered feature complete by the author, so the addition of new features will be unlikely.


Installation of Org.vim can be performed by using your preferred plugin/package management tool(s). If you don’t have a Vim package manager I recommend using Vim 8 packages.

Just run these 2 commands from your shell.

git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/org
vim +'helptags ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/org/doc/' +q

Make sure the following options are set in your vimrc to enable all functionality:

syntax enable
filetype plugin indent on

Once installed check out the Org.vim manual (run :help org.txt to open it) for usage information and configuration options.


Different Vim colour schemes will result in different appearances.



Copyright © 2018–2021, Alex Vear.

Org.vim is distributed under the same terms as Vim itself.

A copy of the full licence text should have been provided with this extension in the LICENCE file. The license can also be viewed on the web or by invoking :help license from within Vim.