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Simple examples for different methods of implementing observer patterns in Aurelia
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Aurelia observer patterns

Examples of observer patterns in Aurelia - each branch contains a different pattern to solve a simple problem. For more explanations, see this wiki page.

Getting started

Before you start, make sure you have a working NodeJS environment, preferably with NPM 3.

From the project folder, execute the following commands:

npm install
typings install

This will install all required dependencies, including a local version of webpack that is going to build and bundle the app. There is no need to install webpack globally.

If the TypeScript references do not work or you get some runtime errors you can try to execute the following command:

npm dedupe

To run the app execute the following command:

npm run dev

This command starts the webpack development server that serves the build bundles. You can now browse the skeleton app at http://localhost:3000. Changes in the code will automatically build and reload the app.


To build a development bundle (output to /build) execute:

npm run build

To build an optimized, minified production bundle (output to /dist) execute:

npm run prod

The production bundle includes all files that are required for deployment.


To run the unit tests:

npm run test

Note: The e2e tests aren't working yet

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