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# mysqldump2pg by ayan4m1
use File::Slurp qw(prepend_file read_file write_file);
use File::Copy;
my $path = shift(@ARGV);
die "No path was specified!\n" unless defined($path);
print "Reading $path...\n";
my $file = read_file($path);
my $header = <<EndHeader
SET standard_conforming_strings = 'off';
SET backslash_quote = 'on';
print "Prepending header\n";
$file = "$header$file";
print "Making edits...\n";
# fix comments
$file =~ s/^#/--/mg;
# replace backticks with double quotes
$file =~ s/`/"/g;
# strip engine/charset from end of create table
$file =~ s/^\s*\)\s+(engine|default|character).*$/);/img;
# comment out table lock/unlocks
$file =~ s/^unlock tables;$/-- unlock tables;/img;
$file =~ s/^lock tables "(.*)" write;$/-- lock tables "$1" write;/img;
# comment out data dictionary comments
$file =~ s/^(.*) comment [\'\"](.*)[\'\"],/$1, -- $2/img;
# data types
$file =~ s/(big|tiny|small)*int(\([0-9]+\)){0,1}( unsigned){0,1}/$1int/ig;
$file =~ s/datetime/timestamp/ig;
$file =~ s/(.*)double (default|not null)(.*),/$1double precision $2$3,/ig;
# enable escape sequence parsing in strings
$file =~ s/('[^'\\]*(?:\\.[^'\\]*)+')/E$1/g;
# replace escaped quotes
$file =~ s/\\'/''/g;
print "Warning: You have auto_increment columns in this schema.\n"
if ($file =~ /auto_increment/);
print "Warning: You will need to change UNIQUE KEY $1 ($2) to UNIQUE $2\n"
while ($file =~ m/UNIQUE KEY "(.*)" \((.*)\)/g);
print "Warning: You will need to change KEY $1 ($2) to create index on <table> ($2);\n"
while ($file =~ m/^ KEY "(.*)" \((.*)\)/mg);
print "Writing final file...\n";
write_file("$path.out", \$file);