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Bukkit plugin to manage multiple worlds
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Globe is a simple CraftBukkit plugin to manage multiple worlds. Globe is ideal for smaller servers that do not need the portals and advanced features of a similar plugin like MultiVerse, but still need the ability to create new worlds and teleport between them.


Globe is only compatible with CraftBukkit build(s) 1000+. It relies on the new permissions system which was integrated into CraftBukkit as of build 1000.


You can use the following command to create a new world:

/globe create <name> <environment>

Where is the name of the new world and environment a valid environment enumeration (default types as follows):

  • Normal
  • Nether
  • Skylands

To teleport to another world, use the following command:

/globe tp <name>


The following information only applies to the new Bukkit permissions system. This plugin does not integrate with the "Permissions" plugin.

  • globe.create allows a user to create a new world
  • globe.teleport allows a user to teleport to all worlds
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