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A growing list of past and future talks
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One of my goals is to present at more places. Here is my up-to-date schedule for the near future.

Upcoming Talks

Date Title Event Location
12 - 14 Oct 2016 TBA #Pragma Conference Verona
7 - 8 Nov 2016 TBA Swift Summit 2016 San Francisco

If you’re interested in having me speak at a conference you are organizing, please send me a message at Thanks! 🐥

Past Talks

Date Title Event Location
21 July 2016 Testing: View Models & Protocols iOS Dev Camp DC Washington DC
8 July 2016 Testing: View Models & Protocols CMD+U Conference Barcelona
14 June 2016 Swift Scripting Redux: Localization AltConf 2016 San Francisco
27 May 2016 Boundaries in Practice (English) iOSCon London
29 Apr 2016 Clean Layout with iOS 9 NSNorth Toronto
2 Mar 2016 Boundaries in Practice (English + Japanese) try! Swift Tokyo
29 Jan 2016 Going Swift and Beyond // First Wave Swift dotSwift Paris
14 Oct 2015 Delightful Mobile Experiences: Behind the Scenes of Essential Apps Grace Hopper Celebration Houston
18 Sep 2015 “Why Swift?” for everyone else & so much more NSSpain Logroño
10 Jun 2015 WWDC 2015 Swift Panel Discussion Realm San Francisco
21 Mar 2015 Swift Scripting Swift Summit London
5 Mar 2015 Natural Language Processing with Swift Swift Language User Group @ Realm San Francisco
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