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2012-06-18 Alvis Yardley <>
* lisp.winxed: The lisp "core" written in winxed. This is,
largely, complete. I am, presently, debugging it to get it to run
the simple test, 'test.lisp'.
* lisp.c: The lisp "core" written in c.
* README.pod: Modified (with minor updates)
* NOTE: Modified (with minor clarifying updates)
2011-11-17 12:45 acy
* LICENSE: Added Artistic 2.0 license file.
* NOTE: Modified.
* README.pod: Modified.
2011-11-16 10:45 acy
* ChangeLog: This log file.
* VERSION: File to track the current distribution version.
* NOTE: File to note my justifications for certain design decisions.
* README.pod: Readme file.
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