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Tool for grading GitHub-based assignments.
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gradec accumulates score comments on a GitHub commit, and records the final score of the commit. gradec can also provide a commit's CI build, and retrieve the score of a commit at a later time.

gradec is designed to run on a batch of commits to grade. See its usage for more information.


This project uses yarn as a dependency manager and build runner. After cloning the repo, install the project's dependencies and the gradec command globally:

yarn install
yarn install-global

To run gradec, you will neeed to get a GitHub personal access token and export a GRADEC_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable with the value of that token. Set the variable in your .bashrc or similar if you want to avoid repeating this for every shell instance.


Usage: gradec [options]

  gradec grade  perform assignment grading    [default]
  gradec list   list assignment grade status

  --version          Show version number                              [boolean]
  --ao, --auto-open  Automatically opens links in a browser           [string] [default: "Safari"]
  -c, --commits      (GitHub) commits to grade                        [string] [required]
  -t, --tests        CI tests to grade                                [string] [required]
  -r, --range        Space-separated range of line numbers to grade   [array] [required]
  -h, --help         Show help                                        [boolean]

  gradec grade -c commits.txt -t travis.txt -r 1 20     grade lines 1-20 in `commits.txt' and `travis.txt'
  gradec -c c.txt -t t.txt -r 5 10 -ao "Google Chrome"  grade lines 5-10 in `c.txt' and `t.txt', auto-opening links in Google Chrome
  gradec list -c c.txt -t t.xt -r 5 10                  list grading status of lines 5-10 in `c.txt' and `t.txt'
  gradec list -c c.txt -t t.xt -r 5 10 > grades.txt     write any known grades for assignments on lines 5-10 to `grades.txt'

Score comments

gradec calculates the grade/score of an assignment by accumulating score comments on a commit. Score comments have the (regex) grammar


where only the first capturing group is used in accumultating the total score.

Score comments:

  • +3: nice! (+3 to score)
  • -2: consider... (-2 to score)
  • -1 (-1 to score)

Not score comments:

  • observation... (+0 to score)
  • 3 (+0 to score)
  • - (+0 to score)

Partial grading

gradec has particular behavior for assignments that are in the process of or have been graded:

  1. Assignments that gradec has graded in the past are not included as needing to be graded.
  2. Assignments for which gradec has previously commented a CI tests link tests are not issued a new CI tests link comment.


Please lint, format, and test your code after development. There are no pre-commit hooks, so this is mostly on an honor system.

This project uses tslint, clang-format, and Jasmine as a linter, automated formatter, and test framework, respectively. tslint and jasmine are installed with the project dependencies; clang-format must be installed separately.

yarn format
yarn lint
yarn lint:fix # apply some automated linting fixes
yarn test


There are no formal contribution guidelines for this project.

If you would like to report a bug, ask a question, or request a feature, please open an issue rather than reaching out personally.

If you would like to implement a change, please submit a PR (and optionally open an issue if your change is significant).

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