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🦐 A remote shell.
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rsh is a remote shell written in Zig. rsh's motivation is primarily for education and entertainment, and not so much practicality. This project is all about learning Zig, networks, systems, and kernel space system calls. If you want a reliable, secure shell, use SSH.

rsh has to implement several things before it is at a place one can consider "stable", including

  • a build system (build.zig)
  • a command executor (WIP)
  • a (TCP) socket wrapper
  • a client application
  • a server application

After these tasks are done, we can start thinking about securing messages, providing error detection and correction, casting commands to multiple shells... the world is rsh's oyster.


Yes, please! Feel free to pick up, shake up, and build up anything and everything you like. This project is in an inhancy that does not call for a contribution document, but the idea is, please contribute as much as you would like 🙂. That's what makes open-source software fun.

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