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xela is a programming language. specifically, it is

  • hella fast,
  • oriented towards scripting (high-quality scripts, that is),
  • statically typed (probably optionally?),
  • inspired by the elegance of ruby, the low cost of rust, and the simplicity of pascal,
  • still in its very, very, very, very early stages.

i'm actively working on xela. more formal descriptions will come when work on the standard library has at least begun. please contribute!


three main reasons:

  1. there are some problems with shell and exploit scripting that i want to be able to solve in a safer, more elegant, and yet as-powerful as i can with c. a more formal spec will be provided as this project matures.
  2. i want to learn how programming languages work, and the difficulty it takes to create one. i feel that an interpreter is a good place to start - certainly, it is trivial compared to a compiled language.
  3. i want to really learn rust. my first non-trivial project with rust was rcalc, which is an embedded core of xela. but i want to learn more and become a better rustean + computer scientist.

why the name tho

oh, the name?

xela is alex backwards. which is short for alexa. the inorganic reagant, not the amazon product.