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Kerbal commands for your AR.Drone

Connect to your drone, then:

node keyboard.js

And open localhost:3000/index.html. Click somewhere on the screen so it grabs keyboard inputs. Controls are like in Kerbal Space Program, with some missing keys/altered meanings:

  • shift to increase thursters! (climb up)
  • command to decrease thrusters! (climb down)
  • spacebar to takeoff/land
  • t to stabilize.
  • w to pitch forward.
  • s to picth backward.
  • a to yaw counter-clockwise (left).
  • d to yaw clockwise (right).
  • q to roll counter-clockwise (left).
  • d to roll clockwise (right).

That's it!

The red squared canvas let's you draw shapes (with no visual feedback whatsoever ^^!) and will 'roughly' reproduce them with the drone.

Have fun!