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Statically minify and gzip your web site files (html, css, js, jpeg, etc...)

This project relies on Taco de Wolff's minify project:
You may also want to look at minify-cmd project:


Usage: gminzip [options] inputs

  -m, --min
		Files to minify (ex -m html,css) (supported: css,htm,html,js,json,svg,xml)
  -z, --zip
		Files to zip (ex: -z html,js,swf,jpg) (ex: -z all)
  -s, --size
		Minimum file size in bytes for zip (default: 0)
  -x, --maxsize
		Maximum file size in bytes for minify and zip
  -l, --list
		List all file extensions and count files in inputs
		Delete the original file after zip
		Do not display info, but show the errors
		Delete the ziped files (.gz, .br) before process

  Files or directories


Gminzip works with extentions and file extentions must be specified with -m and/or -z options

Do nothing. You must specify the extentions with -m and/or -z options:

gminzip index.html

Minify and zip all "html" files in current working directory:

gminzip -m html -z html .

Minify all "css,html" files in /var/www:

gminzip -m css,html /var/www

Zip every file with an extention ("all" must be alone) but do not minify in /var/www:

gminzip -z all /var/www

Minify and zip "css,html" files in /var/www/site1 and /var/www/site2 and index.html file in the current directory:

gminzip -m css,html -z css,html /var/www/site1 /var/www/site2 index.html

Minify "css,html" files, but zip only json files (and *.all files, not every file) in /var/www/site:

gminzip -m css,html -z all,json /var/www/site

Minify all "svg,html,xml" files (not "jpg"s) and gzip every file with extention if file size is larger than 120 bytes:

gminzip -m svg,html,xml,jpg -m all -s 120 /var/www

List all extensions and file counts and zip "js" files:

gminzip -l -z js /var/www


  • ALWAYS take backups
  • Only "css,htm,html,js,json,svg,xml" files can minified
  • Minifying a file overwrite the original
  • To minify the minified files may cause problems
  • GMinZip is recursive by default
  • No Default for -m and -z options