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Message scheduler for the SecureDrop Gitter room
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A bot to automatically post information on the SecureDrop Gitter room. Messages can be scheduled to be posted on specific day(s) of the week at specific time(s). It can be used in any other Gitter room as well.


  1. Python Requests

    pip install requests

  2. Python schedule

    pip install schedule


  1. Sign in with a GitHub account on to obtain the authentication token required to access the Gitter API.

  2. Clone the repo, and cd into it.

  3. Create a file auth.yml with its contents as

    apitoken: <your-gitter-api-token>

  4. Execute the script to start the bot.

Configuring the bot's behavior

The behavior of the bot can be configured by editing data.yml. Add tasks by specifying 3 things-

  1. message - The message that needs to be posted.
  2. day - Integer value(s) denoting day(s) of a week. The week starts from Monday(0) and goes till Sunday(6).
  3. time - Time value(s) at which the message is to be posted, according to your timezone. It should be in 24h format, like HH:MM.

The name of the task does not matter, other than the fact that it should be unique.

Interacting with the bot

The bot can be stopped from posting any further messages on a certain day by @ mentioning followed by the blacklist command as follows

@sd-helper blacklist:YYYY-MM-DD


@sd-helper blacklist:YYYY/MM/DD

Note that the bot only responds to users authorized to perform this action. A list of such users is maintained in the file approved_users.yml. Users are identified by their Gitter user IDs, which can be obtained by following the Gitter API documentation.

Additional Notes

  1. Make sure the GitHub account has joined the room before posting.
  2. Do not post same message too frequently. Gitter's spam detection may flag your account.
  3. Register an OAuth 2.0 application at for highly active bots.
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