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fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
CoffeeScript = require 'coffee-script'
uglify = require "uglify-js"
jsp = uglify.parser
pro = uglify.uglify
file = 'postman'
source = 'src'
output = 'lib'
clean = ->
files = fs.readdirSync "#{output}"
(fs.unlinkSync "#{output}/" + file) for file in files
makeUgly = (err, str, file) ->
ast = jsp.parse str
ast = pro.ast_mangle ast
ast = pro.ast_squeeze ast
code = pro.gen_code ast
fs.writeFile (file.replace /\.js/, '.min.js'), code
task 'cleanup', 'cleans up the libs before a release', ->
task 'build', "builds #{file}", ->
console.log "building #{file} from coffeescript"
for f in fs.readdirSync source
fn = f.split('.')[0]
code = fs.readFileSync "#{source}/#{fn}.coffee", 'utf8'
fs.writeFile "#{output}/#{fn}.js", CoffeeScript.compile code
task 'minify', "minifies #{file} to a release build", ->
console.log "minifying #{file}"
files = fs.readdirSync 'lib'
files = ("#{output}/" + f for f in files when f.match(/\.js$/))
(fs.readFile f, 'utf8', (err, data) -> makeUgly err, data, f) for f in files
task 'release', "creates a release of #{file}", ->
invoke 'cleanup'
invoke 'build'
invoke 'tests'
invoke 'minify'
task 'tests', "run tests for #{file}", ->
console.log 'Time for some tests!'
runner = require 'qunit'
sys = require 'sys'
colors = require 'colors'
test =
code: "./#{output}/#{file}.js",
tests: "./test/tests.js"
runner.options.summary = false
report = (r) ->
if r.errors
sys.puts 'Uh oh there were errors'
sys.puts 'All test pass'.green test, report
task 'watch', 'Watch prod source files and build changes', ->
console.log "Watching for changes in #{source}"
fs.watchFile "#{source}/#{file}.coffee", (curr, prev) ->
if +curr.mtime isnt +prev.mtime
console.log "Saw change in #{source}/#{file}.coffee"
invoke 'build'
console.log 'build complete'
invoke 'tests'
catch e
console.log 'Oh snap, someething went wrong!'
console.log e