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<?xml version="1.0" encoding='iso-8859-1' ?>
<property overwrite="false" name="" value="false" />
<property name="root.dir" value="../.." />
<include buildfile="${root.dir}/common-project.xml" />
<target name="init" depends="common.init">
<property name="assembly.version" value="" />
<property name="assembly.description" value="Rhino DSL - Helper classes for building Domain Specific Languages" />
<assemblyfileset id="project.references" basedir="${build.dir}">
<include name="Boo.Lang.dll" />
<include name="Boo.Lang.Compiler.dll" />
<include name="Boo.Lang.Parser.dll" />
<target name="generate-assemblyinfo" depends="init common.generate-assemblyinfo" />
<target name="build" description="Build ${project::get-name()}" depends="generate-assemblyinfo common.compile-dll" />
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