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missing build howto? #2

thulka opened this Issue Sep 11, 2011 · 3 comments

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thulka commented Sep 11, 2011

looks good, could just someone please hint me on how to build this.
ant, nant, msbuild, any off the ps files?

obviuosly i can hack the missing assemblyinfo.cs files, but I would prefer the authors intended way to bulid this.

thank you

thulka commented Nov 2, 2011

I found that it is using "psake" a powershell based dsl. Running psake.ps1 hangs my powershell. anyway, from the default.ps1 I can find everything to manually create the AssemblyInfo.cs files

ghost commented Jul 31, 2013

yes. a howto build readme.txt would be very helpful. please include the assemblyinfo.cs.

CADbloke commented Jan 7, 2016

open Powershell as admin
change to the Rhino Licensing root directory
unrestrict your execution policy because you'll get blocked at the next step see That's why admin.
now do .\psake.ps1 in the powershell window
You may need to ok a Windows Firewall warning when it Nugets its things.

See, so much easier than F6 in Visual Studio. Wait, no.

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