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@aylei aylei released this 01 Jun 07:19
· 29 commits to master since this release


6acc633 Support --version flag to print plugin version
a7cf6df Add agentless mode to debug target pod when there isn't an agent running on target host (#31, #33 ) @tkanng
90ee6bf Add ptrace and admin capbilities for debug container
412fc4a Build debug-agent image from distroless image (#30) @tkanng
6cb9957 Check if current user has permission to create pods/exec subresource (#34) @tkanng
caff131 Fix config file parsing error (#36) @tkanng

The "agentless" mode make the server-side DaemonSet optional, now, you can start debugging by using the command kubectl debug --agentless without pre-installing any server-side components.

In addition, we documented some practical examples of using kubectl-debug to help users getting started.

Thanks for @caruccio @gregwebs @klzsysy for reporting and fixing issues. A great thanks to @tkanng who contributes the major features of this release!