Source for a HTTPd server to remote iTunes. Works with ChumbiTunes.
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*What is this?* iTunesHTTPD is the core application files for the
ChumbiTunes Server (a lightweight Java HTTPd server to control
iTunes). It's built to work with the ChumbiTunes Widget
( for Chumbys, but you can use it with any web
browser or application. I'll assume the commands are self explanitory:

    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/playing
    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/art
    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/shuttle/previous
    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/shuttle/playpause
    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/shuttle/next
    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/volume/
    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/volume/LEVEL
    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/crossdomain.xml
    * http://YOUR_MACs_IP:5050/robots.txt

Each command execs some Applescript to remote iTunes and get data.

*License* No warranty. Use at your own risk. You know the fine
print. This code is released under Creative Commons (CC).  Feel free
to remix and swirl.

*Download* A MacOS X Binary can be git here: