Get Man Page like help from the Wikipedia right from the command line.
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Grab a wikipedia page and display it as a manpage.  This app currently adds "_(Unix)" to disambiguate the *nix command in the wikipedia.  Wiki formatting is converted to nroff manpage format which can be seen as a manpage via:

% python ls | nroff -man | less

or you can use the shell script:

% chmod 755 wikiman
% ./wikiman cut

if you are adventurous, you can issue the call to fetch raw/non-unix pages:

% python -r macintosh | nroff -man | less 
% python --raw macintosh | nroff -man | less 

You will need python 2.6 for the JSON call to work.

David A. Shamma
M. Cameron Jones
(cc) Free to Use, Reuse, Remix, and Enjoy Chilled.