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Show all clients in all screens in Awesome window manager
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Provides Mac OSX like 'Expose' view of all clients.



(From user's awesome configuration directory, usually ~/.config/awesome)

  1. Clone repository:

    git clone
  2. put near the top of your rc.lua require("revelation")

  3. Make a global keybinding (ModKey + e) for revelation in your rc.lua:

    globalkeys = awful.util.table.join(
    awful.key({ modkey,           }, "Left",   awful.tag.viewprev       ), 
    awful.key({ modkey,           }, "Right",  awful.tag.viewnext       ),
    awful.key({ modkey,           }, "Escape", awful.tag.history.restore),
    awful.key({ modkey}, "e", revelation),  -- Insert this line
    awful.key({ modkey,           }, "j",
    function ()
        awful.client.focus.byidx( 1)
        if client.focus then client.focus:raise() end

    NOTE: Always double check this key binding syntax against the version of Awesome that you are using.

  4. Reload rc.lua and try the keybinding Modkey + e

It should bring all clients to the current tag and set the layout to fair. You can focus clients with cursor or hjkl keys then press Enter or press the mouse right button to select or Escape to abort.

This is a modification of the original awesome library that implemented expose like behavior.


Revelation's configuration is done through direct access to the module's config table.

There are two basic settings, shown with default values:

-- The name of the tag created for the 'exposed' view
revelation.config.tag_name = 'Revelation'

-- A table of matcher functions (used in client filtering)
revelation.match.exact = awful.rules.match
revelation.match.any   = awful.rules.match_any

The rule matching functions must conform to awful.rules.match prototypes.

For client matching rules, we follow the same syntax as awful.rules with one perk; if rule.any == true, then we call the config.match.any function.


All clients:

 awful.key({modkey}, "e", revelation)

To match all urxvt terminals:

 awful.key({modkey}, "e", function()

To match clients with class 'foo' or 'bar':

 awful.key({modkey}, "e", function()
                        class={"foo", "bar"},



* Perry Hargrave <>

Contributions, many thanks!

* Nikola Petrov <>

Original authors

* Espen Wiborg <>
* Julien Danjou <>


Revelation is released under the GNU General Public License, version 3.
(c) 2009-12 Perry Hargrave
(c) 2008 Espen Wiborg, Julien Danjou
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