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πŸ“ Manages notes in a very simple way.
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A todo.txt inspired project to manage your notes with your favorite text editor. Use your favorite text editor with your preferred format like markdown, asciidoc, or pure text.


Optional: install tree for better file listing.

git clone && cd notes.txt && sudo make install && cp -f notes.cfg ~/.notes.cfg


Usage: action [NAME]

    new | n "NOTEBOOK"
    add | a "NOTENAME"
    edit | e "NOTENAME"
    delete | remove | del | rm "NOTENAME"
    list | ls

Configuration reads configuration from $HOME/.notes.cfg

NOTES_DIR - notes storage directory, default is $HOME/.notes
EDITOR - text editor to use, if not defined uses enviroment definetion or defaults to GNU nano.


  1. Add output colors.
  2. Support config file.
  3. Autocompletion
  4. File information: date of creation, last modified, etc.
  5. Creation date with new notes.
  6. Support for external actions.
  7. Testing
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