terminal based GTD system written in python
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*** Still in development phas ****
This is a GTD system for the terminal written in Python

Key features (predicted):

> Flat file database which allows for friendly access to the system from any platform
> Synced through dropbox folder, ideally, which will allow online access to the system
> in the future, might include webapp component which will allow read/write access to the list in a friendly way

> Google calendar integration, so 'tickling' and future tasks can be added directly to you google calendar

> Extremely easy collection phase. Add your thoughts, one thought per line, in a second file. Use terminal, notepad, or dropbox text editor on your phone or online
    and then the system will read your ideas one at a time, allowing you to make desicions (trash, project, todo, calendar, etc...) for each thought

> Time aware system... is it Sunday afternoon? lauch in 'weekly review' mode then.