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Top Deep Learning Projects

A list of popular github projects related to deep learning (ranked by stars).

Last Update: 2020.07.09

Project Name Stars Description
tensorflow 146k An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone
keras 48.9k Deep Learning for humans
opencv 46.1k Open Source Computer Vision Library
pytorch 40k Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration
TensorFlow-Examples 38.1k TensorFlow Tutorial and Examples for Beginners (support TF v1 & v2)
tesseract 35.3k Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine (main repository)
face_recognition 35.2k The world's simplest facial recognition api for Python and the command line
faceswap 31.4k Deepfakes Software For All
transformers 30.4k 🤗Transformers: State-of-the-art Natural Language Processing for Pytorch and TensorFlow 2.0.
100-Days-Of-ML-Code 29.1k 100 Days of ML Coding
julia 28.1k The Julia Language: A fresh approach to technical computing.
gold-miner 26.6k 🥇掘金翻译计划,可能是世界最大最好的英译中技术社区,最懂读者和译者的翻译平台:
awesome-scalability 26.6k The Patterns of Scalable, Reliable, and Performant Large-Scale Systems
basics 24.5k 📚 Learn ML with clean code, simplified math and illustrative visuals.
bert 23.9k TensorFlow code and pre-trained models for BERT
funNLP 22.1k (Machine Learning)NLP面试中常考到的知识点和代码实现、nlp4han:中文自然语言处理工具集(断句/分词/词性标注/组块/句法分析/语义分析/NER/N元语法/HMM/代词消解/情感分析/拼写检查、XLM:Face…
xgboost 19.4k Scalable, Portable and Distributed Gradient Boosting (GBDT, GBRT or GBM) Library, for Python, R, Java, Scala, C++ and more. Runs on single machine, Hadoop, Spark, Flink and DataFlow
Real-Time-Voice-Cloning 18.4k Clone a voice in 5 seconds to generate arbitrary speech in real-time
d2l-zh 17.9k 《动手学深度学习》:面向中文读者、能运行、可讨论。英文版即伯克利“深度学习导论”教材。
openpose 17.8k OpenPose: Real-time multi-person keypoint detection library for body, face, hands, and foot estimation
Coursera-ML-AndrewNg-Notes 17.7k 吴恩达老师的机器学习课程个人笔记
DeepFaceLab 17.3k DeepFaceLab is the leading software for creating deepfakes.
pytorch-tutorial 17.3k PyTorch Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers
Mask_RCNN 17.2k Mask R-CNN for object detection and instance segmentation on Keras and TensorFlow
spaCy 16.8k 💫 Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python and Cython
NLP-progress 16.2k Repository to track the progress in Natural Language Processing (NLP), including the datasets and the current state-of-the-art for the most common NLP tasks.
100-Days-Of-ML-Code 15.6k 100-Days-Of-ML-Code中文版
cs-video-courses 14.9k List of Computer Science courses with video lectures.
WaveFunctionCollapse 14.7k Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics.
lectures 14.7k Oxford Deep NLP 2017 course
reinforcement-learning 14.7k Implementation of Reinforcement Learning Algorithms. Python, OpenAI Gym, Tensorflow. Exercises and Solutions to accom…
pwc 14.7k Papers with code. Sorted by stars. Updated weekly.
TensorFlow-Course 14.6k Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow
DeepSpeech 14.4k A TensorFlow implementation of Baidu's DeepSpeech architecture
pumpkin-book 14k 《机器学习》(西瓜书)公式推导解析,在线阅读地址:
tfjs 13.5k A WebGL accelerated JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models.
examples 13.5k A set of examples around pytorch in Vision, Text, Reinforcement Learning, etc.
openface 13.5k Face recognition with deep neural networks.
Qix 13.3k Machine Learning、Deep Learning、PostgreSQL、Distributed System、Node.Js、Golang
spleeter 12.7k Deezer source separation library including pretrained models.
Virgilio 12.7k Your new Mentor for Data Science E-Learning. 12.7k 《神经网络与深度学习》 邱锡鹏著 Neural Network and Deep Learning
Screenshot-to-code 12.7k A neural network that transforms a design mock-up into a static website.
pytorch-CycleGAN-and-pix2pix 12.4k Image-to-Image Translation in PyTorch
pytorch-handbook 11.9k pytorch handbook是一本开源的书籍,目标是帮助那些希望和使用PyTorch进行深度学习开发和研究的朋友快速入门,其中包含的Pytorch教程全部通过测试保证可以成功运行
gun 11.9k An open source cybersecurity protocol for syncing decentralized graph data.
Paddle 11.8k PArallel Distributed Deep LEarning: Machine Learning Framework from Industrial Practice (『飞桨』核心框架,深度学习&机器学习高性能单机、分布式训…
tensorflow-zh 11.8k 谷歌全新开源人工智能系统TensorFlow官方文档中文版
darknet 11.4k YOLOv4 - Neural Networks for Object Detection (Windows and Linux version of Darknet )
learnopencv 11.4k Learn OpenCV : C++ and Python Examples
neural-networks-and-deep-learning 11.3k Code samples for my book "Neural Networks and Deep Learning"
google-research 11.2k Google Research
labelImg 11.2k 🖍️ LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images
gensim 11k Topic Modelling for Humans
pix2code 10.9k pix2code: Generating Code from a Graphical User Interface Screenshot
facenet 10.8k Face recognition using Tensorflow
DeOldify 10.7k A Deep Learning based project for colorizing and restoring old images (and video!)
python-machine-learning-book 10.7k The "Python Machine Learning (1st edition)" book code repository and info resource
stanford-cs-229-machine-learning 10.6k VIP cheatsheets for Stanford's CS 229 Machine Learning
mmdetection 10.5k OpenMMLab Detection Toolbox and Benchmark
face-api.js 10.4k JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition in the browser and nodejs with tensorflow.js
Awesome-pytorch-list 10.4k A comprehensive list of pytorch related content on github,such as different models,implementations,helper libraries,t…
nsfw_data_scraper 10.2k Collection of scripts to aggregate image data for the purposes of training an NSFW Image Classifier
convnetjs 10k Deep Learning in Javascript. Train Convolutional Neural Networks (or ordinary ones) in your browser.
CycleGAN 9.8k Software that can generate photos from paintings, turn horses into zebras, perform style transfer, and more.
streamlit 9.8k Streamlit — The fastest way to build data apps in Python
DeepCreamPy 9.7k Decensoring Hentai with Deep Neural Networks
stylegan 9.7k StyleGAN - Official TensorFlow Implementation
Dive-into-DL-PyTorch 9.6k 本项目将《动手学深度学习》(Dive into Deep Learning)原书中的MXNet实现改为PyTorch实现。
stanford-tensorflow-tutorials 9.6k This repository contains code examples for the Stanford's course: TensorFlow for Deep Learning Research.
horovod 9.6k Distributed training framework for TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and Apache MXNet.
Deep-Learning-with-TensorFlow-book 9.4k 深度学习入门开源书,基于TensorFlow 2.0案例实战。Open source Deep Learning book, based on TensorFlow 2.0 framework.
neural-doodle 9.4k Turn your two-bit doodles into fine artworks with deep neural networks, generate seamless textures from photos, transfer style from one image to another, perform example-based upscaling, but wait... there's more! (An implementation of Semantic Style Transfer.)
caire 9.3k Content aware image resize library
fast-style-transfer 9.2k TensorFlow CNN for fast style transfer 🖥🎨🖼
ncnn 9.2k ncnn is a high-performance neural network inference framework optimized for the mobile platform
kubeflow 9.1k Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes
nltk 9k NLTK Source
flair 9k A very simple framework for state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP)
ml-agents 9k Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit
allennlp 8.8k An open-source NLP research library, built on PyTorch.
botpress 8.8k 🤖 The Conversational Platform with built-in language understanding (NLU), beautiful graphical interface and Dialog Manager (DM). Easily create chatbots and AI-based virtual assistants.
the-gan-zoo 8.7k A list of all named GANs!
EffectiveTensorflow 8.6k TensorFlow tutorials and best practices.
tfjs-core 8.5k WebGL-accelerated ML // linear algebra // automatic differentiation for JavaScript.
fairseq 8.4k Facebook AI Research Sequence-to-Sequence Toolkit written in Python.
sonnet 8.4k TensorFlow-based neural network library
mit-deep-learning-book-pdf 8.3k MIT Deep Learning Book in PDF format (complete and parts) by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville
TensorFlow-Tutorials 8.3k TensorFlow Tutorials with YouTube Videos
pytorch_geometric 8.2k Geometric Deep Learning Extension Library for PyTorch
tutorials 8.2k 机器学习相关教程
fashion-mnist 8k A MNIST-like fashion product database. Benchmark 👉
bert-as-service 7.9k Mapping a variable-length sentence to a fixed-length vector using BERT model
pix2pix 7.8k Image-to-image translation with conditional adversarial nets
mediapipe 7.7k MediaPipe is the simplest way for researchers and developers to build world-class ML solutions and applications for mobile, edge, cloud and the web.
recommenders 7.7k Best Practices on Recommendation Systems
mit-deep-learning 7.7k Tutorials, assignments, and competitions for MIT Deep Learning related courses.
pytorch-book 7.6k PyTorch tutorials and fun projects including neural talk, neural style, poem writing, anime generation (《深度学习框架PyTorch:入门与实战》)
Winds 7.6k A Beautiful Open Source RSS & Podcast App Powered by
vid2vid 7.4k Pytorch implementation of our method for high-resolution (e.g. 2048x1024) photorealistic video-to-video translation.
Learn_Machine_Learning_in_3_Months 7.3k This is the code for "Learn Machine Learning in 3 Months" by Siraj Raval on Youtube
golearn 7.3k Machine Learning for Go
Keras-GAN 7.2k Keras implementations of Generative Adversarial Networks. 7k Open Machine Learning Course
faceai 7k 一款入门级的人脸、视频、文字检测以及识别的项目.
pysc2 6.9k StarCraft II Learning Environment
pretrained-models.pytorch 6.9k Pretrained ConvNets for pytorch: NASNet, ResNeXt, ResNet, InceptionV4, InceptionResnetV2, Xception, DPN, etc.
PyTorch-GAN 6.7k PyTorch implementations of Generative Adversarial Networks.
vision 6.7k Datasets, Transforms and Models specific to Computer Vision
nlp-tutorial 6.6k Natural Language Processing Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers
bullet3 6.6k Bullet Physics SDK: real-time collision detection and multi-physics simulation for VR, games, visual effects, robotics,
DCGAN-tensorflow 6.6k A tensorflow implementation of "Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks"
tfjs-models 6.5k Pretrained models for TensorFlow.js
abu 6.5k 阿布量化交易系统(股票,期权,期货,比特币,机器学习) 基于python的开源量化交易,量化投资架构
pytorch-lightning 6.5k The lightweight PyTorch wrapper for ML researchers. Scale your models. Write less boilerplate
tensorboardX 6.4k tensorboard for pytorch (and chainer, mxnet, numpy, ...)
machine-learning-course 6.4k 💬 Machine Learning Course with Python:
guess 6.3k 🔮 Libraries & tools for enabling Machine Learning driven user-experiences on the web
pyro 6.3k Deep universal probabilistic programming with Python and PyTorch
lab 6.2k A customisable 3D platform for agent-based AI research 6.2k Companion webpage to the book "Mathematics For Machine Learning"
Interview 6.2k Interview = 简历指南 + LeetCode + Kaggle
tensorlayer 6.2k Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Library for Scientists and Engineers 🔥
generative-models 6.1k Collection of generative models, e.g. GAN, VAE in Pytorch and Tensorflow.
machine-learning-yearning-cn 6.1k Machine Learning Yearning 中文版 - 《机器学习训练秘籍》 - Andrew Ng 著
keras-yolo3 6k A Keras implementation of YOLOv3 (Tensorflow backend)
BossSensor 5.9k Hide screen when boss is approaching.
tensorflow2_tutorials_chinese 5.9k tensorflow2中文教程,持续更新(当前版本:tensorflow2.0),tag: tensorflow 2.0 tutorials
TensorFlow-Tutorials 5.9k Simple tutorials using Google's TensorFlow Framework
argo 5.9k Argo Workflows: Get stuff done with Kubernetes.
python-machine-learning-book-2nd-edition 5.8k The "Python Machine Learning (2nd edition)" book code repository and info resource
dvc 5.7k 🦉Data Version Control
EasyPR 5.7k An easy, flexible, and accurate plate recognition project for Chinese licenses in unconstrained situations.
AdversarialNetsPapers 5.6k The classical paper list with code about generative adversarial nets
tensorpack 5.6k A Neural Net Training Interface on TensorFlow, with focus on speed + flexibility
photoprism 5.6k Personal Photo Management powered by Go and Google TensorFlow
tensorflow_cookbook 5.6k Code for Tensorflow Machine Learning Cookbook
albumentations 5.6k fast image augmentation library and easy to use wrapper around other libraries
swift 5.6k Swift for TensorFlow
darkflow 5.6k Translate darknet to tensorflow. Load trained weights, retrain/fine-tune using tensorflow, export constant graph def to mobile devices
tensorflow_tutorials 5.5k From the basics to slightly more interesting applications of Tensorflow
deep-learning-coursera 5.5k Deep Learning Specialization by Andrew Ng on Coursera.
transferlearning 5.5k Everything about Transfer Learning and Domain Adaptation--迁移学习
ML-NLP 5.5k 此项目是机器学习(Machine Learning)、深度学习(Deep Learning)、NLP面试中常考到的知识点和代码实现,也是作为一个算法工程师必会的理论基础知识。
nmt 5.5k TensorFlow Neural Machine Translation Tutorial
faster-rcnn.pytorch 5.5k A faster pytorch implementation of faster r-cnn
UGATIT 5.4k Official Tensorflow implementation of U-GAT-IT: Unsupervised Generative Attentional Networks with Adaptive Layer-Inst…
pandas-profiling 5.4k Create HTML profiling reports from pandas DataFrame objects
deep-residual-networks 5.4k Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition
xlnet 5.3k XLNet: Generalized Autoregressive Pretraining for Language Understanding
leeml-notes 5.2k 李宏毅《机器学习》笔记,在线阅读地址:
wav2letter 5.2k Facebook AI Research's Automatic Speech Recognition Toolkit
neural-style 5.2k Neural style in TensorFlow! 🎨
CVPR2020-Paper-Code-Interpretation 5.2k cvpr2020/cvpr2019/cvpr2018/cvpr2017 papers,极市团队整理
TensorFlow-2.x-Tutorials 5.2k TensorFlow 2.x version's Tutorials and Examples, including CNN, RNN, GAN, Auto-Encoders, FasterRCNN, GPT, BERT exampl…
yolov3 5.2k YOLOv3 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > iOS
cnn-text-classification-tf 5.2k Convolutional Neural Network for Text Classification in Tensorflow
seq2seq 5.2k A general-purpose encoder-decoder framework for Tensorflow
chineseocr_lite 5.1k 超轻量级中文ocr,支持竖排文字识别, 支持ncnn推理 , dbnet(1.7M) + crnn(6.3M) + anglenet(1.5M) 总模型仅10M
featuretools 5k An open source python library for automated feature engineering
labelme 5k Image Polygonal Annotation with Python (polygon, rectangle, circle, line, point and image-level flag annotation).
ImageAI 5k A python library built to empower developers to build applications and systems with self-contained Computer Vision capabilities
nlp-recipes 5k Natural Language Processing Best Practices & Examples
have-fun-with-machine-learning 4.9k An absolute beginner's guide to Machine Learning and Image Classification with Neural Networks
eat_tensorflow2_in_30_days 4.9k Tensorflow2.0 🍎🍊 is delicious, just eat it! 😋😋
tensorflow-wavenet 4.9k A TensorFlow implementation of DeepMind's WaveNet paper
PyTorch-Tutorial 4.9k Build your neural network easy and fast
stylegan2 4.9k StyleGAN2 - Official TensorFlow Implementation
h2o-3 4.9k Open Source Fast Scalable Machine Learning Platform For Smarter Applications: Deep Learning, Gradient Boosting & XGBo…
awesome-machine-learning-on-source-code 4.8k Cool links & research papers related to Machine Learning applied to source code (MLonCode)
Learning-to-See-in-the-Dark 4.8k Learning to See in the Dark. CVPR 2018
PyTorch-YOLOv3 4.8k Minimal PyTorch implementation of YOLOv3
first-order-model 4.8k This repository contains the source code for the paper First Order Motion Model for Image Animation
models 4.8k Pre-trained and Reproduced Deep Learning Models (『飞桨』官方模型库,包含多种学术前沿和工业场景验证的深度学习模型)
smile 4.8k Statistical Machine Intelligence & Learning Engine
keras-js 4.7k Run Keras models in the browser, with GPU support using WebGL
carla 4.7k Open-source simulator for autonomous driving research.
keras-rl 4.7k Deep Reinforcement Learning for Keras.
useful-java-links 4.7k A list of useful Java frameworks, libraries, software and hello worlds examples
Awesome-CoreML-Models 4.7k Largest list of models for Core ML (for iOS 11+)
python-small-examples 4.7k 告别枯燥,致力于打造 Python 富有体系且实用的小例子、小案例。
gcn 4.7k Implementation of Graph Convolutional Networks in TensorFlow
introduction_to_ml_with_python 4.7k Notebooks and code for the book "Introduction to Machine Learning with Python"
stargan 4.6k StarGAN - Official PyTorch Implementation (CVPR 2018)
pix2pixHD 4.6k Synthesizing and manipulating 2048x1024 images with conditional GANs
Data-Science-Wiki 4.6k A wiki of DataScience, Statistics, Maths, R,Python, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Devops Tools, Bash, Linux Tutor…
MVision 4.6k 机器人视觉 移动机器人 VS-SLAM ORB-SLAM2 深度学习目标检测 yolov3 行为检测 opencv PCL 机器学习 无人驾驶
cleverhans 4.6k An adversarial example library for constructing attacks, building defenses, and benchmarking both
vaex 4.6k Out-of-Core DataFrames for Python, ML, visualize and explore big tabular data at a billion rows per second 🚀
Grokking-Deep-Learning 4.6k this repository accompanies the book "Grokking Deep Learning"
trax 4.5k Trax — Deep Learning with Clear Code and Speed
graph_nets 4.5k Build Graph Nets in Tensorflow
edward 4.5k A probabilistic programming language in TensorFlow. Deep generative models, variational inference.
TensorFlow-World 4.5k 🌎 Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow
imbalanced-learn 4.5k A Python Package to Tackle the Curse of Imbalanced Datasets in Machine Learning
machine-learning-mindmap 4.5k A mindmap summarising Machine Learning concepts, from Data Analysis to Deep Learning.
seq2seq-couplet 4.5k Play couplet with seq2seq model. 用深度学习对对联。
EfficientNet-PyTorch 4.4k A PyTorch implementation of EfficientNet
TensorFlow-Book 4.4k Accompanying source code for Machine Learning with TensorFlow. Refer to the book for step-by-step explanations.
stanza 4.4k Official Stanford NLP Python Library for Many Human Languages
amazon-dsstne 4.4k Deep Scalable Sparse Tensor Network Engine (DSSTNE) is an Amazon developed library for building Deep Learning (DL) ma…
cnn-explainer 4.4k Learning Convolutional Neural Networks with Interactive Visualization.
Realtime_Multi-Person_Pose_Estimation 4.4k Code repo for realtime multi-person pose estimation in CVPR'17 (Oral)
stanford-cs-230-deep-learning 4.3k VIP cheatsheets for Stanford's CS 230 Deep Learning
Real-Time-Person-Removal 4.3k Removing people from complex backgrounds in real time using TensorFlow.js in the web browser
OpenNMT-py 4.3k Open Source Neural Machine Translation in PyTorch
tensorflow_practice 4.3k tensorflow实战练习,包括强化学习、推荐系统、nlp等
pytorch-cnn-visualizations 4.2k Pytorch implementation of convolutional neural network visualization techniques
tensorspace 4.2k Neural network 3D visualization framework, build interactive and intuitive model in browsers, support pre-trained deep …
DeepLearningExamples 4.2k Deep Learning Examples
sketch-code 4.2k Keras model to generate HTML code from hand-drawn website mockups. Implements an image captioning architecture to dra…
deeplearning-papernotes 4.2k Summaries and notes on Deep Learning research papers
apex 4.2k A PyTorch Extension: Tools for easy mixed precision and distributed training in Pytorch
AlphaPose 4.1k Real-Time and Accurate Multi-Person Pose Estimation&Tracking System
attention-is-all-you-need-pytorch 4.1k A PyTorch implementation of the Transformer model in "Attention is All You Need".
nmap 4.1k Nmap - the Network Mapper. Github mirror of official SVN repository.
Machine-learning-learning-notes 4.1k 周志华《机器学习》又称西瓜书是一本较为全面的书籍,书中详细介绍了机器学习领域不同类型的算法(例如:监督学习、无监督学习、半监督学习、强化学习、集成降维、特征选择等),记录了本人在学习过程中的理解思路与扩展知识点,希望对新人阅读西瓜书有…
serenata-de-amor 4.1k 🕵 Artificial Intelligence for social control of public administration
practical-pytorch 4.1k DEPRECATED and not maintained - see official repo at
pytorch-image-models 4.1k PyTorch image models, scripts, pretrained weights -- (SE)ResNet/ResNeXT, DPN, EfficientNet, MixNet, MobileNet-V3/V2, MNASNet, Single-Path NAS, FBNet, and more
face-alignment 4k 🔥 2D and 3D Face alignment library build using pytorch
learning-to-learn 4k Learning to Learn in TensorFlow
machine-learning-notes 4k My continuously updated Machine Learning, Probabilistic Models and Deep Learning notes and demos (1500+ slides) 我不间断更…
umap 4k Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection
DeepLearningZeroToAll 4k TensorFlow Basic Tutorial Labs
gluon-cv 4k Gluon CV Toolkit
pipeline 4k PipelineAI Kubeflow Distribution
snorkel 4k A system for quickly generating training data with weak supervision
DIGITS 4k Deep Learning GPU Training System
DenseNet 4k Densely Connected Convolutional Networks, In CVPR 2017 (Best Paper Award).
awesome-project-ideas 4k Curated list of Machine Learning, NLP, Vision, Recommender Systems Project Ideas
tutorials 4k PyTorch tutorials.
Deep-Learning-21-Examples 3.9k 《21个项目玩转深度学习———基于TensorFlow的实践详解》配套代码
DeepLearningTutorials 3.9k Deep Learning Tutorial notes and code. See the wiki for more info.
textgenrnn 3.9k Easily train your own text-generating neural network of any size and complexity on any text dataset with a few lines …
lucid 3.8k A collection of infrastructure and tools for research in neural network interpretability.
nsfwjs 3.8k NSFW detection on the client-side via TensorFlow.js
ssd.pytorch 3.8k A PyTorch Implementation of Single Shot MultiBox Detector
MachineLearning 3.8k Basic Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Tensorflow-Tutorial 3.8k Tensorflow tutorial from basic to hard
awesome-ml-for-cybersecurity 3.8k Machine Learning for Cyber Security
daily-paper-computer-vision 3.8k 记录每天整理的计算机视觉/深度学习/机器学习相关方向的论文
SSD-Tensorflow 3.8k Single Shot MultiBox Detector in TensorFlow
cvat 3.8k Powerful and efficient Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT)
deep-learning-roadmap 3.8k 📡 All You Need to Know About Deep Learning - A kick-starter
sqlflow 3.8k Brings SQL and AI together.
mmf 3.7k A modular framework for vision & language multimodal research from Facebook AI Research (FAIR)
tensorflow-docs 3.7k TensorFlow 最新官方文档中文版
iGAN 3.7k Interactive Image Generation via Generative Adversarial Networks
CapsNet-Tensorflow 3.7k A Tensorflow implementation of CapsNet(Capsules Net) in paper Dynamic Routing Between Capsules
Yet-Another-EfficientDet-Pytorch 3.6k The pytorch re-implement of the official efficientdet with SOTA performance in real time and pretrained weights.
pytorch-examples 3.6k Simple examples to introduce PyTorch
ML_for_Hackers 3.6k Code accompanying the book "Machine Learning for Hackers"
docs 3.6k TensorFlow documentation
tensorflow-generative-model-collections 3.6k Collection of generative models in Tensorflow 3.6k This repository contains my personal notes and summaries on specialization courses. I've enjoyed ever…
BERT-pytorch 3.6k Google AI 2018 BERT pytorch implementation
pwnagotchi 3.5k (⌐■_■) - Deep Reinforcement Learning instrumenting bettercap for WiFi pwning.
HyperLPR 3.5k 基于深度学习高性能中文车牌识别 High Performance Chinese License Plate Recognition Framework.
deep-learning 3.5k Repo for the Deep Learning Nanodegree Foundations program.
TensorFlowOnSpark 3.5k TensorFlowOnSpark brings TensorFlow programs to Apache Spark clusters.
BigDL 3.5k BigDL: Distributed Deep Learning Framework for Apache Spark
AlgoWiki 3.5k Repository which contains links and resources on different topics of Computer Science.
examples 3.5k TensorFlow examples
tf-faster-rcnn 3.4k Tensorflow Faster RCNN for Object Detection
tf-pose-estimation 3.4k Deep Pose Estimation implemented using Tensorflow with Custom Architectures for fast inference.
awesome-machine-learning-cn 3.4k 机器学习资源大全中文版,包括机器学习领域的框架、库以及软件
metaflow 3.4k Build and manage real-life data science projects with ease.
deep-reinforcement-learning 3.3k Repo for the Deep Reinforcement Learning Nanodegree program
semantic-segmentation-pytorch 3.3k Pytorch implementation for Semantic Segmentation/Scene Parsing on MIT ADE20K dataset
gocv 3.3k Go package for computer vision using OpenCV 4 and beyond.
d2l-pytorch 3.3k This project reproduces the book Dive Into Deep Learning (, adapting the code from MXNet into PyTorch.
Chinese-BERT-wwm 3.3k Pre-Training with Whole Word Masking for Chinese BERT(中文BERT-wwm系列模型)
SmartCropper 3.3k 🔥 A library for cropping image in a smart way that can identify the border and correct the cropped image. 智能图片裁剪框架。自动识别边框,手动调节选区,使用透视变换裁剪并矫正选区;适用于身份证,名片,文档等照片的裁剪。
PyTorchZeroToAll 3.3k Simple PyTorch Tutorials Zero to ALL!
pyAudioAnalysis 3.3k Python Audio Analysis Library: Feature Extraction, Classification, Segmentation and Applications
InterpretableMLBook 3.3k 《可解释的机器学习--黑盒模型可解释性理解指南》,该书为《Interpretable Machine Learning》中文版
snips-nlu 3.3k Snips Python library to extract meaning from text
pyod 3.3k A Python Toolbox for Scalable Outlier Detection (Anomaly Detection)
DeepLearning 3.2k 深度学习入门教程, 优秀文章, Deep Learning Tutorial
vespa 3.2k Vespa is an engine for low-latency computation over large data sets.
deep-voice-conversion 3.2k Deep neural networks for voice conversion (voice style transfer) in Tensorflow
lightfm 3.2k A Python implementation of LightFM, a hybrid recommendation algorithm.
machine-learning 3.2k Content for Udacity's Machine Learning curriculum
skflow 3.2k Simplified interface for TensorFlow (mimicking Scikit Learn) for Deep Learning
Tensorflow-Project-Template 3.2k A best practice for tensorflow project template architecture.
EasyOCR 3.2k Ready-to-use OCR with 40+ languages supported including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai
text-classification-cnn-rnn 3.1k CNN-RNN中文文本分类,基于TensorFlow
MachineLearning_Python 3.1k 机器学习算法python实现
imagededup 3.1k 😎 Finding duplicate images made easy!
MatchZoo 3.1k Facilitating the design, comparison and sharing of deep text matching models.
transformer 3.1k A TensorFlow Implementation of the Transformer: Attention Is All You Need
tensorflow_poems 3.1k 中文古诗自动作诗机器人,屌炸天,基于tensorflow1.10 api,正在积极维护升级中,快star,保持更新!
Deep-Learning-Roadmap 3.1k 📡 Organized Resources for Deep Learning Researchers and Developers
label-studio 3.1k Label Studio is a multi-type data labeling and annotation tool with standardized output format
ASRT_SpeechRecognition 3.1k A Deep-Learning-Based Chinese Speech Recognition System 基于深度学习的中文语音识别系统
benchmark_results 3.1k Visual Tracking Paper List
Machine-Learning 3k 机器学习实战(Python3):kNN、决策树、贝叶斯、逻辑回归、SVM、线性回归、树回归
yolact 3k A simple, fully convolutional model for real-time instance segmentation.
trfl 3k TensorFlow Reinforcement Learning
pytorch-cifar 3k 95.16% on CIFAR10 with PyTorch
sacred 3k Sacred is a tool to help you configure, organize, log and reproduce experiments developed at IDSIA.
yolov5 3k YOLOv5 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > iOS
Reinforcement-Learning 3k Learn Deep Reinforcement Learning in 60 days! Lectures & Code in Python. Reinforcement Learning + Deep Learning
distiller 3k Neural Network Distiller by Intel AI Lab: a Python package for neural network compression research. https://nervanasy…
FastMaskRCNN 3k Mask RCNN in TensorFlow
probability 3k Probabilistic reasoning and statistical analysis in TensorFlow
DeepVideoAnalytics 2.9k A distributed visual search and visual data analytics platform.
tensorwatch 2.9k Debugging, monitoring and visualization for Python Machine Learning and Data Science
darts 2.9k Differentiable architecture search for convolutional and recurrent networks
computervision-recipes 2.9k Best Practices, code samples, and documentation for Computer Vision.
text-detection-ctpn 2.9k text detection mainly based on ctpn model in tensorflow, id card detect, connectionist text proposal network
tensorflow-windows-wheel 2.9k Tensorflow prebuilt binary for Windows
tensorflow-yolov3 2.9k 🔥 Pure tensorflow Implement of YOLOv3 with support to train your own dataset
zhihu 2.9k This repo contains the source code in my personal column (, implemented using Python 3.6. Including Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision projects, such as text generation, machine translation, deep convolution GAN and other actual combat code.
BERT-BiLSTM-CRF-NER 2.9k Tensorflow solution of NER task Using BiLSTM-CRF model with Google BERT Fine-tuning And private Server services
TensorFlowSharp 2.9k TensorFlow API for .NET languages
ignite 2.9k High-level library to help with training and evaluating neural networks in PyTorch flexibly and transparently.
tensorflow-tutorial 2.9k Example TensorFlow codes and Caicloud TensorFlow as a Service dev environment.
100-Days-of-ML-Code-Chinese-Version 2.9k Chinese Translation for Machine Learning Infographics
deep-learning-papers-translation 2.9k 深度学习论文翻译,包括分类论文,检测论文等
DMTK 2.8k Microsoft Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit
caffe-tensorflow 2.8k Caffe models in TensorFlow
libpostal 2.8k A C library for parsing/normalizing street addresses around the world. Powered by statistical NLP and open geo data.
pigo 2.8k Pure Go face detection, pupil/eyes localization and facial landmark points detection library
mindsdb 2.8k Machine Learning in one line of code
Tensorflow-Cookbook 2.8k Simple Tensorflow Cookbook for easy-to-use
easy-tensorflow 2.8k Simple and comprehensive tutorials in TensorFlow
DeepLearning 2.8k Deep Learning (Python, C, C++, Java, Scala, Go)
pytorch-yolo-v3 2.8k A PyTorch implementation of the YOLO v3 object detection algorithm
jukebox 2.8k Code for the paper "Jukebox: A Generative Model for Music"
makegirlsmoe_web 2.8k Create Anime Characters with MakeGirlsMoe
deep-learning-keras-tensorflow 2.8k Introduction to Deep Neural Networks with Keras and Tensorflow
SiamMask 2.7k [CVPR2019] Fast Online Object Tracking and Segmentation: A Unifying Approach
tencent-ml-images 2.7k Largest multi-label image database; ResNet-101 model; 80.73% top-1 acc on ImageNet
DALI 2.7k A library containing both highly optimized building blocks and an execution engine for data pre-processing in deep le…
shogun 2.7k Shōgun
optuna 2.7k A hyperparameter optimization framework
Automatic_Speech_Recognition 2.7k End-to-end Automatic Speech Recognition for Madarian and English in Tensorflow
pytorch-semseg 2.7k Semantic Segmentation Architectures Implemented in PyTorch
pygcn 2.7k Graph Convolutional Networks in PyTorch
deep-learning-book 2.7k Repository for "Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning: A Practical Guide with Applications in …
pointnet 2.7k PointNet: Deep Learning on Point Sets for 3D Classification and Segmentation
CVPR2020-Code 2.7k CVPR 2020 论文开源项目合集
Detectron.pytorch 2.7k A pytorch implementation of Detectron. Both training from scratch and inferring directly from pretrained Detectron we…
LSTM-Human-Activity-Recognition 2.6k Human Activity Recognition example using TensorFlow on smartphone sensors dataset and an LSTM RNN. Classifying the type of movement amongst six activity categories - Guillaume Chevalier
neural-style-tf 2.6k TensorFlow (Python API) implementation of Neural Style
Pytorch-UNet 2.6k PyTorch implementation of the U-Net for image semantic segmentation with high quality images
kornia 2.6k Open Source Differentiable Computer Vision Library for PyTorch
Ad-papers 2.6k Papers on Computational Advertising
deep-high-resolution-net.pytorch 2.6k The project is an official implementation of our CVPR2019 paper "Deep High-Resolution Representation Learning for Hum…
VoTT 2.6k Visual Object Tagging Tool: An electron app for building end to end Object Detection Models from Images and Videos.
espnet 2.6k End-to-End Speech Processing Toolkit
ltp 2.6k Language Technology Platform
Learn_Deep_Learning_in_6_Weeks 2.6k This is the Curriculum for "Learn Deep Learning in 6 Weeks" by Siraj Raval on Youtube
keras-vis 2.6k Neural network visualization toolkit for keras
onnxruntime 2.6k ONNX Runtime: cross-platform, high performance ML inferencing and training accelerator
3DDFA 2.6k The PyTorch improved version of TPAMI 2017 paper: Face Alignment in Full Pose Range: A 3D Total Solution.
olivia 2.6k 💁‍♀️Your new best friend powered by an artificial neural network
ai-deadlines 2.6k AI conference deadline countdowns
opencvsharp 2.5k .NET Framework wrapper for OpenCV
telegram-list 2.5k List of telegram groups, channels & bots // Список интересных групп, каналов и ботов телеграма // Список чатов для программистов
easy12306 2.5k 使用机器学习算法完成对12306验证码的自动识别
rust 2.5k Rust language bindings for TensorFlow
miles-deep 2.5k Deep Learning Porn Video Classifier/Editor with Caffe
VisualDL 2.5k Deep Learning Visualization Toolkit(『飞桨』深度学习可视化工具 )
SinGAN 2.5k Official pytorch implementation of the paper: "SinGAN: Learning a Generative Model from a Single Natural Image"
t81_558_deep_learning 2.5k Washington University (in St. Louis) Course T81-558: Applications of Deep Neural Networks
training 2.5k 🐝 Custom Object Detection and Classification Training
PocketFlow 2.5k An Automatic Model Compression (AutoMC) framework for developing smaller and faster AI applications.
autogluon 2.5k AutoGluon: AutoML Toolkit for Deep Learning
simple-faster-rcnn-pytorch 2.5k A simplified implemention of Faster R-CNN that replicate performance from origin paper
MITIE 2.5k MITIE: library and tools for information extraction
reinforcement-learning 2.5k Minimal and Clean Reinforcement Learning Examples
ISLR-python 2.4k An Introduction to Statistical Learning (James, Witten, Hastie, Tibshirani, 2013): Python code
EAST 2.4k A tensorflow implementation of EAST text detector
DeepNLP-models-Pytorch 2.4k Pytorch implementations of various Deep NLP models in cs-224n(Stanford Univ)
Machine-Learning-with-Python 2.4k Python code for common Machine Learning Algorithms
stanford_dl_ex 2.4k Programming exercises for the Stanford Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning Tutorial
tensorflow-internals 2.4k It is open source ebook about TensorFlow kernel and implementation mechanism.
DeepLearning 2.4k Python for《Deep Learning》,该书为《深度学习》(花书) 数学推导、原理剖析与源码级别代码实现
text 2.4k Data loaders and abstractions for text and NLP
ALAE 2.4k [CVPR2020] Adversarial Latent Autoencoders
pytorch-summary 2.4k Model summary in PyTorch similar to model.summary() in Keras
pytorch-doc-zh 2.4k Pytorch 中文文档
Deep_reinforcement_learning_Course 2.4k Implementations from the free course Deep Reinforcement Learning with Tensorflow
ML-Tutorial-Experiment 2.4k Coding the Machine Learning Tutorial for Learning to Learn
pytorch-Deep-Learning 2.4k Deep Learning (with PyTorch)
models 2.4k A collection of pre-trained, state-of-the-art models in the ONNX format
book 2.4k Deep Learning 101 with PaddlePaddle (『飞桨』深度学习框架入门教程)
PyTorch_Tutorial 2.4k 《Pytorch模型训练实用教程》中配套代码
Dive-into-DL-TensorFlow2.0 2.4k 本项目将《动手学深度学习》(Dive into Deep Learning)原书中的MXNet实现改为TensorFlow 2.0实现,项目已得到李沐老师的同意
Artificial-Intelligence-Deep-Learning-Machine-Learning-Tutorials 2.4k A comprehensive list of Deep Learning / Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tutorials - rapidly expanding in…
segmentation_models 2.4k Segmentation models with pretrained backbones. Keras and TensorFlow Keras.
Awesome-PyTorch-Chinese 2.3k 【干货】史上最全的PyTorch学习资源汇总
Flux.jl 2.3k Relax! Flux is the ML library that doesn't make you tensor
weld 2.3k High-performance runtime for data analytics applications
PyTorch-BigGraph 2.3k Generate embeddings from large-scale graph-structured data.
byteps 2.3k A high performance and generic framework for distributed DNN training
AI-Job-Notes 2.3k AI算法岗求职攻略(涵盖准备攻略、刷题指南、内推和AI公司清单等资料)
luminoth 2.3k ⚠️ UNMAINTAINED. Deep Learning toolkit for Computer Vision.
Alink 2.3k Alink is the Machine Learning algorithm platform based on Flink, developed by the PAI team of Alibaba computing platf…
introtodeeplearning 2.3k Lab Materials for MIT 6.S191: Introduction to Deep Learning
TensorFlow-and-DeepLearning-Tutorial 2.3k A TensorFlow & Deep Learning online course I taught in 2016
srgan 2.3k Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network
colorization 2.3k Automatic colorization using deep neural networks. "Colorful Image Colorization." In ECCV, 2016.
OpenNMT 2.3k Open Source Neural Machine Translation in Torch (deprecated)
Super-SloMo 2.3k PyTorch implementation of Super SloMo by Jiang et al.
orange3 2.3k 🍊 📊 💡 Orange: Interactive data analysis
ENAS-pytorch 2.3k PyTorch implementation of "Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameters Sharing"
3D-ResNets-PyTorch 2.3k 3D ResNets for Action Recognition (CVPR 2018)
pomegranate 2.3k Fast, flexible and easy to use probabilistic modelling in Python.
Faster-RCNN_TF 2.3k Faster-RCNN in Tensorflow
datascience 2.3k Curated list of Python resources for data science.
deep-learning-from-scratch 2.3k 『ゼロから作る Deep Learning』(O'Reilly Japan, 2016)
covid-chestxray-dataset 2.2k We are building an open database of COVID-19 cases with chest X-ray or CT images.
deepchem 2.2k Democratizing Deep-Learning for Drug Discovery, Quantum Chemistry, Materials Science and Biology
awesome-learning-resources 2.2k 🔥 Awesome list of resources on Web Development.
omniscidb 2.2k OmniSciDB (formerly MapD Core)
tablesaw 2.2k Java dataframe and visualization library
Semantic-Segmentation-Suite 2.2k Semantic Segmentation Suite in TensorFlow. Implement, train, and test new Semantic Segmentation models easily!
FCOS 2.2k FCOS: Fully Convolutional One-Stage Object Detection (ICCV'19)
spotlight 2.2k Deep recommender models using PyTorch.
datasets 2.2k TFDS is a collection of datasets ready to use with TensorFlow, Jax, ...
Deep-Learning-for-Recommendation-Systems 2.2k This repository contains Deep Learning based articles , paper and repositories for Recommender Systems
gluon-nlp 2.1k NLP made easy
dowhy 2.1k DoWhy is a Python library for causal inference that supports explicit modeling and testing of causal assumptions. DoWhy is based on a unified language for causal inference, combining causal graphical models and potential outcomes frameworks.
keras-attention-mechanism 2.1k Attention mechanism Implementation for Keras.
Meta-Learning-Papers 2.1k Meta Learning / Learning to Learn / One Shot Learning / Few Shot Learning
tacotron 2.1k A TensorFlow implementation of Google's Tacotron speech synthesis with pre-trained model (unofficial)
machinelearninginaction 2.1k Source Code for the book: Machine Learning in Action published by Manning
BuildingMachineLearningSystemsWithPython 2.1k Source Code for the book Building Machine Learning Systems with Python
CHINESE-OCR 2.1k [python3.6] 运用tf实现自然场景文字检测,keras/pytorch实现ctpn+crnn+ctc实现不定长场景文字OCR识别
deepdetect 2.1k Deep Learning API and Server in C++11 support for Caffe, Caffe2, PyTorch,TensorRT, Dlib, NCNN, Tensorflow, XGBoost an…
XLM 2.1k PyTorch original implementation of Cross-lingual Language Model Pretraining.
tensorflow-on-raspberry-pi 2.1k TensorFlow for Raspberry Pi
decaNLP 2.1k The Natural Language Decathlon: A Multitask Challenge for NLP
AlphaZero_Gomoku 2.1k An implementation of the AlphaZero algorithm for Gomoku (also called Gobang or Five in a Row)
pytorch-beginner 2.1k pytorch tutorial for beginners
tangent 2.1k Source-to-Source Debuggable Derivatives in Pure Python
Person_reID_baseline_pytorch 2.1k A tiny, friendly, strong pytorch implement of person re-identification baseline. Tutorial 👉…
mmlspark 2k Microsoft Machine Learning for Apache Spark
FATE 2k An Industrial Level Federated Learning Framework
text-to-image 2k Text to image synthesis using thought vectors
pytorch-sentiment-analysis 2k Tutorials on getting started with PyTorch and TorchText for sentiment analysis.
ELF 2k An End-To-End, Lightweight and Flexible Platform for Game Research
catalyst 2k Accelerated DL R&D
neuralcoref 2k Fast Coreference Resolution in spaCy with Neural Networks
DeepRL-Agents 2k A set of Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents implemented in Tensorflow.
RL-Adventure 2k Pytorch Implementation of DQN / DDQN / Prioritized replay/ noisy networks/ distributional values/ Rainbow/ hierarchic…
fe4ml-zh 2k 📖 [译] 面向机器学习的特征工程
lingvo 2k Lingvo
pytorch-generative-model-collections 2k Collection of generative models in Pytorch version.
ResNeSt 2k ResNeSt: Split-Attention Networks
TensorFlow-Tutorials 2k 텐서플로우를 기초부터 응용까지 단계별로 연습할 수 있는 소스 코드를 제공합니다
MUNIT 2k Multimodal Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
oneDNN 2k oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN)
deepvariant 2k DeepVariant is an analysis pipeline that uses a deep neural network to call genetic variants from next-generation DNA sequencing data.
texar 2k Toolkit for Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Text Generation, in TensorFlow
kaolin 2k A PyTorch Library for Accelerating 3D Deep Learning Research
Clairvoyant 2k Software designed to identify and monitor social/historical cues for short term stock movement
implicit 2k Fast Python Collaborative Filtering for Implicit Feedback Datasets
DeepRL 2k Modularized Implementation of Deep RL Algorithms in PyTorch
lgo 2k Interactive Go programming with Jupyter
kcws 2k Deep Learning Chinese Word Segment
tensorflow-build-archived 2k TensorFlow binaries supporting AVX, FMA, SSE
dm_control 2k DeepMind's software stack for physics-based simulation and Reinforcement Learning environments, using MuJoCo.
gpytorch 2k A highly efficient and modular implementation of Gaussian Processes in PyTorch
Neural-Photo-Editor 1.9k A simple interface for editing natural photos with generative neural networks.
alpha-zero-general 1.9k A clean implementation based on AlphaZero for any game in any framework + tutorial + Othello/Gobang/TicTacToe/Connect4
tacotron2 1.9k Tacotron 2 - PyTorch implementation with faster-than-realtime inference
siamese-triplet 1.9k Siamese and triplet networks with online pair/triplet mining in PyTorch
awesome-quant 1.9k 中国的Quant相关资源索引
image-super-resolution 1.9k 🔎 Super-scale your images and run experiments with Residual Dense and Adversarial Networks.
generative_inpainting 1.9k DeepFill v1/v2 with Contextual Attention and Gated Convolution, CVPR 2018, and ICCV 2019 Oral
code-of-learn-deep-learning-with-pytorch 1.9k This is code of book "Learn Deep Learning with PyTorch"
gpt-2-simple 1.9k Python package to easily retrain OpenAI's GPT-2 text-generating model on new texts
DeepInterests 1.9k 深度有趣
segmentation_models.pytorch 1.9k Segmentation models with pretrained backbones. PyTorch.
human-pose-estimation.pytorch 1.9k The project is an official implement of our ECCV2018 paper "Simple Baselines for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking(h…
BigGAN-PyTorch 1.9k The author's officially unofficial PyTorch BigGAN implementation.
pytorch-playground 1.9k Base pretrained models and datasets in pytorch (MNIST, SVHN, CIFAR10, CIFAR100, STL10, AlexNet, VGG16, VGG19, ResNet, Inception, SqueezeNet)
bertviz 1.9k Tool for visualizing attention in the Transformer model (BERT, GPT-2, Albert, XLNet, RoBERTa, CTRL, etc.)
face.evoLVe.PyTorch 1.9k 🔥🔥High-Performance Face Recognition Library on PyTorch🔥🔥
Reco-papers 1.8k Classic papers and resources on recommendation
coach 1.8k Reinforcement Learning Coach by Intel AI Lab enables easy experimentation with state of the art Reinforcement Learning algorithms
sling 1.8k SLING - A natural language frame semantics parser
pytorch-deeplab-xception 1.8k DeepLab v3+ model in PyTorch. Support different backbones.
mmskeleton 1.8k A OpenMMLAB toolbox for human pose estimation, skeleton-based action recognition, and action synthesis.
sru 1.8k Training RNNs as Fast as CNNs (
pytorch-seq2seq 1.8k Tutorials on implementing a few sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) models with PyTorch and TorchText.
Deep-Learning-Interview-Book 1.8k 深度学习面试宝典(含数学、机器学习、深度学习、计算机视觉、自然语言处理和SLAM等方向)
pai 1.8k Resource scheduling and cluster management for AI
AI-Blocks 1.8k A powerful and intuitive WYSIWYG interface that allows anyone to create Machine Learning models!
scikit-optimize 1.8k Sequential model-based optimization with a scipy.optimize interface
sequence_tagging 1.8k Named Entity Recognition (LSTM + CRF) - Tensorflow
zh-NER-TF 1.8k A very simple BiLSTM-CRF model for Chinese Named Entity Recognition 中文命名实体识别 (TensorFlow)
donkeycar 1.8k Open source hardware and software platform to build a small scale self driving car.
edge-connect 1.8k EdgeConnect: Structure Guided Image Inpainting using Edge Prediction, ICCV 2019
awd-lstm-lm 1.7k LSTM and QRNN Language Model Toolkit for PyTorch
pytorch-kaldi 1.7k pytorch-kaldi is a project for developing state-of-the-art DNN/RNN hybrid speech recognition systems. The DNN part is managed by pytorch, while feature extraction, label computation, and decoding are performed with the kaldi toolkit.
Bender 1.7k Easily craft fast Neural Networks on iOS! Use TensorFlow models. Metal under the hood.
zi2zi 1.7k Learning Chinese Character style with conditional GAN
automl-gs 1.7k Provide an input CSV and a target field to predict, generate a model + code to run it.
stats 1.7k A well tested and comprehensive Golang statistics library package with no dependencies.
ranking 1.7k Learning to Rank in TensorFlow
mathAI 1.7k 一个拍照做题程序。输入一张包含数学计算题的图片,输出识别出的数学计算式以及计算结果。This is a mathematic expression recognition project.
spark-ml-source-analysis 1.7k spark ml 算法原理剖析以及具体的源码实现分析
video-object-removal 1.7k Just draw a bounding box and you can remove the object you want to remove.
datascience-pizza 1.7k 🍕 Repositório para juntar informações sobre materiais de estudo em análise de dados e áreas afins, empresas que trabalham com dados e dicionário de conceitos
data-science-interviews 1.7k Data science interview questions and answers
yolov3-tf2 1.7k YoloV3 Implemented in Tensorflow 2.0
ComputeLibrary 1.7k The ARM Computer Vision and Machine Learning library is a set of functions optimised for both ARM CPUs and GPUs using SIMD technologies.
tacotron 1.7k A TensorFlow Implementation of Tacotron: A Fully End-to-End Text-To-Speech Synthesis Model
DeepLearn 1.7k Implementation of research papers on Deep Learning+ NLP+ CV in Python using Keras, Tensorflow and Scikit Learn.
analytics-zoo 1.7k Distributed Tensorflow, Keras and PyTorch on Apache Spark/Flink & Ray
PyTorch-NLP 1.7k Basic Utilities for PyTorch Natural Language Processing (NLP)
captcha_break 1.7k 验证码识别
crnn 1.7k Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (CRNN) for image-based sequence recognition.
DeblurGAN 1.7k Image Deblurring using Generative Adversarial Networks
robosat 1.6k Semantic segmentation on aerial and satellite imagery. Extracts features such as: buildings, parking lots, roads, water, clouds
pointnet2 1.6k PointNet++: Deep Hierarchical Feature Learning on Point Sets in a Metric Space
AutonomousDrivingCookbook 1.6k Scenarios, tutorials and demos for Autonomous Driving
imgclsmob 1.6k Sandbox for training convolutional networks for computer vision
tf_unet 1.6k Generic U-Net Tensorflow implementation for image segmentation
torchsample 1.6k High-Level Training, Data Augmentation, and Utilities for Pytorch
nlp 1.6k 🤗nlp – Datasets and evaluation metrics for Natural Language Processing in NumPy, Pandas, PyTorch and TensorFlow
hdbscan 1.6k A high performance implementation of HDBSCAN clustering.
m2cgen 1.6k Transform ML models into a native code (Java, C, Python, Go, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#, R, PowerShell, PHP, Dart, Haskell, Ruby) with zero dependencies
fastNLP 1.6k fastNLP: A Modularized and Extensible NLP Framework. Currently still in incubation.
keras-yolo2 1.6k Easy training on custom dataset. Various backends (MobileNet and SqueezeNet) supported. A YOLO demo to detect raccoon run entirely in brower is accessible at (not on Windows).
Awesome-Chatbot 1.6k Awesome Chatbot Projects,Corpus,Papers,Tutorials.Chinese Chatbot =>:
knockknock 1.6k 🚪Knock Knock: Get notified when your training ends with only two additional lines of code
MTBook 1.6k 《机器翻译:统计建模与深度学习方法》肖桐 朱靖波 著 - Machine Translation: Statistical Modeling and Deep Learning Methods
trains 1.6k TRAINS - Auto-Magical Experiment Manager & Version Control for AI - NOW WITH AUTO-MAGICAL DEVOPS!
self-driving-car 1.6k Udacity Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree projects.
cnn_captcha 1.6k use cnn recognize captcha by tensorflow. 本项目针对字符型图片验证码,使用tensorflow实现卷积神经网络,进行验证码识别。
XLearning 1.6k AI on Hadoop
Tacotron-2 1.6k DeepMind's Tacotron-2 Tensorflow implementation
fast-wavenet 1.6k Speedy Wavenet generation using dynamic programming
spacy-course 1.6k 👩‍🏫 Advanced NLP with spaCy: A free online course
gandissect 1.6k Pytorch-based tools for visualizing and understanding the neurons of a GAN.
NCRFpp 1.6k NCRF++, a Neural Sequence Labeling Toolkit. Easy use to any sequence labeling tasks (e.g. NER, POS, Segmentation). It includes character LSTM/CNN, word LSTM/CNN and softmax/CRF components.
stargan-v2 1.6k StarGAN v2 - Official PyTorch Implementation (CVPR 2020)
tinyflow 1.6k Tutorial code on how to build your own Deep Learning System in 2k Lines
UNIT 1.6k Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation
ssd_keras 1.6k A Keras port of Single Shot MultiBox Detector
cosin 1.5k 🌲 春松客服,多渠道智能客服系统,开源客服系统
foolbox 1.5k A Python toolbox to create adversarial examples that fool neural networks in PyTorch, TensorFlow, and JAX
capsule-networks 1.5k A PyTorch implementation of the NIPS 2017 paper "Dynamic Routing Between Capsules".
flogo 1.5k Project Flogo is an open source ecosystem of opinionated event-driven capabilities to simplify building efficient & modern serverless functions, microservices & edge apps.
lip-reading-deeplearning 1.5k 🔓 Lip Reading - Cross Audio-Visual Recognition using 3D Architectures
hummingbird 1.5k Hummingbird compiles trained ML models into tensor computation for faster inference.
deep-rl-tensorflow 1.5k TensorFlow implementation of Deep Reinforcement Learning papers
practical-machine-learning-with-python 1.5k Master the essential skills needed to recognize and solve complex real-world problems with Machine Learning and Deep Learning by leveraging the highly popular Python Machine Learning Eco-system.
NeuroNER 1.5k Named-entity recognition using neural networks. Easy-to-use and state-of-the-art results.
wavenet_vocoder 1.5k WaveNet vocoder
awesome-hand-pose-estimation 1.5k Awesome work on hand pose estimation/tracking
mAP 1.5k mean Average Precision - This code evaluates the performance of your neural net for object recognition.
agents 1.5k TF-Agents is a library for Reinforcement Learning in TensorFlow
CADL 1.5k ARCHIVED: Contains historical course materials/Homework materials for the FREE MOOC course on "Creative Applications of Deep Learning w/ Tensorflow" #CADL
tensorflow-DeepFM 1.5k Tensorflow implementation of DeepFM for CTR prediction.
tensorflow-1.4-billion-password-analysis 1.5k Deep Learning model to analyze a large corpus of clear text passwords.
DAT8 1.5k General Assembly's 2015 Data Science course in Washington, DC
NeMo 1.5k NeMo: a toolkit for conversational AI
Machine-Learning-Flappy-Bird 1.5k Machine Learning for Flappy Bird using Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
ml-visuals 1.5k Visuals contains figures and templates which you can reuse and customize to improve your scientific writing.
GANimation 1.5k GANimation: Anatomically-aware Facial Animation from a Single Image (ECCV'18 Oral) [PyTorch]
EagleEye 1.5k Stalk your Friends. Find their Instagram, FB and Twitter Profiles using Image Recognition and Reverse Image Search.
PyTorch-Encoding 1.5k A PyTorch CV Toolkit
spark 1.5k .NET for Apache® Spark™ makes Apache Spark™ easily accessible to .NET developers.
quiver 1.5k Interactive convnet features visualization for Keras
MachineLearning 1.5k 一些关于机器学习的学习资料与研究介绍
GAT 1.5k Graph Attention Networks (
mt-dnn 1.4k Multi-Task Deep Neural Networks for Natural Language Understanding
deep-neuroevolution 1.4k Deep Neuroevolution
a-PyTorch-Tutorial-to-Object-Detection 1.4k SSD: Single Shot MultiBox Detector
labelbox 1.4k Labelbox is the fastest way to annotate data to build and ship computer vision applications.
openvino 1.4k OpenVINO™ Toolkit repository
awesome-decision-tree-papers 1.4k A collection of research papers on decision, classification and regression trees with implementations.
project_alias 1.4k Alias is a teachable “parasite” that is designed to give users more control over their smart assistants, both when it comes to customisation and privacy. Through a simple app the user can train Alias to react on a custom wake-word/sound, and once trained, Alias can take control over your home assistant by activating it for you.
data-science-question-answer 1.4k A repo for data science related questions and answers
photo2cartoon 1.4k 人像卡通化探索项目 (photo-to-cartoon translation project)
video2x 1.4k A lossless video/GIF/image upscaler achieved with waifu2x, Anime4K, SRMD and RealSR. Started in Hack the Valley 2, 2018.
Tengine 1.4k Tengine is a lite, high performance, modular inference engine for embedded device
cuml 1.4k cuML - RAPIDS Machine Learning Library
BentoML 1.4k Model Serving Made Easy
GANotebooks 1.4k wgan, wgan2(improved, gp), infogan, and dcgan implementation in lasagne, keras, pytorch
MobileNet 1.4k MobileNet build with Tensorflow
CRAFT-pytorch 1.4k Official implementation of Character Region Awareness for Text Detection (CRAFT)
mlr 1.4k Machine Learning in R
monodepth2 1.4k Monocular depth estimation from a single image
TensorKart 1.4k self-driving MarioKart with TensorFlow
keras-contrib 1.4k Keras community contributions
stellargraph 1.4k StellarGraph - Machine Learning on Graphs
GDLnotes 1.4k Google Deep Learning Notes(TensorFlow教程)
pydensecrf 1.4k Python wrapper to Philipp Krähenbühl's dense (fully connected) CRFs with gaussian edge potentials.
seldon-server 1.4k Machine Learning Platform and Recommendation Engine built on Kubernetes
chainercv 1.4k ChainerCV: a Library for Deep Learning in Computer Vision
tensorflow-nlp 1.4k Building blocks for NLP and Text Generation in TensorFlow 2.x / 1.x
iOS_ML 1.4k List of Machine Learning, AI, NLP solutions for iOS. The most recent version of this article can be found on my blog.
tfgo 1.4k Tensorflow + Go, the gopher way
bi-att-flow 1.4k Bi-directional Attention Flow (BiDAF) network is a multi-stage hierarchical process that represents context at different levels of granularity and uses a bi-directional attention flow mechanism to achieve a query-aware context representation without early summarization.
CoreML-in-ARKit 1.4k Simple project to detect objects and display 3D labels above them in AR. This serves as a basic Template for an ARKit project to use CoreML.
lightning 1.4k Large-scale linear classification, regression and ranking in Python
DeepFace 1.4k Face analysis mainly based on Caffe. At this time, face analysis tasks like detection, alignment and recognition have been done.
torch2trt 1.4k An easy to use PyTorch to TensorRT converter
deepvoice3_pytorch 1.4k PyTorch implementation of convolutional neural networks-based text-to-speech synthesis models
sphereface 1.4k Implementation for <SphereFace: Deep Hypersphere Embedding for Face Recognition> in CVPR'17.
jeelizFaceFilter 1.4k Javascript/WebGL lightweight face tracking library designed for augmented reality webcam filters. Features : multiple faces detection, rotation, mouth opening. Various integration examples are provided (Three.js, Babylon.js, FaceSwap, Canvas2D, CSS3D...).
kaggle-web-traffic 1.4k 1st place solution
minimalRL 1.4k Implementations of basic RL algorithms with minimal lines of codes! (pytorch based)
Machine-Learning-Notes 1.4k 周志华《机器学习》手推笔记
Gen.jl 1.4k A general-purpose probabilistic programming system with programmable inference
faster_rcnn_pytorch 1.4k Faster RCNN with PyTorch
sod 1.4k An Embedded Computer Vision & Machine Learning Library (CPU Optimized & IoT Capable)
keras_to_tensorflow 1.4k General code to convert a trained keras model into an inference tensorflow model
handtracking 1.3k Building a Real-time Hand-Detector using Neural Networks (SSD) on Tensorflow
word-rnn-tensorflow 1.3k Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, RNN) for word-level language models in Python using TensorFlow.
TorchCraft 1.3k Connecting Torch to StarCraft
AndroidTensorFlowMachineLearningExample 1.3k Android TensorFlow MachineLearning Example (Building TensorFlow for Android)
magnitude 1.3k A fast, efficient universal vector embedding utility package.
hackermath 1.3k Introduction to Statistics and Basics of Mathematics for Data Science - The Hacker's Way
pytorch-grad-cam 1.3k PyTorch implementation of Grad-CAM
grenade 1.3k Deep Learning in Haskell
captcha_trainer 1.3k [验证码识别-训练] This project is based on CNN/ResNet/DenseNet+GRU/LSTM+CTC/CrossEntropy to realize verification code identification. This project is only for training the model.
anago 1.3k Bidirectional LSTM-CRF and ELMo for Named-Entity Recognition, Part-of-Speech Tagging and so on.
mne-python 1.3k MNE : Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) in Python
eos 1.3k A lightweight 3D Morphable Face Model fitting library in modern C++14
ngraph 1.3k nGraph - open source C++ library, compiler and runtime for Deep Learning
NSFWDetector 1.3k A NSFW (aka porn) detector with CoreML
open_nsfw_android 1.3k 🔥🔥🔥色情图片离线识别,基于TensorFlow实现。识别只需20ms,可断网测试,成功率99%,调用只要一行代码,从雅虎的开源项目open_nsfw移植,该模型文件可用于iOS、java、C++等平台
cs230-code-examples 1.3k Code examples in pyTorch and Tensorflow for CS230
pytorch-generative-adversarial-networks 1.3k A very simple generative adversarial network (GAN) in PyTorch
forecasting 1.3k Time Series Forecasting Best Practices & Examples
VIBE 1.3k Official implementation of CVPR2020 paper "VIBE: Video Inference for Human Body Pose and Shape Estimation"
bulbea 1.3k 🐗 🐻 Deep Learning based Python Library for Stock Market Prediction and Modelling
electra 1.3k ELECTRA: Pre-training Text Encoders as Discriminators Rather Than Generators
scattertext 1.3k Beautiful visualizations of how language differs among document types.
talos 1.3k Hyperparameter Optimization for TensorFlow, Keras and PyTorch
practicalAI-cn 1.3k AI实战-practicalAI 中文版
impersonator 1.3k PyTorch implementation of our ICCV 2019 paper: Liquid Warping GAN: A Unified Framework for Human Motion Imitation, Appearance Transfer and Novel View Synthesis
gluon-ts 1.3k Probabilistic time series modeling in Python
dcgan-completion.tensorflow 1.3k Image Completion with Deep Learning in TensorFlow
EfficientDet.Pytorch 1.3k Implementation EfficientDet: Scalable and Efficient Object Detection in PyTorch
NeuronBlocks 1.3k NLP DNN Toolkit - Building Your NLP DNN Models Like Playing Lego
yolo2-pytorch 1.3k YOLOv2 in PyTorch
EmojiIntelligence 1.3k Neural Network built in Apple Playground using Swift
efficientnet 1.3k Implementation of EfficientNet model. Keras and TensorFlow Keras.
YOLOv3_TensorFlow 1.3k Complete YOLO v3 TensorFlow implementation. Support training on your own dataset.
TensorFlow.NET 1.3k .NET Standard bindings for Google's TensorFlow for developing, training and deploying Machine Learning models in C#.
pytextrank 1.3k Python implementation of TextRank for phrase extraction and summarization of text documents
infer 1.3k Infer.NET is a framework for running Bayesian inference in graphical models
uda 1.3k Unsupervised Data Augmentation (UDA)
mmaction 1.3k An open-source toolbox for action understanding based on PyTorch
spark-nlp 1.3k State of the Art Natural Language Processing
pytorch-semantic-segmentation 1.3k PyTorch for Semantic Segmentation
Deep-Learning-Boot-Camp 1.2k A community run, 5-day PyTorch Deep Learning Bootcamp
pytorch-openai-transformer-lm 1.2k 🐥A PyTorch implementation of OpenAI's finetuned transformer language model with a script to import the weights pre-trained by OpenAI
hiddenlayer 1.2k Neural network graphs and training metrics for PyTorch, Tensorflow, and Keras.
PaddleHub 1.2k Toolkit for Pre-trained Model Application of PaddlePaddle(『飞桨』预训练模型应用工具 )
PhotographicImageSynthesis 1.2k Photographic Image Synthesis with Cascaded Refinement Networks
alpr-unconstrained 1.2k License Plate Detection and Recognition in Unconstrained Scenarios
Deep-Image-Analogy 1.2k The source code of 'Visual Attribute Transfer through Deep Image Analogy'.
spektral 1.2k Graph Neural Networks with Keras and Tensorflow 2.
DeepAA 1.2k make ASCII Art by Deep Learning
vvedenie-mashinnoe-obuchenie 1.2k 📝 Подборка ресурсов по машинному обучению
OpenSeq2Seq 1.2k Toolkit for efficient experimentation with Speech Recognition, Text2Speech and NLP
Forge 1.2k A neural network toolkit for Metal
keras-yolo3 1.2k Training and Detecting Objects with YOLO3
NiftyNet 1.2k [unmaintained] An open-source convolutional neural networks platform for research in medical image analysis and image-guided therapy
Awesome-TensorFlow-Chinese 1.2k Awesome-TensorFlow-Chinese,TensorFlow 中文资源精选,官方网站,安装教程,入门教程,视频教程,实战项目,学习路径。QQ群:167122861,公众号:磐创AI,微信群二维码:
StudyBook 1.2k Study E-Book(ComputerVision DeepLearning MachineLearning Math NLP Python ReinforcementLearning)
awesome-semantic-segmentation-pytorch 1.2k Semantic Segmentation on PyTorch (include FCN, PSPNet, Deeplabv3, Deeplabv3+, DANet, DenseASPP, BiSeNet, EncNet, DUNet, ICNet, ENet, OCNet, CCNet, PSANet, CGNet, ESPNet, LEDNet, DFANet)
RFBNet 1.2k Receptive Field Block Net for Accurate and Fast Object Detection, ECCV 2018
GPflow 1.2k Gaussian processes in TensorFlow
dlwpt-code 1.2k Code for the book Deep Learning with PyTorch by Eli Stevens, Luca Antiga, and Thomas Viehmann.
dlcv_for_beginners 1.2k 《深度学习与计算机视觉》配套代码
Deep-Learning-with-PyTorch-Tutorials 1.2k 深度学习与PyTorch入门实战视频教程 配套源代码和PPT
DLTK 1.2k Deep Learning Toolkit for Medical Image Analysis
FCN.tensorflow 1.2k Tensorflow implementation of Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation (
facenet-pytorch 1.2k Pretrained Pytorch face detection (MTCNN) and recognition (InceptionResnet) models
h2o-tutorials 1.2k Tutorials and training material for the H2O Machine Learning Platform
nlp-journey 1.2k Documents, papers and codes related to Natural Language Processing, including Topic Model, Word Embedding, Named Entity Recognition, Text Classificatin, Text Generation, Text Similarity, Machine Translation),etc. All codes are implemented intensorflow 2.0.
object_detector_app 1.2k Real-Time Object Recognition App with Tensorflow and OpenCV
tnt 1.2k Simple tools for logging and visualizing, loading and training
tensorflow-deeplab-resnet 1.2k DeepLab-ResNet rebuilt in TensorFlow
reproducible-image-denoising-state-of-the-art 1.2k Collection of popular and reproducible image denoising works.
senet.pytorch 1.2k PyTorch implementation of SENet
pytorch-seq2seq 1.2k An open source framework for seq2seq models in PyTorch.
efficient_densenet_pytorch 1.2k A memory-efficient implementation of DenseNets
pytorch-retinanet 1.2k Pytorch implementation of RetinaNet object detection.
cakechat 1.2k CakeChat: Emotional Generative Dialog System
pytorch-fcn 1.2k PyTorch Implementation of Fully Convolutional Networks. (Training code to reproduce the original result is available.)
python-machine-learning-book-3rd-edition 1.2k The "Python Machine Learning (3rd edition)" book code repository
tf-quant-finance 1.2k High-performance TensorFlow library for quantitative finance.
gnes 1.1k GNES is Generic Neural Elastic Search, a cloud-native semantic search system based on deep neural network.
Image-OutPainting 1.1k 🏖 Keras Implementation of Painting outside the box
Fabrik 1.1k 🏭 Collaboratively build, visualize, and design neural nets in browser
attention-transfer 1.1k Improving Convolutional Networks via Attention Transfer (ICLR 2017)
pytorch-cifar100 1.1k Practice on cifar100(ResNet, DenseNet, VGG, GoogleNet, InceptionV3, InceptionV4, Inception-ResNetv2, Xception, Resnet In Resnet, ResNext,ShuffleNet, ShuffleNetv2, MobileNet, MobileNetv2, SqueezeNet, NasNet, Residual Attention Network, SENet)
MONAI 1.1k AI Toolkit for Healthcare Imaging
tensorrec 1.1k A TensorFlow recommendation algorithm and framework in Python.
mleap 1.1k MLeap: Deploy Spark Pipelines to Production
noreward-rl 1.1k [ICML 2017] TensorFlow code for Curiosity-driven Exploration for Deep Reinforcement Learning
PyTorchNLPBook 1.1k Code and data accompanying Natural Language Processing with PyTorch published by O'Reilly Media
mtcnn 1.1k MTCNN face detection implementation for TensorFlow, as a PIP package.
WaveRNN 1.1k WaveRNN Vocoder + TTS
UNet-family 1.1k Paper and implementation of UNet-related model.
Awesome-pytorch-list-CNVersion 1.1k Awesome-pytorch-list 翻译工作进行中......
tensorflow-fcn 1.1k An Implementation of Fully Convolutional Networks in Tensorflow.
BicycleGAN 1.1k Toward Multimodal Image-to-Image Translation
TensorFlow2.0-Examples 1.1k 🙄 Difficult algorithm, simple code.
fast-autoaugment 1.1k Official Implementation of 'Fast AutoAugment' in PyTorch.
fastai_deeplearn_part1 1.1k Notes for Fastai Deep Learning Course
HyperGAN 1.1k Composable GAN framework with api and user interface
home 1.1k ApacheCN 开源组织:公告、介绍、成员、活动、交流方式
tfx 1.1k TFX is an end-to-end platform for deploying production ML pipelines
handwriting-synthesis 1.1k Handwriting Synthesis with RNNs ✏️
image-quality-assessment 1.1k Convolutional Neural Networks to predict the aesthetic and technical quality of images.
PerceptualSimilarity 1.1k Learned Perceptual Image Patch Similarity (LPIPS) metric. In CVPR, 2018.
lanenet-lane-detection 1.1k Unofficial implemention of lanenet model for real time lane detection using deep neural network model
uTensor 1.1k TinyML AI inference library
torchgan 1.1k Research Framework for easy and efficient training of GANs based on Pytorch
merlin 1.1k This is now the official location of the Merlin project.
CLUE 1k 中文语言理解基准测评 Chinese Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark: datasets, baselines, pre-trained models, corpus and leaderboard
tfjs-node 1k TensorFlow powered JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models on Node.js.
CycleGAN-TensorFlow 1k An implementation of CycleGan using TensorFlow
EffectivePyTorch 1k PyTorch tutorials and best practices.
hercules 1k Gaining advanced insights from Git repository history.
AdvancedEAST 1k AdvancedEAST is an algorithm used for Scene image text detect, which is primarily based on EAST, and the significant improvement was also made, which make long text predictions more accurate.
one-pixel-attack-keras 1k Keras implementation of "One pixel attack for fooling deep neural networks" using differential evolution on Cifar10 and ImageNet
CRNN_Chinese_Characters_Rec 1k (CRNN) Chinese Characters Recognition.
hmtl 1k 🌊HMTL: Hierarchical Multi-Task Learning - A State-of-the-Art neural network model for several NLP tasks based on PyTorch and AllenNLP
rethinking-network-pruning 1k Rethinking the Value of Network Pruning (Pytorch) (ICLR 2019)
pytorch-classification 1k Classification with PyTorch.
a-PyTorch-Tutorial-to-Image-Captioning 1k Show, Attend, and Tell
reformer-pytorch 1k Reformer, the efficient Transformer, in Pytorch
pytorch-YOLOv4 1k PyTorch ,ONNX and TensorRT implementation of YOLOv4
FaceMaskDetection 1k 开源人脸口罩检测模型和数据 Detect faces and determine whether people are wearing mask.
gen-efficientnet-pytorch 1k Pretrained EfficientNet, EfficientNet-Lite, MixNet, MobileNetV3 / V2, MNASNet A1 and B1, FBNet, Single-Path NAS
open-reid 1k Open source person re-identification library in python
wgan-gp 1k A pytorch implementation of Paper "Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs"


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