Minimalist web-based news reader
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Miniflux - Minimalist News Reader

Miniflux is a minimalist web-based news reader.


  • Host anywhere (shared hosting, vps or localhost)
  • Easy setup => copy and paste and you are done!
  • CSS optimized for readability
  • Keep an history of read items
  • Remove Feedburner Ads and analytics trackers
  • Import/Export OPML feeds
  • Feeds update by a cronjob or with the user interface in one click
  • Protected by a login/password (only one possible user)
  • Use secure headers (only external images and Youtube/Vimeo videos are allowed)
  • Open external links inside a new tab with a rel="noreferrer" attribute
  • Mobile CSS (responsive design)
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Basic bookmarks

Todo and known bugs




  • Recent version of libxml2 >= 2.7.x (version 2.6.32 on Debian Lenny are not supported anymore)
  • PHP >= 5.3.7
  • PHP XML extensions (SimpleXML, DOM...)
  • PHP Sqlite extension

Libraries used


  1. You must have a web server with PHP installed (version 5.3.7 minimum) with the Sqlite and XML extensions
  2. Download the source code and copy the directory miniflux where you want
  3. Check if the directory data is writeable (Miniflux store everything inside a Sqlite database)
  4. With your browser go to http://yourpersonalserver/miniflux
  5. The default login and password is admin/admin
  6. Start to use the software


How to update your feeds with a cronjob?

You just need to be inside the directory miniflux and run the script cronjob.php.

Parameters Type Value
--limit optional number of feeds
--call-interval optional, excluded by --limit, require --update-interval time in minutes < update interval time
--update-interval optional, excluded by --limit, require --call-interval time in minutes >= call interval time


crontab -e

# Update all feeds
0 */4 * * *  cd /path/to/miniflux && php cronjob.php >/dev/null 2>&1

# Update the 10 oldest feeds each time
0 */4 * * *  cd /path/to/miniflux && php cronjob.php --limit=10 >/dev/null 2>&1

# Update all feeds in 60 minutes (updates the 8 oldest feeds each time with a total of 120 feeds).
* */4 * * *  cd /path/to/miniflux && php cronjob.php --call-interval=4 --update-interval=60 >/dev/null 2>&1

Note: cronjob.php can also be called from the web; in this case specify the options as GET variables. Example: http://yourpersonalserver/miniflux/cronjob.php?call-interval=4&update-interval=60

How Miniflux update my feeds from the user interface?

Miniflux use an Ajax request to refresh each subscription. By default, there is only 5 feeds updated in parallel.

I have 600 subscriptions, how Miniflux handle that?

Your life is cluttered.

Why there is no categories? Why the feature X is missing?

Miniflux is a minimalist software. Less is more.

I found a bug, what next?

Report the bug to the issues tracker and I will fix it.

You can report feeds that doesn't works properly too.

Which browser is compatible with Miniflux?

Miniflux is tested with the last version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

I don't use Microsoft products, then I have no idea if Miniflux works correctly with Internet Explorer.