Sample iOS project to demonstrate AutoExpanding Text Input with UITextView within UITableViewCell
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A sample project to demonstrate a Multiline Text input with AutoGrowing feature like Android in iOS platform. Here TextView will grow or shrink when you type according to your input or text content. Using UITextView within a UITableViewCell has also some issues when we need to input multiline text, this method also solves the problem.

Detail of the process can be read in this blog post.


This requires iOS version 8.0 to higher. Before iOS 8.0, automatic height calculation of UITableViewCell was pretty hard to do.

Special Credits:

  • SZTextView , It has been used to have placeholder in UITextView. But it's just an utility, UITextView or Any Subclass of UITextView should work fine.
  • IQKeyboardManager , It has been used to avoid any kind of manual keyboard handling.