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This repository contains all the required documents regarding the 100 Days Of ML Telegram Group which I have initiated in 2019 !!
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100 Days Of ML Telegram Group (Join here)

  • The group which was initiated by me ( Ayon Roy ) to help 10-15 beginners initially , recently crossed the member strength of 3950+ !! Thanks to all the members who joined in , to learn and explore together .

Motivation for 100 Days of ML Telegram Group which I Initiated

Machine Learning is the most transformative technology of our time. Whether it’s helping us discover new drugs for major diseases, fighting fraud, generating music, improving supply chain efficiency, the list of applications is truly endless. For us as a community to be able to make valuable contributions to the world, we need to master this technology. This is a call to action, a battle cry, a spark that will light a movement to radically improve the state of humanity. 100 Days of ML Code is a commitment to better your understanding of this powerful tool by dedicating at least 1 hour of your time every day to studying and/or coding machine learning for 100 days.

Eligibility for joining the group

Everyone is eligible, even people who've never coded before and ready to strive on an awesome journey of learning starting from 1st January , 2019 !!

About the Group Members

The 100 Days of ML Telegram Group Members are :

  • Undergraduate , Post-Graduate , Doctoral Students with beginner to advanced level in ML ; not only from India , but also from foreign colleges like University Of Texas , Dallas .

  • Software developers , business analysts with certain years of experiences at MNC`s like Accenture etc.

  • PyCon Speakers !!

  • Researcher at tech giants like Microsoft etc.

  • Tech Bloggers @ Hackernoon , Youtubers etc.

  • Founders of startups

  • Not only citizens of India , but also from countries like Amsterdam , Nigeria etc.

  • And most importantly from variety of culture as I think Knowledge and learning has no boundaries like Culture , Gender etc.

Pledge while joining the group

  • To dedicate at least one hour of everyday toward coding and/or studying Machine Learning.

  • To write about my progress (with the #100DaysOfMLCode hashtag).

  • When applicable, will post all relevant codes to a repository publicly available over GitHub or in a Google Colaboratory Notebook so that others can get helped too !!

At the outset, it`s useful to clarify the interests within the field and the goals which we want to achieve by engaging with the Telegram Group .

Goals after joining the group

At the end of this 100 Days Of ML Code journey, the members would like to show a rich portfolio of code, analysis, and narrative treating all the above topics and models plus all the additional content , they will invariably discover over the course of this learning journey.

They would like to explain and demonstrate (at a reasonably granular level) the mathematical machinery underpinning machine learning. Finally — and they would contribute to the plethora of existing resources aimed at encouraging others toward engaging with machine learning. They agree with the quote that, “machine learning is the most transformative and important technology of our time”. Their aim throughout this process will be to critically engage with freely accessible materials while always being sure to provide useful links.

Thereby accept 100 Days of ML Code Challenge! They thank the community around for such a productive endeavor and very much look forward to participating in this challenge with the group .

Thanks for joining the group - Ayon Roy !!

If you see anything above violating your privacy/lifestyle , immediately report it to Ayon Roy over Telegram here.

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