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React-native Calendar Heatmap

A calendar heatmap component built on SVG, inspired by github's commit calendar graph and React Calendar Heatmap, The component expands to size of container and is super configurable.

react-native-calendar-heatmap screenshot


Install the npm module:

npm install react-native-calendar-heatmap --save

Style color is not so fancy and you can change rectColor array to change color.


Import the component:

import CalendarHeatmap from 'react-native-calendar-heatmap';

To show a basic heatmap of 100 days ending on April 1st:

  endDate={new Date('2016-04-01')}
    { date: '2016-01-01' },
    { date: '2016-01-22' },
    { date: '2016-01-30' },
    // ...and so on

Configuring colors

Still under development, Help me!