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The scripts are designed to be used with Hubot.


This script helps to start and stop EC2 instances. It has to be configured via env variables:

  • AWS_ACCESS_ID The access ID for the AWS account
  • AWS_ACCESS_SECRET The access secret for the AWS account
  • AWS_EC2_TAG A filter to selecto which machines are managed

It is highly recommended that you use IAM to get the access account.

The AWS_EC2_TAG is in the form of name=value. Only machines that has the value value in the tags name will be stopped and started via Hubot.


hubot ec2 status

Retrieve the status of all instances, and show its state (running, stopped, etc), it instance ID, and its public IP address (if any)

hubot ec2 start

Starts all the instances

hubot ec2 stop

Stop all the instances