The background music of your life
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Technologies used

-Javascript -jQuery -CSS/SASS -HTML -Bootstrap framework

Project Intro: Life Soundtrack

Life Soundtrack is a journal of your life through your taste in music. After signing up, you you can compile all the songs that are important to you, through groupings called “Phases” which are ways of organizing songs by a time frame, like the four years you were in high school. Or that one year when you couldn’t get over your ex-girlfriend. Each song is unique entry that includes a comment about how you were introduced to it and/or why you listened to it during a certain period in your life.

LS would be used by those who like to journal or collect or keep some emotional record of their lives. Similar to websites like or Film Aficionado (, LS let’s you keep a fun and personal journal of your love for music and how it’s been with you throughout your life.

Process: Life Soundtrack Front-End Development

In the interest of time, I recycled some assets from a recent project I built using the Bootstrap framework to get basic UI working.

Still to done is a lot of UI polish and smoothing out the user experience. For example, in its current form, a song must be in the database before a user can write a favorite song story that pertains to the song. Ideally the user shouldn't have to worry about the status of the database when adding a personal story to their Life Soundtrack profile.

Development Materials

Initial Wireframes:


Initial Draft of User Stories: