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LD_PRELOAD with a Lua scripting layer between the socket functions and apps
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General Network Connections Contortion Interface

This is a small layer inbetween the socket library and the program
that allows to intercept all the socket-related calls and 
rewrite your own processing in Lua.

The idea came during the happy eyeballs discussion, hence the name.

requres the ydns lua binding ( 
if you want to decode the DNS data


LD_PRELOAD=./ firefox

And it will execute the callbacks that are defined within gncci.lua file.

The one that you see in the tree is "pass-through" but you can define
your own interesting and complicated behaviors if you wish. 

Beware: the Lua environment is thread-local, so you might need to 
have some sort of shared memory library used.

NB: seems the addition of constructor call made the behavior a bit flaky,
I am not yet sure whether it is the race or something more fundamental.
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