iOS UI control displaying a set of thumbnails - resembling iPad's toolbar thumbnails view
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ThumbnailPickerView is a control displaying a set (or technically an array) of thumbnails aligned horizontally. It mimics thumbnails view from iPad's toolbar, but as a subclass of UIControl it can be freely used as a regular view outside the toolbar.


  • selecting thumbnails by touch or programmatically - big thumbnail view overlays selected thumbnail
  • touch-tracking of user selection (support for both tapping and panning through thumbnails)
  • autoadjusting amount of visible thumbnails to nicely fit within view bounds
  • loading data from the data source, interacting with outside world through the delegate
  • asynchronous image loading
  • reusable image views
  • ARC-enabled code


See the demo application for usage example.


  • QuartzCore framework (solely for drawing borders around thumbnails)
  • XCode 4.2 (for ARC)