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qTwitter is an application interacting with microblogging services, such as Twitter, Identi.ca and others based on StatusNet application (former laconica). It aims to be as compact as possible still providing outstanding usability. Since it's a Qt-based application with no other dependencies, it works wherever Qt does, i.e. Windows, Mac OS X and vast variety of Linuxes and Unices supporting X11 (including Nokia's Maemo platform).

Features' summary as for v0.10.0:
  - OAuth-based authentication scheme for Twitter accounts,
  - support for Twitter, Identi.ca and StatusNet for:
    * friends and mentions (@-replies) timeline,
    * posting, replying, retweeting, deleting and (dis)favoring statuses,
    * downloading, sending and deleting direct messages,
  - secure (SSL encrypted) connection to Twitter and Identi.ca,
  - support for working with multiple accounts at the same time,
  - storing statuses lists between sessions,
  - automatic #hashtagging and URL shortening via 9 different services,
  - full interaction with TwitPic API, allowing for easy one-click image uploading and posting updates,
  - system tray notifications (via Plasma and Growl),
  - customizable statuses list length and look (via the use of themes),
  - automatic checking for updates,
  - in-session passwords storing (can be disabled),
  - HTTP proxy support,
  - being recognized as a source of updates,
  - translation to 10 languages in run-time (sorry for my poor Catalan, I appreciate any help here :) ).

See CHANGELOG for details.

If you wish to report an issue, request a feature, provide a translation (yay!) or just give any kind of feedback concerning qTwitter, the easiest way is to visit its bug tracking system site at:


If you wish, you can also contact me either via e-mail (d AT ayoy DOT net) or at Identi.ca (http://identi.ca/ayoy). Join qTwitter's Identi.ca group for feedback, complaints and just staying up to date (http://identi.ca/group/qtwitter).

Happy twitting!

The qTwitter team


You can either compile qTwitter with support for OAuth authorization you will need

To compile qTwitter you'll need Qt libraries version 4.5.0 or newer. You will need QCA and QOAuth library to enable support for OAuth authorization. From version 0.8.3 qTwitter depends on qoauth 1.0 or higher. You'll find all needed info at http://wiki.github.com/ayoy/qoauth.

Follow the steps to compile qTwitter:

1. Get the qTwitter source code from qt-apps.org or GitHub (http://github.com/ayoy/qtwitter).
2. Enter the source code main directory.
3. Type:

  # qmake
  # make (or make release, depending on your Qt configuration)

4. It's done! Open qTwitter via "qtwitter" (UNIX), "qtwitter.app" (MacOS X) or "release\qtwitter.exe" (Windows). On UNIX-like machines you can also:
  # make install
  to have the app added to /usr/bin. If you want to install application in other dir, use PREFIX parameter with qmake:

  # qmake PREFIX="my/preferred/dir"
  # make
  # make install

5. Have fun :-)