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Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. @lifo
  2. @fxn

    CHANGELOGs are now per branch

    fxn authored
    Changes in old branches needed to be manually synched in CHANGELOGs of newer ones.
    This has proven to be brittle, sometimes one just forgets this manual step.
    With this commit we switch to CHANGELOGs per branch. When a new major version is
    cut from master, the CHANGELOGs in master start being blank.
    A link to the CHANGELOG of the previous branch allows anyone interested to
    follow the history.
  3. @fxn

    detect circular constant autoloading

    fxn authored
    Nowadays circular autoloads do not work, but the user gets a NameError
    that says some constant is undefined. That's puzzling, because he is
    normally trying to autoload a constant he knows can be autoloaded.
    With this check we can give a better error message.
  4. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #7470 from kennyj/fix_method_redefined_warning

    rafaelfranca authored
    Fix method redefined warnings.
  5. @kennyj

    Fix method redefined warnings.

    kennyj authored
  6. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #7469 from kennyj/fix_many_warnings_in_am

    josevalim authored
    Fixes warnings when executing rake test in ActionMailer.
  7. @kennyj
  8. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #7468 from kennyj/tiny_fixings

    josevalim authored
    Tiny fixes in railties/test/application.
  9. @kennyj

    Remove unused require.

    kennyj authored
  10. @kennyj

    Fixes wrong test class names.

    kennyj authored
  11. @fxn

    fixes a bug in dependencies.rb

    fxn authored
    loaded stores file names without the .rb extension, but search_for_file
    returns file names with the extension.
    The solution is hackish, but this file needs a revamp.
  12. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #7466 from arunagw/warning_removed_ap

    rafaelfranca authored
    removed :  warning: `*' interpreted as argument prefix
  13. @arunagw
  14. @rafaelfranca

    Add missing require

    rafaelfranca authored
  15. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #7452 from arunagw/memcached_dalli

    rafaelfranca authored
    Memcached to dalli for actionpack test.
  16. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #7465 from wpp/generator_controller_plural

    josevalim authored
    Change generators controller help from singular to plural example.
  17. Change generators controller help from singular to plural example.

    Philipp Weissensteiner authored
    When running `rails generate controller --help` an example
    with creating a (singular) "CreditCard" controller is
    shown. The convention is to generate controllers with plural
    names though.
  18. @rafaelfranca

    Merge pull request #7458 from frodsan/fix_orddep_basics

    rafaelfranca authored
    fix order dependent test in AR::BasicsTest
  19. @drogus

    Merge branch 'actionview-decoupling'

    drogus authored
    This branch contains set of changes that will allow to extract Action
    View out of Action Pack in the future. This work will be probably done
    after Rails 4.0 release, because of a few deprecations that were done
    to make decoupling possible.
  20. @drogus
  21. @drogus

    Deprecate AV::RecordIdentifier in controllers

    drogus authored
    Methods provided by RecordIdentifier are not widely used in controllers
    nowadays as they're view specific (this is probably a legacy left after
    RJS rendering directly in controllers). However if people still need to
    use it, it's trivial to include ActionView::RecordIdentifier by
  22. @drogus

    Fix ActionView::RecordIdentifier to work as a singleton

    drogus authored
    We extend it with self, but the methods were not working properly were
    used directly on module.
  23. @drogus

    No need to use included hook for include

    drogus authored
    When module is extended ActiveSupport::Concern, include calls are lazily
    loaded, so there is no need to wrap it with included hook.
  24. @drogus

    Deprecate Template#mime_type

    drogus authored
  25. @drogus
  26. @drogus

    Implement ActionView::Template::Types

    drogus authored
    AV::Template::Types is a small abstraction to allow to specify template types
    that can be used in ActionView. When Action Pack is loaded it's replaced with
  27. @drogus

    Don't require action_dispatch in ActionView::UrlHelpers

    drogus authored
    ActionDispatch::Routing::UrlFor was always required in UrlHelpers. This
    was changed by splitting previous implementation of UrlHelper into 2
    modules: ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper and
    ActionView::Routing::UrlHelper. The former one keeps only basic
    implementation of url_for. The latter adds features that allow to use
    routes and is only required when url_helpers or mounted_helpers are
  28. @drogus
  29. @drogus

    Add ActionView::Base.default_formats

    drogus authored
    default_formats array is used by LookupContext in order to allow
    rendering templates when :formats option is not passed. Previously it
    was always set to Mime::SET, which created dependency on Action Pack. In
    order to remove this dependency, Mime::SET is used only if
    ActionController is loaded.
  30. @drogus

    Remove Mime::Type translations from Action View

    drogus authored
    Action View should not be responsible for translating mime types. Any
    translation that's needed should be handled at controller level.
  31. @drogus

    Deprecate mime types lookup in auto_discovery_link_tag

    drogus authored
    Automatically handling mime types for things other than :rss and :atom
    is not functionality that justifies dependency on Mime::Type from
  32. @drogus

    Remove comment about getting rid of old behavior

    drogus authored
    I've talked to José Valim, who added this comment, and there is no need
    to remove old API. It's good to have a simple way to instantiate
    ActionView::Base, by just passing view paths as a first argument,
    instead of constructing LookupContext and then the Renderer.
    [ci skip]
  33. @drogus

    Remove stubs from LogSubscriber tests

    drogus authored
    We can use another way to instantiate ActionView::Base, by passing
    renderer as a first option. Thanks to that we can just pass prefixes to
    LookupContext instead stubbing them on the controller. This is also good,
    because that kind of API is used in Rails code.
  34. @drogus

    Move action_controller/vendor/html-scanner to action_view

    drogus authored
    This is another step in moving Action View's dependencies in Action Pack
    to Action View itself. Also, HtmlScanner seems to be better suited for
    views rather than controllers.
  35. @drogus
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