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Lib that help create simple socket client, server on php
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This library provide functionality for working with socket

Notice: 1. Library was tested only on TCP, IP4, Stream connection 2. You can find samples(server, client) in test directory

How connect to server

use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher;
use Aysheka\Socket\Client\Client;
use Aysheka\Socket\Address\IP4;
use Aysheka\Socket\Type\Stream;
use Aysheka\Socket\Transport\TCP;

$client = new Client('', 8089, new IP4(), new Stream(), new TCP(), new EventDispatcher());

And thats all

How create a server

use Aysheka\Socket\Client;
use Aysheka\Socket\Type\Stream;
use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher;
use Aysheka\Socket\Server\Event\NewConnectionEvent;
use Aysheka\Socket\Server\Server;
use Aysheka\Socket\Address\IP4;
use Aysheka\Socket\Transport\TCP;

$eventDispatcher = new EventDispatcher();

$eventDispatcher->addListener(NewConnectionEvent::getEventName(), function (NewConnectionEvent $event) {

    $socket = $event->getSocket();

    $socket->write("HELLO I'm test server\n");

    // Read bytes from socket if available
    while ($read = $socket->read()) {
        echo "Read data: [{$read}]";

$server = new Server('', 8089, new IP4(), new Stream(), new TCP(), $eventDispatcher);

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